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Teen Romance Books That Will Make You Fall in Love Over and Over Again

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Craving that giddy, cloud nine, on top-of-the-world euphoric feeling of first love? Whether you’re single, heartbroken, or happily in love right now, this list of teen romance books will surely give you some hardcore young love feels. 

Although love exists in all ages, teen romance still has something more in it that makes it so addicting and unique. That is why teen romance books are well-loved many even by non-teens (such as me…and maybe you). 

If you are looking for your next read, you are in the right place. I’ve compiled some of the most popular and highly sought-after teen romance novels and books that will make you feel young, inspired, and in love over and over again. 

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Young Adult Romance Books for Everyone

“Age doesn’t matter.”

This quote not only applies to love itself but to our love of teen romance books as well. Teen romance novels and books are certainly not just for teens.

Yes. The majority of it is written and built around the teen demographic, teens ages 12-18, but some teen romance books and novels are also geared for older groups. New Adult fiction is similar to the young adult or teen romance genre only with slightly older main characters. So, whatever age you are currently in, we have a teen romance book selection for you here. 

Ready to fall in love? Let’s get started!

High School Teen Romance Books

A lot of things happen in high school, and finding our first love is one of those things. Am I right? Dive into these high school teen romance books, relive your first days of high school and join these characters as they discover themselves and the things they are willing to do for love. 

Anna and the French KissStephanie Perkins

Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she can finally be with her best friend and her crush. Well, until her father announced that she needed to go to a boarding school in Paris. She wasn’t happy with the setup at all, but everything changed when she met Étienne St. Clair, the attractive and almost perfect French boy. ‘Almost’, because he’s taken.

Now, it’s for you to find out if Anna will ever get her French kiss or not. This book is a famous young adult story loved by many. If you are looking for a light, fluffy, and quick-read teen romance book, “Anna and the French Kiss” is a must-read. 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved BeforeJenny Han

Lara Jean Song loves writing… love letters. She wrote love letters for all of her crushes (5 in total), but she never planned to confess or deliver any of these to them. Imagine her shock when she found out that the letters were mailed to their rightful recipients?

If you haven’t read the book before, this is the sign that you should! TABILB became more popular when its movie adaptation was released by Netflix in 2018. And if you’ve already watched it, wouldn’t it be more exciting to read Lara Jean’s letter in the book? 

The book actually develops into a series so there’s plenty more to love about this book and these characters! 

A Walk to RememberNicholas Sparks

Like any other senior boys, Landon Carter looks forward to a fun and exciting last year of high school. He never imagined that he will get associated with Jamie Sullivan… and that she will change his life forever. 

“A Walk to Remember” will always be one of the most loved stories by Nicholas Sparks. This book was originally released in 1999 but even now, people are still dying to read it. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss this chance to finally grab a copy of it. 

The Kissing BoothBeth Reekles 

Elle Evans is already in her junior year, but she’s never been kissed before. Well, not until she and her best friend Lee managed the kissing booth for their school’s spring carnival. She locked lips with Noah — her crush and Lee’s older brother. Will she risk her friendship with Lee and her heart for Noah? 

“The Kissing Booth” earned more popularity when Netflix released its movie adaptation in 2018. Regardless if you already watched the movie or not, the book version is totally worth reading. 

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Becki Albertalli

Simon thought to keep his secret from his family and friends forever, but he found himself admitting it to someone he doesn’t even know. A fellow student anonymously confessed on Tumblr about being gay, and he just couldn’t help himself but open up to him. They exchanged emails but before long, his emails ended up in the wrong hands. What will happen to his secret and his relationship with his newfound companion? 

If you haven’t watched “Love, Simon” yet, you certainly have to read this heartfelt book first. You will 100% love and appreciate the whole story and characters even more, and trust me, you will never regret spending time on this book. 

If I’m Being HonestEmily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

Cameron Bright is not the kindest girl you’ll ever meet. She’s brutally honest, mean, talented, and gorgeous — the Queen Bee of her posh L.A. high school. However, when her crush, Andrew, saw her insulting a classmate at a party, she knew she needed to be better for Andrew to see her in a new light. 

She tries to make amends with everyone including Brendan, one of the guys she bullied and ruined at school. It seemed impossible, but along the way, she found herself enjoying Brandon’s company. Will Cameron really change and still opt for Andrew or her newfound love? 

“If I’m Being Honest” is not just a book about a girl changing herself for the better to catch a crush’s attention. Aren’t you wondering why she’s being mean in the first place? If you want a good book that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love, it’s a must to add this book to your reading list.

Just ListenSarah Dessen 

Just right before she started senior year, Annabel Greene lost all of her friends because of a tragic incident. She almost became a total loner in her senior year if not for Owen, a musically obsessed guy who’s rumored to be arrested because of being involved in fights. Will Annabel trust Owen enough to reveal her secret to him? Will Owen still side with her once he heard about what really happened to her?

“Just Listen” is a young adult story that tackles teenage love, but at the same time, dark issues in life that, unfortunately, some people are experiencing. If you want a rewarding read that will also teach you a thing or two, you should include this book right now on your TBR list. 

I Believe in a Thing Called LoveMaurene Goo

Desi Lee is one of those good students that doesn’t just have perfect attendance in class but perfect A’s, as well. But there’s one thing she’s not good at — romance and dating. She’s never had a boyfriend, and when the hottest boy he had ever seen in school came, she tried to learn the art of flirting — through watching K Dramas. 

If you love to watch Korean and Asian dramas or read romance manga, you will 100% enjoy and love this book to bits. It’s a cute read that will leave you feeling giddy, cheesy, and in love. 

Flipped –  Wendelin Van Draanen

Juli Baker likes Bryce Loski, but the latter doesn’t feel the same. Juli made a lot of effort to get him to notice her for years, but Bryce only finds her annoying. Who would have thought that their feelings for each other will flip as they enter eighth grade? 

“Flipped” is an innocent book you’ll want to read when you want to laugh, feel younger, and believe in the beauty of young love over again. This book also had a movie adaptation back in 2010, and if you haven’t watched it yet, this is a perfect time for you to give it a try as well. 

Eleanor & ParkRainbow Rowell 

Eleanor is not the typical princess-like protagonist, and Park is not everyone’s dream prince charming as well. But when the two of them met, they knew they were the main characters of their own love story. Unfortunately, they also both know that first love never lasts.

“Eleanor & Park” is a heartfelt novel that will make you remember the first time you had fallen in love. This is the book you’ve been looking for if you want to feel genuine love between star-crossed lovers that were meant to find each other but were never meant to stay together forever. 

Dear AvaIlsa Madden-Mills 

Ava once wanted to belong to the popular group at Camden Prep – the Sharks. But not in her senior year, not when they already destroyed her before. Thus, she never expected that she would get an anonymous love letter from one of them. Now, she’s left wondering about the identity of her secret admirer. 

“Dear Ava” is a bit dark in the beginning, but it will only make you more curious about what the story is all about. This book and its characters will break your heart and then make you fall in love. It’s a good read for those who love young adult stories that show how teens are strong in their own way too. 

AutoboyographyChristina Lauren

Tanner could not ask for more. He’s accepted by his family for who he is and even supports his bisexuality. However, he was forced to hide this truth again and head back into the closet when his family had to move to a conservative community in Provo, Utah. 

He agreed to stay quiet until he finished his last semester of high school, not until Autumn, his best friend, dared him to enroll in The Seminar. He never thought that it would be hard for him to write a book in four months and, at the same time, ignore his growing feelings for his mentor, Sebastian Brother. 

If you loved “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda,” it is a must for you to read “Autoboyography.” It’s an exciting and complicated insta-love story that you won’t be able to resist. This book will leave you emotional, hoping, happy, and in love. 

SkinBB Easton 

BB Easton is a punk chick who’s dreaming of marrying the man of her dreams and the King of the Peach State High, Lance Hightower. However, she never imagined that she would be Ronald “Knight” McKnight’s object of attention instead. 

If you are into real, flawed, and raw characters, “Skin” is one of the books you shouldn’t miss. The story is like no other, maybe because this was based on BB Easton’s real-life story. If you haven’t heard of her or her other books yet, you should also definitely check out 44 Chapters About 4 Men: A Memoir, Speed, Star, and Suit

Loving Mr. DanielsBrittainy Cherry 

Ashlyn and Daniel were both broken and lost when they found each other. They instantly know they were soulmates, but both of them were lost for words when they learned that they should have nothing but a student-teacher relationship. 

“Loving Mr. Daniels” is a sweet and pure love story that will tug your heart. Ashley and Daniel will show you how two broken people can heal and grow together through the power of love. It might make you cry, so prepare some tissues.

Fake It ‘Til You Break ItMeagan Brandy

Mia and Jake can’t stand each other. Their moms were best friends, and they want the two of them to be together. To prove their moms wrong, they started a fake relationship just to stage the worst breakup ever. But how long can they pretend that everything’s still fake? 

A fake relationship is one of the best teen romance book themes, and “Fake it ‘Til You Break It” successfully done it. You will fall in love with Mia and Jake’s character as they also fall for each other’s “fake” actions. If you want a bit of drama, you should give this book a shot. 

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Fantasy and Adventure Teen Romance Novels

Want to get lost in a new and different world of romance filled not only with love but supernatural beings as well? How about some out-of-this-world characters, and unexplainable occurrences? Here are some fantasy and adventure teen romance novels and books to add to your TBR (to be read) list. 

Opposite of Always –  Justin A. Reynolds 

Infatuated with his best friend’s girlfriend, Jack never thought he would be instantly in love with Kate and that he would be able to time travel and risk some of his values to bring her back to life. 

“Opposite of Always” offers a one-of-a-kind genuine love between two teens that didn’t let go of one another even after death. If you are a huge fan of time-traveling and romance, this book will certainly stir something in you. 

These Violent Delights –  Chloe Gong

Juliet Cai is an eighteen-year-old girl and the heir to the Scarlet Gang, while Roman Montagov, her first love, is the next in line with her rival gang, White Flowers. The star-crossed lovers would have been rivals forever if not for a monster spreading its madness throughout the city of Shanghai.

“These Violent Delights” is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet with gangsters, monsters, and murders, set in Shanghai in the 1920s. If that sounds appealing to you, you might want to give this book a try. 

Wicked FoxKat Cho

Gu Miyoung is a half-human and half-Gumiho, a nine-tailed fox. In order to survive, she needs to devour the life force of men. One fateful night, she met Jihoon and saved him from a goblin. However, this resulted in losing her fox bead and her soul. 

If you are watching Korean dramas, you will certainly have fun reading this book. It is set in modern-day Seoul, and it tackles Korean legends and myths, at the same time. 

Carry On (Simon Snow Trilogy, 1)Rainbow Rowell 

It’s Simon’s last year at Watford School of Magicks, and yet, he feels as if he’s the worst Chosen One. Baz, his roommate, and archnemesis will attest to that. But who would have thought that in the course of their adventure fighting magic-eating monsters, love will bloom unexpectedly as well? 

If you’re a certified Potterhead, this book will be your second favorite. It has witches, wizards, monsters, and the most important element of all, love. 

Into the Heartless WoodJoanna Ruth Meyer

Seren is a tree siren, daughter of the Witch Queen, while Owen is a human, living at the edge of the forest with his sister and his father. Tree sirens harvest souls to feed the heartless tree that allows them to grow their kingdom even more. 

One day, Owen went to the forest to find his lost sister. Seren saw him, but instead of killing him, she spared his life. Owen couldn’t stop thinking about Seren that he courageously went to the forest again. They fell in love, but how long will this love last?

“Into the Heartless Wood” is perfect for romantics and readers who enjoy reading about mythical creatures such as witches and sirens. The romance in this book is subtle but pure. You will find yourself swooning over it.

LegendbornTracy Deonn 

Bree wants to escape her childhood home after her mother died. Fortunately, she got a residential program at UNC-Chapel Hill. But on her first night on the campus, she was greeted by a demon feeding on human energy. The “Legendborn” students hunt the evil creature down, and one mage who calls himself a Merlin tried to erase her memory but failed.

Bree suddenly remembers that another Merlin was at the hospital when her mother died. She ended up joining the Legendborn in hopes to find the truth. Here, she met Nick, and something other than partnership spark between them. 

“Legendborn” is a story filled with magic, mystery, romance, action, and adventure. This book was only released last year, and it’s already a best seller. 

Vampire AcademyRichelle Mead 

Rose and Lissa were not simply best of friends. Rose is a Dhampir and the protector of Lissa, the Moroi Vampire Princess. The two of them escaped St. Vladimir’s Academy, but after two years of hiding, they were being dragged again back to the academy. It’s unsafe for both of them, but this gave them the chance to learn more about their vampire abilities and experience forbidden romance at school.  

This book is now a major motion picture, but you seriously have to read it first to enjoy the movie even more. If you are a fan of vampire tales and a sucker for love and romance, “Vampire Academy” is a must-have book for you. 

The Night Circus –  Erin Morgenstern

Celia and Marcus found love in Le Cirque des Rêves even if they were rivals. However, unbeknownst to them, the competition will only end if one of them dies. Who will sacrifice? 

“The Night Circus” is one of the most popular teen romance novels under the fantasy genre. The story is filled with magic, mystery, history, and love that you will not be able to easily put this book down once you start your journey to their magical and dreamy world. 

Neil Gaiman’s Snow, Glass, ApplesNeil Gaiman, Colleen Doran 

The not-so-evil Queen, terrified by Snow White, successfully sends away the monstrous princess in the woods. The Queen looks back on how she met the King and how their love bloomed. On the other hand, Snow White has awakened from her sleep by the kiss of her equally devious Prince Charming. 

This book “Snow, Glass, Apples” is a retelling of the all-time favorite Brothers Grimm’s, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” This book is not totally focused on romance as the character’s role has been reversed and altered. It’s clearly not written for children. If you belong to the older group and you enjoy dark and fantasy themes, this book won’t bore you. 

TwilightStephenie Meyer

Isabella Marie Swan never thought that moving to Forks with his father will change her whole life. She met Edward Cullen and felt an instant connection with him. No matter how much Edward tried to steer away from Bella, he just couldn’t help but fall in love with her, despite knowing that he’s not the same as her. 

Missing Bella and Edward’s exceptional love story that got us all swooning? Grab a copy, and let’s dive in again in Stephenie Meyer’s world of gorgeous vampires and hot werewolves. If this is your first time reading the book, prepare your heart because you’re going to fall deeply in love with this book. 

Done building up your new TRB list?

Share your favorite teen romance books and novels with us! What are your favorite reads in the teen, young adult, and new adult romance genres? 

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