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Teen Romance Books That Will Make You Fall in Love Over and Over Again

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Craving that giddy, cloud nine, on the top-of-the-world euphoric feeling of first love? Whether you’re single, heartbroken, or happily in love right now, this list of teen romance books will surely give you some hardcore young love feels. 

Although love exists in all ages, teen romance still has something more in it that makes it so addicting and unique. That is why teen romance books are well-loved many even by non-teens (such as me…and maybe you). 

If you are looking for your next read, you are in the right place. I’ve compiled some of the most popular and highly sought-after teen romance novels and books that will make you feel young, inspired, and in love over and over again. 

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Young Adult Romance Books for Everyone

“Age doesn’t matter.”

This quote not only applies to love itself but to our love of teen romance books as well. Teen romance novels and books are certainly not just for teens.

Yes. The majority of it is written and built around the teen demographic, teens ages 12-18, but some teen romance books and novels are also geared for older groups. New Adult fiction is similar to the young adult or teen romance genre only with slightly older main characters. So, whatever age you are currently in, we have a teen romance book selection for you here. 

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Ready to fall in love? Let’s get started!

25 Teen Romance Books For All

High School Teen Romance Books

A lot of things happen in high school, and finding our first love is one of those things. Am I right? Dive into these high school teen romance books, relive your first days of high school and join these characters as they discover themselves and the things they are willing to do for love. 

Fantasy and Adventure Teen Romance Novels

Want to get lost in a new and different world of romance filled not only with love but supernatural beings as well? How about some out-of-this-world characters, and unexplainable occurrences? Here are some fantasy and adventure teen romance novels and books to add to your TBR (to be read) list. 

Done building up your new TRB list?

Share your favorite teen romance books and novels with us! What are your favorite reads in the teen, young adult, and new adult romance genres? 

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