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Create a Disaster Kit on a Budget

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Is your family ready in the event of an emergency? Tornados, severe storms, snowstorms, and other weather emergencies can sneak up on you, so it is always important to be prepared. Learn how to create a disaster kit on a budget! If you love shopping for affordable essentials at Dollar Tree, you’ll also want to check out these shopping guides

You should have a disaster preparedness kit on hand to help your family get by if you should run into such a situation.

Your local dollar store has a lot of the items you need to build a disaster preparedness kit that is functional while still being frugal. Here is how you can get started building your own.

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To begin, you will need a water-tight container to store your items in. Dollar Tree offers small totes with lids you can use, although you will need multiples.

If you have a larger tote on hand, it may do the trick a bit better. You might want to invest in a waterproof and fireproof durable case that can be found at Walmart or Target. Once you have your tote, here are some items to add to it.

1. First aid itemsAdd band-aids, ointment, pain medications, tissue, gauze, vitamins, and other first-aid items to your kit. These items will surely come in handy if there are any injuries that need to be tended to. Want to create a first aid kit from Dollar Tree? Read this post to create your own first aid kit on a budget!

Cheap First Aid Kit

2. Bottled waterThe large bottles of water that Dollar Tree sells are perfect for adding to your kit. Water is not only essential to stay hydrated but it can wash any wounds or injuries that may occur.

3. Canned and dried goodsDollar Tree offers a variety of canned and dried goods such as soup, vegetables, canned fruits, beans, nuts, granola, and more. Stock up on these items so you are able to easily prepare meals for your family and keep everyone nourished.

4. Can opener. Don’t get stuck with a bunch of cans you can’t open! Be sure you have a can opener as well as some other kitchen essentials such as plates, utensils, and a bowl or two to prep food items in.

5. TowelsHand towels can be used for all sorts of things. Include some towels in your kit to address any injuries, help with food prep, or use for washing up.

6. Basic toiletries. You can include some basic toiletries in your kit to help you stay clean. Liquid soap, shampoo, and toothbrush/toothpaste are all ideal. Keep toiletries simple and just to the essentials.

7. CandlesIn the event that electricity goes out, you will need candles on hand. Dollar Tree sells many candle varieties as well as lighters and matches to light them with. Be sure you stock up on both.

Creating your own emergency preparedness kit can be easy and inexpensive when you shop at Dollar Tree. You will find some excellent staples perfect for your kit, leaving you and your family prepared for whatever comes your way.