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Easy DIY Christmas Gift for Mom That She Will Treasure

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While there’s no material gift that can be as beautiful and fabulous as our moms, there are wonderful homemade gift ideas that can help us show how amazing and exceptional they are in our eyes. If you are in search of an easy yet heartwarming DIY Christmas gift for mom, you are at the right place.

Our moms spend most of their lives taking care of us and making us feel loved. Christmas is one of the best occasions to show them how much we appreciate their efforts and love for us. 

Scroll down below and you’ll find a fun roundup of adorable and thoughtful DIY Christmas gift for mom that will make her feel loved and special not just during holidays but all year long.

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What should I get my mom for Christmas?

Aside from Mother’s Day, Christmas time gives us the perfect opportunity to let our moms know that they are the best in the world. And what could be a better way to show this than a gift made with effort and love? 

From homemade bath bombs to edible photo cookies to cute aprons to an everlasting bouquet of paper flowers to a touching wood-framed art to eco-friendly bags to stylish earrings, this list is filled with gifts for all kinds of moms.

Whether your mom has a specific hobby or not, you can find a gift idea or two here that will surely make her the happiest. These DIY Christmas gifts for mom are also oh-so-easy to make so you don’t have to think that your creative crafting skills won’t do the job.  I’m all for the effortlessly amazing homemade gifts too, just so you know!

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget

These DIY Christmas gift ideas are pocket-friendly, only require a few materials, and are fun to make as well. They are simple but heartwarming gifts that will let your mom(s) know that you are always thinking of them. 

These scented bath salts will not only help your mom relax and refresh but will also make her feel loved and cared for. The thought that you personally made it for her will surely touch her heart. These homemade scented bath salts have a delightful combination of rosemary and spearmint scent. 

To make this wonderful DIY gift, just mix; Epsom salt, dried rosemary, coarse sea salt, spearmint, and rosemary essential oils, and add sprigs of fresh rosemary and spearmint for garnish. Don’t forget to put your finished product on a cute jar with a lid and tie a burlap ribbon to make it Christmassy too.

Got a coffee or tea lover mom? She will hundred percent appreciate this fabric coffee cozy! This DIY Christmas gift only requires some fabric scraps, hair elastics, a button, quilt batting, and sewing scissors. 

Begin by attaching the chocolates on each of the flowers’ buds with double-sided foam tapes. Then, put the floral foam block inside the basket (it’s up to you if you will glue it or not so your mom can reuse the basket). Lastly, arrange the flowers on the basket by sticking their stems on the foam, and voila! Your Christmas gift is done! If you want to add holiday vibes, you can add some poinsettia flowers and a Christmas ribbon to your bouquet too. 

DIY Christmas Gift for mom

Delight your plant lover mom with this DIY Christmas gift idea! Give her a new plant and present it to her in this book planter. This DIY project is so adorable but it only requires a few materials such as an old hardcover book or blank hardcover book, a set of succulents, white stone pebbles, a leftover plastic container, and spray adhesive. Also, better to use an x-Acto knife so you can easily carve out the middle of your book. 

If your mom is a dedicated home cook, do not settle on giving her a set of plain wooden spoons. You might want to add a personal touch to it by using an etching tool. You can design it however you want and add a message too! 

A Christmas accessory your mom will love to wear! These snowman earrings are adorable and effortless to make! You only need to get white glass pearls in different sizes, headpins, and earring hooks. To start, place the pearls on headpins by size, and curl the headpins using round nose pliers to make a loop. Lastly, attach it to the earring hooks, and you’re done! 

A stress-relieving gift that your mom will love! Plus, making this homemade reed diffuser is as easy as pie. Just get a vase with a narrow opening (for slow evaporation), rattan diffuser reeds, reed diffuser base, and of course, an assortment of essential oils. 

Did you know that you can make a personalized mug yourself at home by just using a porcelain paint pen? First, you have to draw your design on paper using a black marker and then draw over the back of it with a pencil. Make sure that you’ll get as much of the carbon onto the paper. 

After this, attach the paper to the mug, and then using the pencil again, trace the design to transfer the ink. Remove the paper and now, using the porcelain paint pen trace the faint design on the mug. Once done, bake in the oven, and you now have a scratch-resistant mug for your mom. 

A sweet gift that your mom will be perfectly useful for the season. If you have even a little experience in knitting you can finish this blanket in just about an hour. Don’t forget to pick a super thick yarn so your blanket will have a voluminous and homey look. 

You might not guess it, but this gorgeous marbled clay ring dish is simply made of oven-bake clay. This DIY gift idea is hundred percent a must-try!

Your mom will be delighted to receive a set of bath bombs but even more so if you personally made them for her and they’re all natural! This bath bomb recipe only calls for baking soda, cornstarch, almond oil, essential oils, Epsom salt, citric acid, and water. 

Christmas Gifts for Mom DIY

Homemade DIY Gift Ideas

Want to make your mom’s Christmas more memorable this year? These meaningful DIY gifts will help you do just that. Check out these DIY Christmas gift ideas.

Want to celebrate all the moments you had with your mom the whole year? Instead of putting all those pictures in good old typical frames, why not make this string art to hold all of it together in one place? You’ll only need a few materials to create this gift including yarns, nails, a hammer, and a piece of wood. 

A picture frame and vase in one where you can arrange your mom’s favorite flower and attach your favorite photo. This DIY gift is not difficult to make at all. You will only need a mason jar, paint, paintbrush, clear spray paint, painter’s tape, and of course, a bunch of your mom’s favorite flowers and your picture together. 

Your mom will love to have these picture frame luminaries for her dining or bedside table. You just have to prepare four picture frames, super glue, vellum, LED tea light candles, a square mirror, and your family photos to make this DIY gift. Take note that to make the photos visible, you have to print your photos on vellum. 

What could be sweeter than writing messages for your mom in a journal you have designed yourself? 

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom Featured Image

Your mom will never want to take off this purely beautiful necklace for sure. This heartfelt gift is made using white oven-bake clay, heart cookie cutter, necklace chains, paintbrush, metallic paints, small rolling pin, and jump rings. You can also present it in a pillow gift box and add a design to it using the excess paint, silkscreen stencils, and foam pouncers. 

Instead of simply getting your mom a bouquet of her favorite flowers, why not press them on a frame so she can admire them for a long time? You can preserve and press any flower in a flash by placing them in between fire bricks and microwaving them. 

An adorable DIY Christmas gift for mom that will certainly make her feel special. And guess what? It only needs four supplies: colored card stock, glue stick, striped straws, and printed messages for your mom. 

Your mom will love to hang these ornaments not just on the Christmas tree during the holidays but all year long on her nightstand. Just print some of your photos together and use a circle paper punch to give them a round shape. After cutting them round, attach them on round wood discs using mod podge. For a finishing touch, paint the border around the photo with a liquid leaf and add the twine or ribbon once the paint goes dry. 

You can make this DIY photo candle in just 15 minutes! You will only need to prepare a laser print of your photo, a white candle in a glass jar, and packing tape!

Found the Best DIY Christmas Gift for your Mom?

Hopefully, this list was able to help you come up with a Christmas gift for your mom. Let us know which of these DIY gift ideas will you be making for your mom. We would love to hear from you!

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