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20+ Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids

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Searching for ideas and inspiration for DIY Christmas gifts for kids? You’ll certainly find a thing or two here that will spark your creativity!

Christmas is fast approaching and coming up with gifts for the kids is never easy. If you love DIY-ing and adding a personal touch to your gifts, you are at the right place! 

Whether you prefer sewing, crafting, or building a toy for the dear little kiddos in your life, you will love this collection of DIY Christmas gifts for kids. 

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Are DIY Christmas gifts for kids easy to make?

If this is your first time making DIY Christmas gifts for kids, I understand if you’re a bit worried about how your gift will turn out. After all, you want to make sure that the precious kids in your life will love your gifts. 

I made it a point to choose nothing but easy DIY gift ideas. This is to ensure that you’ll have fun making these gifts and they will not take up too much of your time. It also means you don’t have to stress about how they’ll turn out, anyone can master these DIY gift tutorials. 

Are these Handmade gifts for kids budget-friendly?

Of course! Some of these DIY Christmas gift ideas are made from stuff you already have lying around the house. Some can be made from old furniture, while others come together with the help of affordable and easy-to-find craft supplies. 

Whether your giftee is a newborn baby, a toddler, a preschooler, or all of the above, these gifts are sure to delight them. And of course, expect that even their parents will also appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness for coming up with these adorable gifts.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Preparing a gift for a precious baby or toddler in your life? This section of this guide is filled with baby-friendly and easy DIY Christmas gift ideas you can easily make at home today!

DIY Drums

Toddlers need to have some musical toys, but instead of buying them the usual plastic drums, why not make an eco-friendly and personalized one? These super adorable DIY drums are made of tin cans, wooden round balls, wood dowels, leather laces, decorative fabric, and leather. For the craft tools, you’ll need a hot glue gun, a crop-a-dile, pen, and fabric scissors. 

Fleece Tie Pillows

Babies love to snuggle with their pillows. Hence, if you want a gift that will surely be useful for your little giftee, why not make DIY fleece pillows? All you need to prepare to make this project are fabric scissors, measuring tape, pen, square pillow form, and fleece.

Bunny Doll

Want a gift that will surely become close to your recipient’s heart? Nothing can beat the all-time favorite bunny doll. This DIY Bunny Doll tutorial from Red Ted Art comes with a free bunny doll pattern that you can download and print. 

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Cloth Baby Book

What could be cuter than a cloth baby book? If you’ll make this gift for a newborn baby, remember that they like looking at high contrast black and white patterns. Hence, make it a point to edit the photos first before printing them out. 

No-sew Tutu

Preparing a gift for little ballerinas? You can easily make a Tutu dress without sewing! Ready some elastic and tulle and you’re already halfway from finishing this DIY project!

Messenger Bag

Why buy a bag when you can create a more adorable one? You can fill this bag with more DIY toys to make your gift even more memorable for your little recipient.

Colorful Foam Cakes and Cookies

Every toddler’s imagination will run wild with these pretend play sweets! These foam cakes and cookies are not only super budget-friendly but they turn out super cute too! A set of colorful sponges will already allow you to make several cake slices, cupcakes, and wafer cookies. 

DIY Christmas Gift Doll for Kids

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are not picky when it comes to gifts, but wouldn’t it be great to give them a tailor-made gift according to their interests? Hopefully, these gift ideas will inspire you to create something special for the lovely preschoolers in your life. 

DIY: Paint Chip Bookmarks

If you can see that your little giftee is starting to show interest in reading books, he/she will be ecstatic to receive a bookmark! Since these simple DIY bookmarks are made with paint chips you’ll be even more at an advantage if you know his/her favorite color!

Doll Diapers and Wipes

Got a precious one that loves to dress up her dolls? These doll diapers and wipes are irresistibly cute! They can be made from scraps of cotton fabric, flannel, fleece, and velcro.

DIY Snow Globes

If you’re not aware yet, snow globes are super easy to make. This DIY project only needs water, sandpaper, epoxy, glycerin, tinsel glitters, jars, and miniature figurines. You can pull one of these DIY snow globes together in a matter of minutes. 

Ocean Waves Bottle 

Does your little one love the beach or does he/she show particular interest in marine animals and such? There’s no doubt he/she will love this Ocean Waves Discovery Bottle!

Mini Foosball Table

Searching for a special gift for a sporty little one? A homemade kid-sized foosball table is easier to make than you think. It only needs basic craft supplies such as a marker, ruler, glue gun, hot glue, clear tape, wrapping paper, utility knife, spray paint, small wooden dowels, and clothespins. Plus, two ping pong balls and a shoebox. 

Child’s Tool Belt

Need a gift for a little handyman? Why not sew a simple tool belt for him? It will be useful in keeping his tools right at his fingertips, and at the same time, will also allow him to play and “fix” things all around the house.

Portable Lego Tray

Is your giftee a little Lego lover? You wouldn’t want to miss this DIY portable Lego tray! This project will need you to prepare a 10 x 10 frame, a 10 x 10 Lego baseplate, twine for hanging (optional), and letter stickers to spell out the name of your recipient (optional). 

Miniature Marshmallow Propeller

Ever heard of marshmallow guns? If your little one is into playing with guns, you don’t have to buy them a toy gun that will most likely cause harm. These mini marshmallow propellers can be made with a 12 inch PVC pipe, one end cap, two elbows, and one T-joint. You can also make a pair of DIY safety goggles to complete the look and ensure safety too. All you need to make this is a 2-liter soda bottle and duct tape

Memory Game

Want to give an educational toy instead? You’ll only need wooden discs and stick-on felt shapes to make this memory game. If you’ve only found felt shapes without stick-on, you can easily attach them to the discs using craft glue. You can use a small pouch as an instant storage and a gift package. 

Barbie House

If you’ve been planning to create a Barbie dollhouse, but want it to be really unique and one of a kind, you have to give this DIY project a try. This Barbie house is larger than your regular toy as it is made from an old wood dresser. It needs a bit of effort but you can be assured that it’s a gift that will last a lifetime!

No-Sew Kids Apron

Looking for a simple gift for the precious little bakers in your life? This DIY Christmas gift is so simple — it does not even need sewing! To make this no-sew kids apron, you’ll need to prepare kitchen dish towels,  stitch witchery, ribbon, scissors, glue gun, hot glue, and an iron. Plus, it only takes three simple steps and five minutes to make!

Deluxe Play Kitchen 

A play kitchen does not have to be so expensive. This deluxe play kitchen is only made of an old TV shelf! 

Play Dough

Who can say no to playdough? This homemade recipe yields a lot of playdough that does not stain the hands and is good to use for three months. To make this recipe, you’ll need gel food coloring, salt, vegetable oil, water, cream of tartar, ziplock bags, wax paper, a wooden spoon, and a nonstick pot. You can also add some playdough cutting toys to make this gift even more astounding. 

Homemade Name Stamp 

An easy DIY project will make an educational and fun Christmas gift for the kids. To make this gift idea even more incredible, you can opt to include and make a stamp of all the letters of the alphabet and of course, add a stamp pad with this present. 

Stick Horses

Got a horse-crazy kid? These stick horses will be a hit! You might not believe it but these toys are easy to make. To create one, you’ll only need a dowel, a hot glue gun, felt cloth, batting filler, embroidery thread and needle, fabric scissors, pinking shears, and two black buttons. You can choose to use a sewing machine or hand stitch this project. 

Clothespin Wrap Dolls

Did you know? You can make a doll with just three supplies. These clothespin wrap dolls are super irresistible, they’re going to be one of your giftee’s favorite gifts for sure! All you need to prepare to make these cute DIY dolls are clothespins, hot glue, and embroidery thread

Which of these DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids will you try?

Comment down below which DIY gift idea you liked the most!

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