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DIY Gifts for a Friend Who Has Everything

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This fun roundup of creative DIY gifts for a friend is perfect for any kind of occasion. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or his/her birthday, these easy handmade gift ideas will help you make your closest confidant or pals feel appreciated and cared for more than ever!

Nothing could be more sincere than a handmade gift. However, it’s not a surprise if you found yourself running out of inspiration. 

Regardless of whether you are a beginner in DIY-ing or already an expert crafter, this simple but wonderful collection of DIY gifts for a friend will inspire you to create one-of-a-kind presents that they will surely love. Check them all out below!

Two teenage girls hugging each other while sharing a gift, and a present wrapped in gold.

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What handmade gift can I make?

Your friend will no doubt appreciate any gift from you. But of course, one way to make any kind of celebration extra special is to prepare a present that you create yourself. 

Here, you can find a perfect handmade gift for every type of friend. From super cute mug cozies for the warm beverage drinkers to garden markers for the gardeners and other simple but sentimental keepsakes for everyone, this gift guide will walk you through some of the best gift ideas that will spark your creativity!

These DIY gift ideas for a friend are not only easy to make and affordable but will also allow you to think out of the box and boost your creativity. Experienced crafter or not, you’ll have fun making these handmade gifts for sure! You can enjoy making some of these gifts with the kids too!

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Creative Homemade Gift Ideas

Surprise your friend and let them know that you think and care about them with the help of these creative homemade gift ideas! Whatever his/her hobbies or interests are, you’ll surely find a DIY gift idea or two for him/her here! 

Another gift that any tea lover will surely love! These reusable tea bags are not only functional but easy to make too! Don’t forget to use some buttons and charms to make it even cuter!

An adorable and colorful gift idea for Valentine’s Day! If you don’t have experience in quilling yet or want to make this project even easier, you can find paper quilling kits available on Amazon. 

For that gardener friend! He/she will love new garden markers! This DIY project will not require you to print or paint. These DIY garden markers only need assorted wooden letter tiles (or old scrabble tiles if you have some), woodcraft sticks, hot glue sticks, a hot glue gun, and a clear wood sealant to make it extra durable. 

Not fond of sewing? These cute felted mug cozies do not require sewing and will be a great gift for your coffee lover or tea aficionado friend! It’s only made of felted sweaters. Plus, it’s easy to add a design using a felting mat and needle felting tool too. 

DIY mug cozy gift for a friend

A stunning DIY gift for that wine lover! Aside from glitters and stemless wine glasses, make sure to prepare masking tape, soft paintbrushes, and dishwasher-safe mod podge when making this DIY project. 

The perfect gift for the chilly days! Did you know that you can make pocket-sized hand warmers by only using cotton fabric, uncooked rice, and a little sewing?

Irresistibly cute and easy to make! These cat bookmarks are sure to delight your bookworm friend! You can make these adorable and vibrant bookmarks with just paint chips and permanent markers. 

Help your friend become a bit more organized with this thoughtful gift! This DIY cable organizer is ideal to avoid charging cords, headsets, and other cables from getting in a tangled mess. It’s not only functional but definitely stylish too! 

Surprise that tea lover with a tea wreath! This DIY project is as easy as pie! You’ll only need two floral craft rings, clothespins, hot glue, ribbon for hanging, patterned paper for decoration, and of course your giftee’s favorite teas. 

Everyone deserves a good and relaxing bath, especially that hardworking friend! Show how much you care for him/her with these super easy homemade bath salts! Just so you know, it’s far from complicated to make as it only calls for Epsom salt, essential oils, dried herbs, and pink Himalayan salt crystals or coarse dead sea salts. Plus, this tutorial includes four recipes to try!

Meaningful DIY Gifts

Want to make a gift to warm your friend’s heart? Your giftee will treasure these meaningful DIY gifts forever! From DIY photo playing cards, to and a lot more, there are endless sentimental gift ideas that will inspire you to make the sweetest gift here!

Got a friend who loves playing cards? This will be his/her most precious deck of cards! If you have a printer at home, you only have to prepare a thicker and shinier type of paper for these photo cards to print on. Also, if you don’t have enough photos to use, you can include messages on the cards instead.

Did you know that you can turn a matchbox into a cute camera? Your photographer and camera enthusiast friend is going to love this gift for sure! To make it more special, you can fill the matchbox with small picture prompts or some of your favorite photos together.

What makes this DIY gift idea even more amazing is that you can be creative with the words you create. Aside from the word love, you can also make photo collage letters with your giftee’s name, your friendversary date, and a lot more. 

If your giftee is preparing for an exam, cheer him/her up with a DIY study care package! Grab a box and fill it with study essentials such as a set of highlighters, a coffee mug, chocolates, instant coffee, and sticky notes with motivational quotes to inspire him/her to study even more.

You might not believe it but you can make sentimental photo candles in less than an hour! Print your photos on card stock and prepare white tissue paper, white square candles, an embossing heat tool, and wax paper. 

Concerned that your friend is under a lot of stress? There’s no better gift than these squishy DIY stress balls! It only calls for small balloons, cornstarch, and permanent markers. After filling the balloons with cornstarch, you can add a message, silly design, or any decoration to the stress balls using permanent markers to make your gift more stress-relieving and fun!

DIY Birthday Gifts for Best Friend

Looking for a gift for his/her birthday? These DIY birthday gifts will be much appreciated for sure! 

A gift that can make anyone who has a sweet tooth the happiest! Making a birthday candy wreath is easier than you think. Just grab your friend’s favorite chocolates, a wreath form, hot glue, a large bow for decoration, and a small piece of ribbon or string for hanging.

Make every hour of his/her day extra special with this gift idea! Instead of presenting all of your gifts to your giftee at once, why not give them one by one every hour to level up his/her excitement? You can include the exact time on each gift and use the free printable that comes with this tutorial too. 

Already have experience in jewelry making? You might want to try making your friend a pair of earrings with her birthstone like this stunning piece.

Want to give your friend a cake but don’t know how to bake? He/she will not be able to resist this super adorable paper birthday cake box! It’s fun to make and only needs supplies that you already highly likely have at home!

Found the Best DIY Gifts for Your Friend?

Hopefully, this fun roundup of DIY gift ideas was able to spark your creativity and help you come up with a gift for your precious friend. If you have any comments or ideas, do not hesitate to share them in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you!

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