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Best Dollar Store Birthday Decor that Will Wow Your Guests

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Want to make this year’s birthday party more memorable? Whether you are throwing a party for your kids, your parent’s, or yourself, getting the best dollar store birthday decor is the key to an exceptional and budget-friendly birthday party. Check out more of our Dollar Tree shopping guides here!

Organizing a birthday party can be fun and stressful at the same time. Just thinking of the budget might give you a headache. And that’s why it’s always reasonable to look for different dollar store birthday decor at your local dollar store or online. 

From dinnerware to party supplies to party favors, dollar stores have everything you need to throw the best birthday party of the year!

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Dollar Store Birthday Decor Themes for Kids

Want to make your kid’s birthday party amazing but don’t have the time and the budget? Dollar Tree, in particular, has a lot of affordable and ready-made birthday party decorations and supplies for different kinds of party themes! 

Don’t have a Dollar Tree near you? You can order these items online!

Dinosaur Party

If your kids are into dinosaurs and are begging for a Jurassic Park-themed party, you can visit your local dollar stores for supplies. Some dollar stores have available party plates and napkins with prehistoric styles. 

If you shop at Dollar Tree online, you will find dinosaur party murals. This is an instant photo booth section and hanging dinosaur paper cutouts to hang in your ceiling. For party favors, dollar stores also have plenty of dinosaur toys.

Mermaid Party

Make your little girl the happiest with a mermaid birthday party! Dollar stores have colorful mermaid-themed party plates, plastic cups, and napkins perfect for this celebration. You can also get some mermaid toys for party favors for kids. 

Comic Book Party

Kids have always loved superheroes. If you know your little one does, nothing could make him happier than a comic book birthday party theme. Dollar store offers comic-book-themed party plates and napkins. Of course, you can also find plenty of action figures in the store that you can use as party favors. 

Unicorn Party

Kids have unconditional love for unicorns. If you know that your kid would love to have a unicorn-themed party, you should do it! You won’t need to spend much on decorations or party supplies because there’s a lot of them at dollar stores. 

If you shop online, you can purchase unicorn-themed balloons, paper plates, napkins, hanging swirl decorations, tissue centerpieces, birthday banners, utensils, crepe paper streamers, and table covers

unicorn themed dollar store birthday decor

Monster Truck Party

If your big boy is into cars, he will certainly love a monster-truck-themed birthday party. There are available monster-truck-themed paper plates and paper napkins at dollar stores. You can also get some car toys to use as party favors. 

Princess Party

It’s every little girl’s dream to become a princess. Make this dream come true for your precious angel without going over the budget. Dollar stores have plenty of princess party supplies. Find paper napkins, birthday banners, centerpieces, balloons, party plates, birthday ribbons, tiaras, table covers, and assorted party favors

Diamond Party

Want a unique and fun birthday party theme? You might want to try this diamond birthday party idea! You don’t need to put much effort into this theme’s party decorations because most of them are available at dollar stores. 

Shop online at Dollar Tree, you can get some diamond-themed party plates, hanging swirl decorations, flag banners, napkins, murals, centerpieces, and letter banners

Building Blocks Party

Is your little one a huge fan of Lego toys? He/she will fall in love with a building-blocks-themed party! Dollar Tree offers some unique party supplies for this theme. There are building-block-themed drinking cups with straws, favor boxes, centerpieces, paper plates, plastic table covers, letter banners, flag banners, and lunch napkins

Balloon Party

Every kid would want to get a fun and colorful balloon party for his/her birthday! Shop at Dollar Tree for balloon-themed centerpieces, flag banners, letter banners, foil balloons, party plates, lunch napkins, hanging swirl decorations, and table covers

Confetti Party

What’s more exciting than a confetti party? Aside from popping some party poppers and scattering confetti all around the venue, you can also use confetti-themed murals, party plates, and lunch napkins to make a successful confetti party. 

confetti themed dollar store birthday decor idea

DIY Dollar Store Birthday Decor Ideas

Looking for unique and stunning but budget-friendly birthday decor ideas for your loved ones’ special day or yours? Check this out! 

Sparkling Balloons

Take your party and your birthday balloons to the next level by adding some glitter on them and hanging them upside down. Instead of letting your balloons up where we can only see their bottoms and strings, hang them upside down after you attach glitter to them. 

To make this simple but sparkling decor idea, you need to get dollar store items such as balloons, glitters, mod podge, and a brush

Floral Backdrop

Instead of the usual silver or gold backdrop, why don’t you make it floral? This decoration will only require you to get three materials from the dollar store: twig garland strands, faux flowers, and tape

Dollar Store birthday decor idea floral background

Tissue Paper Flowers

If you are 100% into DIY-ing things, you can certainly make these beautiful tissue paper flowers. All you will need for this awesome DIY project and party decor are colored tissue papers, a pair of scissors, and a stapler

Hula Hoop Chandelier

If you’re having an overnight party, your guests will be amazed if you make this hula hoop chandelier. All you need for this stunning party decor is a hula hoop, lace, glue gun, hot glues, and some old Christmas lights. 

Colorful and Vibrant Decor

Who says kids are the only ones who can have colorful and fun birthday parties? Sure, pastels are great, and it subtly represents maturity, but bold and vibrant colors are also a good representation of how your life has been full of colors and fun so far, and you’re ready to welcome more of them. 

To make a vibrant, and bold birthday party, prepare plenty of colorful paper lanterns, neon balloons, and ribbons.

Glittering Cups

If you want your birthday to have some sparkles, you can try to make these glittering cups! Instead of using the classic red party cups, wow your guest with stunning cups that will cost you only a few dollars! You only need to grab some plastic wine glasses, mod podge, glitter, and paintbrush from Dollar Tree, and you’re halfway there! 

Colorful Tassel Garland

Add a festive touch to your birthday party with this colorful tassel garland decoration. All you need to make this amazing birthday decor is colored tissue papers, twine, washi tape, and a pair of scissors. 

Balloon Arch with Flowers

Instead of the typical balloon arch, why not make it more tropical by adding some flowers? If the birthday party you’re planning will be held during summer or spring, this DIY balloon arch will be a perfect decoration! This project will require you to prepare balloons with different sizes, faux flowers and bushes, tape, and glue. 

Ice Cream Garland

If you are doing an ice-cream-themed birthday party, this adorable ice cream garland decoration will make a wonderful backdrop! When you shop at Dollar Tree, don’t forget to purchase some party hats, paper lanterns, and twine.

Confetti Backdrop

This confetti backdrop is lit! All you need to do to create this vibrant party decor is to get cardboard, confetti, pencil, and mod podge. 

Which Birthday Party Decor Idea is Your Favorite? 

Let us know which of these Dollar Store birthday decor ideas was your favorite! We’d love to hear what kinds of dollar store finds you use to keep your costs low and your party appeal high! 

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