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Frugal and Fabulous Dollar Store Wedding Decor Ideas

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It’s every bride-to-be’s wish to make their wedding beautiful, fabulous, and exceptional. This sounds grand and costly, but I am happy to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way — because there’s plenty of amazing dollar store wedding decor ideas for you here! If you love shopping at Dollar Tree, you’ll also want to check out these shopping guides!

Weddings are already as expensive. Spending a lot on wedding decorations is a big NO. Instead of using the money for these one-time use items, better save it for your soon-to-be-married life together. 

If you like the DIY style and are willing to get creative, the dollar store might be the best place to look! Whether it’s your local dollar store, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or, there are so many options to find unique centerpieces or even dinnerware on a small budget.

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Dollar Store Wedding Decor

Beautiful Dollar Store Wedding Decor Ideas for All Kinds of Wedding Themes

Worried that these dollar items and ideas might not fit your wedding theme? 

These dollar store wedding decors are not just frugal and budget friendly, they are all gorgeous too! You will surely get a lot of wonderful decoration ideas here! There’s something that can go with any style no matter what you have going on. 

Ready to prepare for your wedding and get creative? Let’s get started!

Stunning DIY Wedding Dinnerware and Glassware Pieces

Wow your guests with stunning wedding dinnerware pieces without breaking the bank. You can surely find all of the items needed for these amazing wedding decorations at local and online dollar stores!

Bride & Groom Champagne Glasses

Make your first toast memorable with these adorable gown-and-tuxedo-themed champagne glasses! To make this pair of sweet and cute wedding glassware, you will need 2 wine glasses, white tulle, black paint, small paint brushes, scissors, glue, and gems.

Elegant Champagne Glass

Of course, not only the bride and groom can enjoy sipping wine on beautiful champagne glasses. Level up dollar store champagne flutes by attaching some greenery you can find in your backyard with a ribbon or twine. It’s simple, yet elegant!

Glass Cake Stand

Want to make a stunning cake stand that even your mom and grandma will love? Get a glass dinner plate, a candleholder, and some E6000 adhesive from your local dollar store or online, and you can make this classic cake stand!

Plastic Wine Glass Cupcake Stand

Don’t know where to put the cupcakes? These plastic wine glass stands are so creative and simple to make. And all you will need are plastic wine glasses you can find at any dollar store! 

Dessert Decoration

Get some of those cheap silver trays from your local dollar store and transform them into wonderful dessert decorations by using some spray paint (choose the spray paint color based on your wedding theme) and white chalk writers

featured image showing flowers in a diy bunch on a table for a wedding.

Eye-Catching Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces need to be gorgeous, but they don’t have to be expensive. Just look at what I’ve found for you to create with dollar store wedding decor items! 

DIY Wedding Centerpiece

This DIY centerpiece is too pretty to ignore! To make this work of art, you will need picture frames, clear plastic saucers, dome-shaped floral foams, reindeer moss, hot glue sticks, a bucket with water, fresh flowers, and filler leaves. 

Romantic Hoop Centerpiece

If you want to feel more love in the air on your special day, you can try to make this gorgeous hook centerpiece. This DIY wedding project will only require you to find an embroidery hoop, paint, sandpaper, pinewood, nail gun, drill, flowers, flower scissors, flower tubes, zip ties, floral wire, and wire cutters. 

Faux Flower Wedding Centerpiece

If you really want to stay on your budget, you can save a lot if you use faux flowers for your centerpieces. This DIY centerpiece is simple, but it will surely get plenty of attention. Plus, you can find all of the materials needed for this project at dollar stores. This includes faux flowers, foam craft balls, candleholders, glue sticks, and a glue gun

Fun Hoop Centerpiece

Hoop centerpieces are easy to make. This stunning DIY project only will need a 20″ fun hoop, green and gold floral wires, faux roses, greenery, and baby’s breath, oval or rectangular wood plaque, hanging globe candle holders, LED tea lights, paint, scissors, hot glue, and a glue gun

Floating Centerpiece

This effortless floating centerpiece is dreamy, affordable, and elegant! All you need to do is: add water to a terrarium bowl, put your chosen faux flowers in it, and voila! You now have a wonderful centerpiece with just 2 bucks! 

a bunch of flowers in a hanging vase diy dollar store wedding decor pieces.

Fun Wedding Favors

Make sure that your guest will have some memorable party favors to remember your big day! Dollar stores offer ready-made party favor boxes, but if you want personalized ones, you can check out these options. 

Minty and Fresh Wedding Favor

Looking for witty, sweet, and affordable party favors? This one’s for you! All you have to do is get a stash of Tic-Tac mints, decorative labels, and markers from any dollar store near you. Cut the labels and put them on the mints. Use a marker to write your initials, your wedding date, and a simple message. 

Blooming Wedding Favors

Give your guests something that they would love to display at home. This wedding favor is colorful and very budget-friendly! You just need to prepare wedding favor boxes with ribbons, faux flowers, candies, nuts, mints, double-sided tape, and scissors. Dollar stores, particularly Dollar Tree, have a wide collection of faux flowers and ribbons. You can certainly find something that will go well with your theme. 

Succulent Wedding Favors

Succulents are now one of the most used wedding favors. Display a foam board or a piece of wood behind your succulent favors, and use a marker to add a message to your guests to let them know it’s for them. 

Wildflower Seed Favors

Give your guests something they can grow at home. All you need for this wedding favor are some wildflower seeds and mini-kraft packets. 

Bath Salt Favors

Let your guests relax after your fun and hectic wedding. With these bath salt favors, you will only need to prepare bath salts, mini-mason jars, and twines

diy wedding decor dollar store wedding decor shown wrapped around a faux birdcage.

Enchanting Wedding Lanterns

Lanterns are so enchanting — they make the atmosphere more romantic and cinematic during weddings. Thus, to make your wedding more fabulous, try one of these DIY wedding lantern decorations. 

Flower Lanterns

These beautiful flower lanterns will surely make your wedding extra-sweet and romantic. This DIY wedding decoration only needs paper roses or faux roses, battery-operated tea lights, and lanterns

Paper Bag Lanterns

These paper bag lanterns are perfect for wedding after-parties. You only have to prepare paper bags, battery-operated votives, and hole punchers to add some design to your lantern. 

Framed Lanterns

These framed lanterns will be wonderful wherever you put them. Get some plastic picture frames from your local dollar store. Remove the glasses and backings, then paint them with gold. Attach four frames with hot glue and put the glasses back. Add some faux greeneries and battery-operated votives inside, and you’re done!

Hanging Paper Lanterns

Fill your venue with these cute and hanging paper lanterns! It’s super simple to make, and it will only require you to get some paper lanterns, cupcake liners, and glue! You can also use some spray paints to fit it into your theme. 

Wood Lanterns

Wood lanterns are durable lanterns you can use even after your wedding. To do this DIY wedding project will need to use some wood, drill, and jar candles.

Got Some Dollar Store Wedding Decor Ideas?

Make sure you let us know which of these ideas you think you’d love to use at your wedding or event. There are lots to choose from and they’re all fun, cute, and best of all…inexpensive! 

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