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Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas

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Looking for gift basket ideas for Christmas?  Whether it’s for your colleagues, parents, friends, or just someone really important to you, I’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most practical gift baskets that anyone would love to receive. 

Gift baskets are a great way to show gratitude and say “thank you” to important or special people in our lives. Christmas is the best time of the year to send gift baskets to those special someone’s to make their holidays even more memorable. 

You can personalize some of these gift basket ideas for Christmas, but if you don’t have the time to DIY, I’ve also listed some ready-made ones that are just as special and perfect as they are. 

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DIY Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas

Do you love DIY-ing and adding a personal touch to your gifts? Check out some of these DIY gift basket ideas for Christmas you can prepare for your loved ones!

Refreshing Shower Kit Gift Basket

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a relaxing soak? Complete this shower kit with premium towels, bath salts, pumice stone, natural sponge, body butter, body wash, bath bombs, and stack them on a cute woven basket

To add a Christmas feel, tie a classic red and white ribbon on the basket, and your special Christmas gift is good to go!

Hot Chocolate-themed Gift Basket

A mug of hot chocolate is a must during the holidays! Give some warmth to your friends and family this Christmas and prepare a hot chocolate-themed gift basket for them. 

Fill this gift basket with cute mugs, tasty hot chocolate, candy canes, stir sticks, paper cups, marshmallows, candies, and some cookies. Don’t forget to put on a Christmas ribbon and an adorable tag for a festive touch. 

Grill Master Gift Basket 

If you know a special someone that loves grilling on another level, you might want to consider giving them an impressive grill-themed gift basket. 

Include some grilling accessories such as an apron, wood chips, gloves, cutting board, spatula, barbeque tongs, and a recipe book. Tie a festive ribbon and add a Christmas card with your message for a personal Christmas touch. 

Baking Kit Gift Basket

Baking is one of the best holiday traditions, and this is your chance to indulge in it! 

Prepare a baking kit gift set with different baking essentials such as oven mitts, dish towels, spatula, whisk, measuring cups, mason jars, colorful sprinkles, and cupcake cups. Instead of putting them in a basket, stack them in a mixing bowl and tie a ribbon for a simple design. 

Relaxing Spa Kit Gift Basket

Everyone will love a refreshing shower kit. There’s nothing better than reminding your loved ones that they deserve some personal quality time for themselves too. 

To make this special pampering gift basket, don’t forget the organic soaps, scented candles, bubble baths, bath salts, facial masks, body lotion, hair towel, loofah, and fluffy slippers. Arrange these spa essentials in a basket and add a Christmas ribbon

spa gift basket for Christmas

Coffee Lover Gift Basket

If you know that your gift recipient is a coffee lover by heart, you should make an enticing coffee gift basket for them! Any wonderful coffee gift basket isn’t complete without adorable coffee mugs, coffee beans, creamer, sugar cubes, coffee-flavored chocolates, biscotti, cute coffee cups, and more coffee. Put them on a square basket, wrap a ribbon on it, and put on a Christmas tag

Book Lovers Gift Baskets

Got a bookworm for a friend? Delight them with a book lover gift basket! Aside from putting in your favorite book (they will 100% appreciate the book recommendation!), add some special items such as novel tea bags (these tea bags come with a literary quote!), blanket, pencil pouch, sharpie, bookmarks, coffee mugs, and some coffee too!

Organize them in a box and put a Christmas tag with your greetings and favorite quote!

Tea Tray-themed Gift Basket

Noticed that your recipient is more into tea than coffee? They will be ecstatic to receive a tea tray-themed gift basket. This gift basket will be gorgeous with a stunning ceramic tea set, tea towels, honey, cookies, sugar, and cream. 

Set them up in a tea tray and add a red and white ribbon to add Christmas vibes. 

Italian Gourmet Gift Basket

For the love of spaghetti! You will never go wrong with this Italian gourmet gift basket. Use a red, green, or white pasta bowl (for a Christmas touch) as your “basket.” 

Stack some artisan pasta (for a more appealing and exciting pasta dish), an extra virgin olive oil, a gourmet tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, and biscotti. Don’t forget to add the Christmas ribbon!

Pizza-themed Gift Basket

Want to give a fun and unique but appetizing gift basket? This pizza-themed gift is a must-try! Because who doesn’t love a good pizza? Any excellent pizza gift basket has a rolling pin, pizza cutter, pizza stone, cheese grater, spices, pizza sauce, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and a pizza cookbook

If you prefer, you can also add some fresh vegetables such as onion, tomatoes, green pepper, and basil. Arrange them nicely on a green or red basket (for the holiday vibes), and add a white ribbon

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Wine lovers often enjoy receiving bottles of wine as gifts. If you want to take your wine lover’s gift to the next level, why not prepare a beautiful wine and cheese gift basket? Of course, you’ll have to get the main items first, wine and cheese, then other complementary foods such as fruits and crackers

For the overall look of your wine and cheese Christmas gift basket, get a sturdy wooden basket, Christmas ribbon, some pretty kitchen towels, coasters, small cutting boards, cheese knives, and of course, wine glasses

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Garden Gift Basket

Preparing a gift basket for mom? She will surely love a gardening-themed gift basket! This DIY gift basket is very simple. 

You only need to prepare a  basket (of course!), fill it with gardening tools such as gloves, pruner, spray bottles, trowel, seed packets, organic fertilizers, and a gardening book. To make it more beautiful and Christmassy, you can add faux poinsettia flowers and white and red ribbons

Popcorn-themed Gift Basket

The holidays would not be complete without at least one movie night! Do the honor of providing your loved ones, neighbors, or friends the perfect popcorn gift basket. 

To make this gift basket, prepare popcorn-making essentials such as popcorn kernels, vegetable oil, and different kernel flavors. Put them in mason jars to make them more stylish, and use a large popcorn bucket as your “basket.” Lastly, add some holiday touches by attaching a Christmas burlap ribbon at the center of your bucket.

Slow Cooker-themed Gift Basket

Want a gift basket that is sure to be super helpful in the kitchen? If you know someone that loves cooking, a slow cooker-themed gift basket is the most practical and wonderful gift they will receive!

For this gift basket, you’ll need a slow cooker (as your main gift and ‘basket’), kitchen towels, cooking spices, cooking utensils, ceramic bowls, soup mugs, oven mitts, and a slow cooker recipe book. Carefully put all of this stuff inside the slow cooker and attach a Christmas ribbon for the finishing touch. 

Gift Basket for Men

Of course, this list will never be complete without a specially dedicated gift basket for the precious men in our lives. This gift is perfect if they aren’t a fan of fancy or flashy things and they prefer simple gifts. 

All you need to make this gift basket is a basket or container, different tools (hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, or anything that you think he needs most), beef sticks, crackers, chocolates, and his favorite snacks. For the Christmas flare, simply wrap a ribbon around the basket and you’re good to go!

Ready-Made Gift Baskets for Christmas

Everyone is busy during the holidays. If you can't find the time to make a personalized gift basket, don't fret! There are lots of ready-made gift baskets that fit in different themes and are perfectly packed too! Here are some of them!

Which Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas Did You Like the Most? 

Have you found the perfect gift basket you want to give to your loved ones? 

Share with us what you think! Comment below!

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Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas