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25 Best Gifts for a Crafter

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Searching for gifts for a crafter in your life? I know that this is not an easy task. Aside from the fact that there are different kinds of crafts, that crafty person you know has his or her own style that you have to consider as well. 

Crafty people’s creativity is just on another level. They love to do things on their own most of the time, and that’s why it’s even harder for us to think of gifts for them. But worry no more!

I’ve created a useful gift guide that will surely help you find a gift or two no matter what type of crafts your crafty friends are into.

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Gifts for A Crafter With Different Hobbies

Crafty people seemed to be so hard to impress, considering we know how creative and resourceful they are. That’s why I made sure that this list of gift ideas is too irresistible and essential for them to say no. 

Crafters love DIY-ing all kinds of things. Whether its shoes, bags, shirts, jewelry, and even functional crafts such as pots, candles, and furniture — they just love to express themselves and their creativity by adding a personal touch to the things they own. 

And to ensure that you’ll be buying the perfect gifts for a crafter you know and that you’ll give them what they really need to take their hobby to the next level, this list has 5 sections for different gift ideas for all kinds of crafts. Let’s do this!

Gifts for a Crafter Who’s into Textile Crafts

Are you looking for gifts for a crafter who’s into sewing, knitting, weaving, or crocheting? You’ll certainly find what you need in this section!

  • Half Yard# Heaven: Easy sewing projects using leftover pieces of fabric — Half Yard Heaven is a superb sewing book by Debbie Shore. Whether the crafty person you know is a beginner or already has experience in sewing, they will surely enjoy picking ideas on this book for their next sewing session with friends. 
  • SZLhappyboy Crochet Hooks Set — On the other hand, if your maker friend is into crocheting or you’ve heard that they want to start the hobby, this Crochet Hooks Set is something they will surely treasure and love. This set is complete with 22 pcs crochet hooks, needles, thimbles, threads, scissors — all of this organized in one handy bag. 
  • Sewing KIT Premium Repair Set — If your crafter friend is already almost a pro in sewing, you should make sure that he/she will have this Premium Sewing Kit Repair Set. This sewing kit is fully equipped with everything a pro-sewer could ever ask for. Everything your sewer friend will need is here. From needles to threads to scissors to buttons to measuring tape to threader supplies and even a seam ripper!
  • Ceramic Yarn Bowl for Crochet and Knitting — This Ceramic Yarn Bowl for Crochet and Knitting is not just cute and handy, but it has a motivating message too! Your crafty friend will surely appreciate this little motivator to finish his/her crocheting project in no time and start a new one again. Plus, this useful yarn bowl can be a great room display too. 
  • BIHRTC Vintage European Style Scissors — Is your crafty girlfriend or mom now a pro in sewing? Don’t fret! They will 100% love these stylish and exceptional Vintage European Style Scissors to add to their premium sewing collection. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel and alloy that makes it more durable and able to hold a nice sharp edge. 

Gifts for a Crafter who Loves Papercrafts

A lot of crafters love papercrafts. This is because we can’t deny the fact that almost all of us (even non-crafters), first discovered our creativity through writing, drawing, and cutting and folding papers. So whether your dear friend is interested in origami, calligraphy, or scrapbooks, I’ve got you covered!

  • Origami Paper | 350 Origami Paper Kit — If your crafty and artistic friend is into paper folding, she will definitely be delighted with this Origami Paper Kit. This origami kit has 300 6×6 origami square sheets, 50 artsy Japanese pattern sheets, and an instruction book to help your friend get started with her origami project! 
  • MOLNESO 300 Sheets Vintage Paper Pad for Scrapbooking — On the other hand, if your crafty friend loves to make scrapbooks, this Vintage Paper Pad is what you’re looking for. These scrapbook pads have a stylish and aesthetic vintage design that comes in different patterns. Each pad is safe in a separate PVC package to ensure that it will not be stained or damaged in any way. 
  • Cute 48 Rolls Washi Tape Set — This Washi Tape Set will go well with the scrapbook pads mentioned before. This tape has cute designs which make it ideal for designing scrapbooks, planners, photo frames, and a lot more. 
  • ZEYAR Premium Acrylic Paint Pen — Whether the crafter in your life is into drawings or calligraphy, this Premium Acrylic Paint Pens will surely delight them. What’s more wonderful about these pens is that aside from papers, they can also write on other surfaces such as wood, glass, ceramics, plastic, stone, and rubber. 
  • Scratch Paper Rainbow Painting Sketch Pads DIY Art — Perfect for amateur crafters, these Sketch Pads by DIY Art are so easy to make. All you have to do is scratch off the printed designs and in no time, breathtaking images will come to life. 

Gifts for Crafters who are into Decorative Crafts

Decorative crafts include pottery, woodwork, stenciling, and basketry. If your friend is into those, you will surely find the gift you are looking for in this section. 

  • 12pcs Wood Carving Tools Set — This Wood Carving Tools Set comes in an elegant bamboo box which makes it a wonderful gift. This set is complete with cut-resistant gloves, hook knife, detail knife, sloyd knife, leather sheath, polish, leather strop, and wood spoon blank. 
  • Woodworking Shop Apron — This stylish and full-coverage apron is every woodworkers must-have item. This apron is 27 inches wide x 34 inches long, adjustable to fit any size, and has 7 pockets in total. Plus, it comes in a beautiful box! 
  • Vastar Wood Burning Kit — Pyrography or woodburning is another interesting craft that many are starting to love. If your crafty friend is into this craft or you know that he/she is looking for a new hobby, this woodburning kit would be a great gift! This kit is complete with a wood burning iron, a woodburning pen holder, a sharpener, 5 wood burning stencils, two woodburning pencils, 28 pieces of wood iron heads, and an instruction manual.
  • Introduction to Basket Weaving Kit for 5 Baskets — Not many people are into basket weaving, but if your crafter friend wants to try it, why not? This basket weaving kit will be helpful in starting his/her basket weaving journey. 
  • DIYARTZ Chalk & Wax Paint Brush — This Chalk and Wax Paint Brush set is ideal for any kind of DIY paint project. These brushes are ideal on wood, furniture, or fabric. The traditional and stylish design of each brush makes it a beautiful gift for decorative crafters. 

Gifts for a Fashion Crafter Friend

Of course, other than paper crafters, decorative crafters, and textile crafters, we also have that crafter friend who’s into DIY-ing clothes, shoes, and jewelry. If this is your friend, this list is for her/him.

  • GoodyKing Resin Jewelry Making Starter Kit — Resin jewelry making is on-trend right now. If your fashion crafter friend is trying to find a new hobby, you should grab this chance to give her this complete Resin Jewelry Making Starter Kit. This kit is complete with silicone molds, crystal clear epoxy resin, dried flowers, and a lot more. 
  • Epoxy Resin Pigment — If your creative friend has already started her resin jewelry journey, you don’t have to worry because you can still surprise her with this Epoxy Resin Pigment Set. This set has 15 colorful epoxy pigments ideal for any DIY resin project! 
  • Arteza Metallic Fabric Paint — If your crafter friend is more into redesigning clothes and shoes they will surely like this Arteza Metallic Fabric Paint. This set contains 14 paints with different metallic shades. These paints work in leather, cotton, linen, and canvas. Plus, this item is high-quality and AP-certified non-toxic. 
  • Joyjoz Tie Dye Kit for Kids and Adults — Dyeing clothes is another type of fashion craft. If your friend or your kids are into tie dye this is the one you should give them. This tie-dye kit is perfect for both adults and kids and complete with everything they’ll need. 
  • Pearl Rhinestone Buttons — Whether your friend is into making DIY jewelry or redesigning clothes, and bags, they will surely appreciate getting this beautiful set of Pearl Rhinestone Buttons. Plus, this package comes with a stylish pouch which makes it more a wonderful gift. 

Gift Ideas for Functional Crafter Friend

This list won’t be complete without listing ideal gifts for our friends and loved ones who are into functional crafts such as pottery and candle making. Although some other kinds of crafts are also functional, we’ll give some spotlight to those who love to make superb pots and candles.  So, here we go!

  • TINTON LIFE 16PCS Wooden Clay Pottery Stamp — Make your crafter friend who loves pottery happy with this Wooden Clay Pottery Stamp Set. These stamps come with seven different patterns and are ideal not just for pottery but for candle-making, painting, and more.
  • Blisstime Set of 42 Clay Sculpting Tool — If you think it’s time to change your friends sculpting and pottery tool, this set is complete with everything they will need. This package is complete with an apron and 42 clay tools enclosed in a handy zip-up case. 
  • US Art Supply Large 12″ Diameter Sculpting Wheel — This sculpting wheel is suitable for almost any kind of arts and craft use. Whether your artistic friend is into pottery, model arrangement, cake decorating, or clay design, this wheel will be a wonderful gift. 
  • Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax and DIY Candle Making Supplies — This one is for the candle-makers! Delight your friend or your loved ones who are into candle-making with this 10lb bag of natural soy wax that also comes with 100 pre-cut candle wicks and 2 centering devices. 
  • Dried Flowers — These high-quality dried flowers come in 12 varieties. These flowers are useful for soap, resin, candle-making, wedding decorations, scrapbooks, and even for relaxing baths! Talk about versatility! Plus, each variety of flowers is in separate bags and then packaged in a gorgeous gift box!
Searching for gifts for a crafter in your life? I know that this is not an easy task. Aside from the fact that there are different kinds of crafts, that crafty person you know has his or her own style that you have to consider as well.

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