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25 Best Gifts for a Crafter

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Searching for gifts for a crafter in your life? I know that this is not an easy task. Aside from the fact that there are different kinds of crafts, that crafty person you know has his or her own style that you have to consider as well. 

Crafty people’s creativity is just on another level. They love to do things on their own most of the time, and that’s why it’s even harder for us to think of gifts for them. But worry no more!

I’ve created a useful gift guide that will surely help you find a gift or two no matter what type of crafts your crafty friends are into.

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Gifts for A Crafter With Different Hobbies

Crafty people seemed to be so hard to impress, considering we know how creative and resourceful they are. That’s why I made sure that this list of gift ideas is too irresistible and essential for them to say no. 

Crafters love DIY-ing all kinds of things. Whether its shoes, bags, shirts, jewelry, and even functional crafts such as pots, candles, and furniture — they just love to express themselves and their creativity by adding a personal touch to the things they own. 

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And to ensure that you’ll be buying the perfect gifts for a crafter you know and that you’ll give them what they really need to take their hobby to the next level, this list has 5 sections for different gift ideas for all kinds of crafts. Let’s do this!

25 Best Gifts for a Crafter

Gifts for a Crafter Who’s into Textile Crafts

Are you looking for gifts for a crafter who’s into sewing, knitting, weaving, or crocheting? You’ll certainly find what you need in this section!

Gifts for a Crafter who Loves Papercrafts

A lot of crafters love papercrafts. This is because we can’t deny the fact that almost all of us (even non-crafters), first discovered our creativity through writing, drawing, and cutting and folding papers. So whether your dear friend is interested in origami, calligraphy, or scrapbooks, I’ve got you covered!

Gifts for Crafters who are into Decorative Crafts

Decorative crafts include pottery, woodwork, stenciling, and basketry. If your friend is into those, you will surely find the gift you are looking for in this section. 

Gifts for a Fashion Crafter Friend

Of course, other than paper crafters, decorative crafters, and textile crafters, we also have that crafter friend who’s into DIY-ing clothes, shoes, and jewelry. If this is your friend, this list is for her/him.

Gift Ideas for Functional Crafter Friend

This list won’t be complete without listing ideal gifts for our friends and loved ones who are into functional crafts such as pottery and candle making. Although some other kinds of crafts are also functional, we’ll give some spotlight to those who love to make superb pots and candles.  So, here we go!

Found What You’re Looking for? 

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