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Homemade Gifts for Valentines

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What could be sweeter than homemade gifts for Valentines Day? If you are looking for a unique gift idea to surprise your loved ones this year, you are at the right place!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we could not just let this special day pass without spreading the love by preparing gifts for our loved ones. But of course, it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day gifts do not always have to be fancy or expensive.

Sometimes a little creativity and effort will do. Below, you can find some of the easiest, most thoughtful, and romantic homemade gifts for Valentine’s day, perfect for your sweetheart, family members, and friends. 

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What can I make for my Valentine?

Making a homemade gift is one of the best ways to show your special someone how much you care. However, just thinking of an idea can be time-consuming.

But worry no more! I’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best homemade gifts for Valentines that even beginners and kids can make in no time. 

Here, you’ll find DIY gifts that are not only heart-festooned but functional and decorative as well. Whether you love crafting or this is your first time, you’ll have fun creating these irresistibly cute and creative homemade gifts for Valentines Day. 

Make sure to browse till the end because there are also special gift ideas for coffee lovers, bookworms, plant enthusiasts, and bakers here!

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Romantic DIY Gifts

Your recipient will surely be surprised by your thoughtfulness and creativity with this collection of romantic DIY gifts! Some of these homemade gifts for Valentine’s are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. Plus, they will also make a good gift not just for your Valentine but for your mom, friends, and other family members too.

Give the gift of relaxation to your Valentine by trying out these adorable and luxurious heart bath bombs! These bath bombs are scented with sandalwood and jasmine that are sure to leave your skin fragrant and moisturized.

A gift that will win your partner’s heart! This string art is sweet, one of a kind, and extra adorable as well.

You might not believe it but these adorable and fragrant soaps only need seven ingredients to make. It can be done in just three hours and uses a clear soap base for the mini hearts and Goats Milk melt and pour soap base for the bar soap.

The Valentine gift every wordsmith will be ecstatic to receive! This gift idea is not only sweet but super easy to make as well. Just prepare a Dollar Tree frame or a leftover frame in the house (if you have one), wooden tile letters, glue, and a piece of scrapbooking paper. 

Preparing a Valentine’s Day gift for a book lover? This cute heart bookmark is a must. You’ll only need craft wire, ruler, and craft pliers to make this super easy gift idea! 

Perfect for the coffee lover! These DIY confetti-painted mugs only call for Elmer’s Painter paint markers and oil-based Sharpie paint pens

An effortless homemade gift that will mean a lot to your Valentine for sure! Aside from a globe, all you need to prepare are some stickers. 

Your giftee will never be able to get enough of these bath treats. Aside from their adorable shape, these bathtub teas are also filled with sea salt, herbs, flower petals, lavender buds powder, shave grass, special essential oil blend, and a lot more.  

Make that baker feel the love this Valentine’s Day with an exceptional gift basket! Get some festive mixing bowls, heart-shaped spatula, sprinkles, cake baking pans, and cookie cutter set

Don’t know how to bake? You can still make Valentine’s Day fortune cookies using craft foam and hot glue. 

One of the most creative and thoughtful Valentine gifts ever. Did you know that you can make hand warmers out of wool craft felt, embroidery floss, and dry white rice?

Express your endless love for your partner with this simple but meaningful DIY carved candle! It doesn’t need much and only calls for a candle, gold ballpoint pen, linoleum cutter, and tape.

Making these Valentine’s Day strawberry sugar scrub could not be easier. It only calls for freeze-dried strawberries, vanilla extract, organic virgin coconut oil, and cane sugar. It’s so easy to whip up, good for the skin, and organic too!

Valentine Craft Ideas for Adults

Looking for more homemade gifts for Valentine’s Day? You’ll never go wrong with these easy DIY gifts below. 

A beautiful flower arrangement that does not cost much but will last for years! This DIY heart flower vase is far from expensive as it only needs cardboard hearts, faux flowers and succulents, spray paints, and adhesives. 

A functional and gorgeous homemade gift idea that will surely help you win the heart of your giftee. These stunning heart coasters are made of resin. Keep in mind to use heat-resistant resin if you want the coasters to work for both cold and hot beverages. 

Instead of the typical chocolate gift box, why not surprise your giftee with this stunning heart jar filled with sweets? Making this gift idea could not be easier as it only requires gold spray paint, ribbon, glass jars, and craft acrylic paint. These heart jars will not only be a sweet gift to your Valentine but to friends and family members as well. 

Surprise and delight that plant lover with this lovely succulent Valentine gift! The simple trick to making this succulent heart is to get a high quality heart-shaped box and different kinds of succulents

An adorable and aww-worthy gift for mom this Valentine’s Day! The kids can also enjoy participating in making this heart thumbprint platter. Just get a white platter, red glass paint, and a sharpie and you’re halfway done with this simple but lovely gift.

A wonderful gift that will also be a great addition to your giftee’s room decor! This DIY gift idea only calls for a paper mache letter (with the initial of your recipient), faux flowers, a floral foam, hot glue, and a wooden plaque (optional). 

Making these heart trinket dishes is easier than you think. It only needs supplies such as oven baked clay, acrylic paints, parchment paper, and a triple thick glaze spray sealer. Plus, it’s one of the most ideal gifts for her.

A gift that will be a great stress-reliever not just for the kids but adults as well! These cute and squishy Valentine cards are a must-try! They’re fun, functional, and require no effort to make. Just make sure to print out your Valentine cards on heavy cardstock to ensure that they can hold the squishies well. 

For the coffee lover in your life! These no-sew coffee sleeves are made of nothing but felt! 

Got a passionate home cook loved one? These heart pot holders will be his/her new favorite! They start with pre-made potholders, so it’s a lot easier to make too.

While there are a lot of electric diffusers online, they couldn’t be more thoughtful and sweeter than a homemade essential oil diffuser. It’s a must to remember that aside from the specific scent you want, you also have to pick a glass bottle with a narrow opening so that the fragrance will not escape out of the bottle. Also, instead of plain reed diffuser sticks, you might want to consider using reed diffuser flowers so your DIY diffuser will have more Valentine feels and will be more aesthetic as well. 

Found the Best Homemade Gifts for Valentines Day?

Hopefully, you were able to pick a homemade Valentines Day gifts or two for your loved ones here. If you have any comments or a DIY gift in mind, don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section below! 

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