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How Much to Gift for a Wedding 101: Everything You Should Know About Giving Wedding Gifts

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Wondering how much to gift for a wedding present? Apart from being so delighted and excited after seeing your friend/family member’s wedding invitation, I bet several questions also immediately popped into your mind and this is one of the most popular! 

There’s nothing more joyful than watching your loved ones walk down the aisle and say “I do.” But before you get to witness that romantic scene — (even if wedding gifts are not required), I’ll bet you’re here because you are having a bit of a problem thinking about how much you should really spend on your wedding gift.

Let’s admit it, weddings can be a pricey event not just for the couple but even for the guests. Thus, whatever relationship you have with the soon-to-be or the newlywed couple, I’ll help you decide how much to gift for a wedding. I’ll also answer some of the most asked questions, and of course, recommend some wedding gifts you can consider. 

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How Much to Gift for a Wedding?

The amount you must spend on a wedding gift will mainly depend on two things: your relationship with the couple, and your budget. 

What is your relationship to the betrothed? Is one of them your best friend? Co-worker? Family members? Cousin? Or are you just casually acquainted with both of them? The more related/close you are to the couple, the more you are encouraged to spend on your wedding gift for the couple. 

According to wedding etiquette experts, acquaintances and co-workers of the betrothed should prepare to spend $50-$75, while $75-$100 for friends and relatives is more appropriate. $100-$150+ is “required” for immediate family and close friends. 

If you don’t have the budget, the couple will surely understand your situation. Plus, I’ve also made sure to find some of the most affordable wedding gifts that do not look cheap so you can give a quality gift while also sticking to your budget. 

Keep in mind that you can also combine gifts of your time, DIY gifts, and more to help cover the costs of your wedding gift if you don’t feel you are able to give gifts that fit into those spending brackets!  

Should I Give a Gift to “Cover My Plate”? 

Some say that this is the traditional rule in giving wedding gifts. Because your hosts have to pay to feed you and offer drinks and entertainment for the day, attendees occasionally give gifts based on how expensive it is to do all of that. 

However, almost all wedding experts are against this method of gift-giving. If your brother will have a backyard wedding, would it mean that you’ll also get him a less expensive gift? A big NO, right? 

Like I’ve said earlier, your gift should highly depend on your relationship with the couple and your budget, not on the food that will be served or the quality of the venue and entertainment during their wedding day.

Attending a wedding and preparing wedding gifts are not mandatory. These efforts are not a business transaction that will serve as a payment for whatever they offer you (foods, drinks, favors, etc). Rather, you should be present on their special day, and prepare them a wedding gift because you want to celebrate their love and you are genuinely happy for their union. 

Should I still Prepare a Gift Even if I Won’t Be Able to Attend the Wedding? 

Wedding experts say that you should send a gift unless you haven’t been in contact with the couple for a long time or you think that you are at the bottom of the guest list. You can opt to not give a gift and just send a congratulatory note on the RSVP card if that is the case. 

If you still think that it won’t be enough, Vogue says that a gift lower than $30 will do. 

Should I Spend More on My Wedding Gift if I Will Bring a Plus One?

This rule does not really exist either, but it makes sense if you think about it in terms of a transaction and not a congratulations/gift. The couple will not likely expect you to spend more based on your date but if you are considering spending more, why not go ahead and do that? 

Close friends with a date can consider spending $180 to $250, while others can prepare $80 to $150. 

Is It Fine to Give Gifts That Are Not on the Registry?

Yes. Of course! If you know the couple very well, and you know that they will certainly love the gift you have in mind, go for it! 

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If the items listed on the registry are out of your budget, you can just use them as a reference and buy gifts, not on the registry. 

You can also team up with your friends. All of you will be able to save a lot. At the same time, come up with a more special group wedding gift. Pairing up with other guests to give large ticket items from the registry is a great way to give gifts you might not otherwise be able to afford. 

If you can’t afford gifts on the registry it’s always a good idea to give cash or gift the couple with gift cards for the store that holds their registry so they can put them towards items that do not get purchased on their behalf. 

Wedding Gifts Under $25

Don’t have enough of a budget for an extra expensive wedding gift? This list of gifts might look expensive, but they are all just under $25! 

Wedding Gifts From $26 to $75

Have a little more money to spare? As an acquaintance or co-worker, you might want to check out these amazing wedding gifts that cost $26 to $75. 

$75-$100 Wedding Gifts for Friends and Relatives

A relative or a good friend of the newlyweds? Here are some wedding gifts you can give to them!

Worth $100-$150+ Wedding Gifts

An immediate family of the newlyweds? The groom or the bride's best friend? If so, these gifts are what you've been looking for. 

Which Wedding Gift Idea Appealed to You the Most? 

Let us know in the comments below and feel free to give your best gifting advice for weddings! 

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