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Wedding 101: Setting Up A Registry for Wedding Gifts

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Setting up a registry for wedding gifts is one of the fun and important tasks to get started with on your wedding planning checklist. This task can be thrilling but, we don’t want you to get overwhelmed. This guide is here to help you create your dream wedding registry without hassle. 

Creating your wedding registry is basically preparing for your married life with the help of the people closest to you and your soon-to-be spouse. Knowing how and where to set up your registry for wedding gifts will not only be to your advantage but to your guests as well. 

If you are not sure where to start, I’ve got your back! Here, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about setting up your registry so this experience will be nothing but fun and memorable for you and your partner. 

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Why is it a must to have a wedding registry?

Before we start, it’s a must to know the basics. A wedding registry is a registry or a list of wedding gifts you want to receive from your guests during your bridal shower and wedding day. 

You and your beloved will create this list in your desired store (or stores) that carry the brands and products that you desire for your newlywed nest. But aside from the traditional household items, other registries also allow you to register modern gifts like honeymoon funds, cash funds, or charity funds. 

With a well-thought registry for wedding gifts, you will not only get a chance to get the exact gifts that you want to receive, but you’ll make the gift shopping experience a lot easier for your well-wishers too.

How to set up a registry?

Just got engaged to the love of your life? It’s never too early to start setting up your wedding registry. In fact, experts highly suggest creating a registry for wedding gifts as early as possible. This way, your guests can prepare early gifts for your engagement party, bridal shower, and other pre-wedding events. 

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Here are some tips to help you get started with your registry:

  • Plan and do it together

Schedule a specific time to come up with a game plan with your partner. Creating your wedding registry will be a breeze if you make this a joint project. After all, you’re in this together, right? 

  • Make a list of what you already have and what you still need

The easiest way to have an idea of what items to put on your registry is to take an inventory with your partner. If you’re living together before marriage, this will be especially helpful in staying organized and making wise registry selections. After that, consider both of your goals about your future home, lifestyle, and experiences as a couple. Make sure to take down notes!

Here are a few must-have items that should be on every wedding registry:

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Bedding – Often times the guest room is forgotten. You will need bedding for all of the rooms in the house. Don’t be shy make sure you add those good quality high thread count sheets. You won’t be sorry.

Luggage – Of course you’ll need luggage for your honeymoon trip and all the vacations and weekend getaways you’ll have to take as a new married couple. Don’t forget to choose long-trip luggage as well as overnight bags.

Outdoor Furniture – You will certainly want to do entertaining as a new couple. Asking your guests to gift you furniture and accessories to spruce up an outdoor space is a must. You can add everything from outdoor fire pits, hammocks, fountains, and lighting to your wedding registry. The options are endless.

  • Research and select the places where you can register

There are hundreds of stores where you can create your wedding registry. It’s highly recommended to create a registry in one universal store or in two to three stores. These stores must offer a variety of items and brands with in-store and online options. Below are some of the best registry sites and stores you can consider. 

Most Trusted Wedding Registry Sites and Stores

Setting up a registry for wedding gifts became a lot easier with time.

Today, some of the best and popular stores that offer registries include Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond. 


Amazon offers an amazing bridal registry service with its massive selection of products and discounts. From beddings to kitchen tools to home decorations to gadgets and outdoor equipment, you can find almost everything under the sun on Amazon. 

The Amazon registry also features free-shipping discounts, cash backs, a 180-day return policy, and a Universal registry tool that allows users to shop all around the web. For more detailed Amazon registry benefits, click here

To create your Amazon registry, you have to sign in to your account. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re going to enjoy more of their registry perks. Go to the Amazon Registry page to submit your information, and after a few clicks, you can start adding items to your registry!

Got more questions? Visit the Amazon Registry FAQs here!

Setting Up Wedding Registry on Amazon

Bed Bath and Beyond

According to Business Insider, Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry is the second most popular in the United States, next to the Amazon registry. The main reason for this is that the chain has a whopping 1,550 physical stores that allow customers to view items in the wedding registry before buying. 

Bed Bath and Beyond also offer gift packaging, registry incentives, a 20% completion discount, and a one-year return policy. For more of their registry features, you can click here. 


For affordable home essentials, decorations, and appliances, you’ll never go wrong with the Target wedding registry. Some of the store registry’s noteworthy perks include an easy exchange and return policy valid for a year, a 15% off registry coupon, and bonus-free gifts. 

Target’s registry is also universal. You can shop from other websites and register modern wedding gifts such as honeymoon and wedding funds too. 

Setting up your Target registry is as easy as pie. If you already have a Target account, all you have to do is register with your Target email address. Then, fill out the details, decide if you want to make your registry public or private, and start adding items to your registry. 


Electronics, china, bedding, furniture, kitchenware, and bath essentials are only some of the registry options worth checking out at Walmart. 

In addition to free shipping and a 90-day free return policy, the Walmart registry also provides special registry cards you can print and send out to your guests. 

To create a registry for wedding gifts at Walmart, you simply have to go to their Wedding Registry page and complete the details requested. Once done, you can share your registry via Facebook or email. 

What other etiquette should I take note of?

As you set up your registry, here are some etiquette tips you have to keep in mind to make this once-in-a-lifetime experience exciting and meaningful, not just for you but for your beloved guests as well. 

  • Double the items in your registry

When it comes to the number of registry items, the good rule of thumb is to multiply the number of your guests by two and even add a few more extras. Over-registering may feel like you’re being greedy but it’s not. This is the best way to ensure that your guests will have plenty of choices.

  • Choose gift ideas for all price ranges

Make sure that the items you add to your registry come in a wide range of price points so it will be easier for guests to choose the gifts that will fit their budget. But don’t hesitate to add a few luxury items too. Surely, some guests would love to shower you with lots of love!

  • Be creative and futuristic

If you already have everything you need for your home, you need to think out of the box. It won’t hurt adding new appliances or furniture to your home, but you can also consider adding honeymoon funds, gift cards, or cash funds to your registry. Your guests only want the best for you, so consider any items that will benefit your lifestyle as a couple. 

  • Register and finish early

Your friends and family will certainly appreciate it if you give them enough time to purchase gifts. Experts recommend finishing your registry at least three to six months before the wedding. 

  • Avoid seasonal items

Most seasonal items get discontinued and replaced after a few months. Avoid adding these gift ideas to your registry as your guests might find this a hassle.

  • Constantly update your registry

Even non-seasonal items get discontinued and sometimes they go out of stock. It’s essential to visit your registry periodically to check if you need to find a replacement or add more items to your list. 

  • Send thank-you notes as soon as you can

Your gifters know how busy you are before and after the wedding, but they will certainly love to receive a thank-you note from you. If you can, it’s best to send a thank-you note within two weeks. If you’re really occupied, at least send it no later than three months after your wedding. 

Ready to set up your wedding registry?

Hopefully, this guide will help you in setting up your registry for wedding gifts. 


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