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What Are White Elephant Gifts and Where to Find Them

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Whether it’s a Christmas party, office party, or just a huge family gathering, many people prefer doing white elephant gift exchanges to make each celebration more fun and exciting. But how did this tradition start? What are white elephant gifts in the first place? 

A white elephant gifts exchange aka Secret Santa/Yankee Swap is a game where participants are required to bring and wrap a gift (NOTE: not just any ordinary gift). White elephant gifts need to be funny, weird, unusual, thoughtful, irresistible, and most of all, interesting, to the extent that the other participants of the game will fight to have them.

Participants are supposed to leave these gifts in an anonymous pile. Then, they have to pick a number and take turns in choosing a gift. Participants need to unwrap their gifts in front of everyone to reveal what they’ve got. The next player can steal the gift if they want or unwrap a new gift, and that’s where the competitive side of the game begins. 

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What are White Elephant Gifts that You Can Buy and Where You’ll Find Them?

Since these elephant gifts are not dedicated to someone specific, you might find yourself more confused about what gift to choose. And thus, I’ve made it a point to prepare some of the best choices for you here. 

Whether you want to be thoughtful, funny, or totally exceptional for this year’s white elephant gift exchange, I’ve got your back. 

Here are some of the most interesting things I’ve found on Amazon that anyone will 100% appreciate receiving. CAUTION: you might not be able to keep yourself from buying a few of these items to keep! 

Thoughtful and Nice White Elephant Gifts

Surely, your gift will receive so much love and attention if they are useful as well as cute. Plus, I've also made sure that these gifts aren't just advantageous and practical — they have their own charm too.

Weird and Funny White Elephant Gifts

Of course, to make the party livelier, I also prepared some exceptionally funny and weird gifts that will surely make the entire audience laugh their hearts out. 

If you want to do the honor of making them tear up out of happiness, these items are some of the best you can find on Amazon.

Done with Your Gift Shopping List?

Finally decided which gifts to buy? What are white elephant gifts you would want to receive? We would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Happy Shopping!

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