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30 Colorful and Exciting Bath Bombs with Toys Inside

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Kids love toys, and bath bombs excite them. So having them both in one will certainly make them feel ecstatic! If you are looking for a new way to level up your kids’ bath time, here are some of the best bath bombs with toys inside that I’ve found on Amazon and Etsy.

Bath bombs with toys inside are getting more and more popular as it provides a one-of-a-kind bath time for kids. And even parents are having fun watching its colors beautifully explode, admit it, it’s pretty fun! 

Whether you are fond of shopping on Amazon or you prefer ordering on Etsy, I’ve got you covered. I’ve listed some of the most interesting bath bombs with toys inside you can find on both shopping sites!

Let’s go shopping!

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Bath Bombs With Toys Inside You Can Find on Amazon

There are plenty of bath bombs with toys inside you can find on Amazon, and I’ve listed some of the best of them here. 

Whether your kids love Disney-inspired toys, dinosaurs, pokemon, or unicorns, these bath bombs have different toys inside that will 100% surprise and make your kids smile from ear to ear.

  • Bath Bombs for Kids with Surprise Pokemon Toys Inside — Who doesn’t like Pokemon? If your kids are fond of collecting these cute little monsters, this bath bomb is definitely what you need! Each set of these bath bombs has six 5 oz bombs that come in different scents and colors. 
  • Bath Bombs for Kids with Jungle Safari Toys Inside — Let your kids feel like they have a super cute mini-zoo at home. These fizzy bath bombs are perfect for kids ages 3 and above. Aside from having mini-animal toys inside, these bath bombs are also 100% natural and organic.
  • 3.5 oz XL Bath Bombs for Kids With Dog Toys Inside — Dog lovers? These bath bombs have adorable surprises for you inside! Plus, these bath bombs are also infused with essential oils to soften and smooth the skin!
  • JOYIN Bath Bombs for Kids with Animal Figures — If you need a huge set of bath bombs to give as a gift or you just want to stock up at home, this bath bomb set comes in 16 pieces. Each of these bath bombs has different scents and toys inside, making every bath time extra-exciting and fun.
  • Kids Bath Bombs with Nemo and other Sea Animal Toys Inside — Finding Nemo and Dory? Look for them in these colorful and fizzy bath bombs! This package comes with six pieces of 4.2 oz. bath bombs.
  • Bath Bombs for Kids with Dinosaur Toys Inside — Your kids love dinosaurs? Make their bath time more enjoyable, and surprise them with their favorite dinosaur toys with these bath bombs!
  • Unicorn Bubble Bath Bombs for Girls — Is your little girl into unicorns? Here’s the best bath bomb for her! These bath bombs do not simply fizz, but they create a lot of bubbles too! She will surely enjoy having her own fun and colorful bubble bath!
  • Bath bombs with Squishy Toys — Looking for bath bombs that offer other kinds of squishy toys? You might want to give this bath bomb package a try. These bath bombs are filled with coconut oil and shea butter that moisturize and smooth skin.
  • Superhero Justice League Bubble Bath Bombs for Kids — If your kids are a huge DC comics fan, they will surely love you even more if you surprise them with these bath bombs! A set of these bath bombs includes six bombs with different toys. The store offers a total of 12 superhero toys, so make sure to collect them all!
  • Handmade Bath Bombs for Kids with SEA Animal Toys Inside — These bath bombs are perfect for summer! Make your kids feel like they are on the beach with the sea animal toys inside these vibrant and organic bath bombs!
  • Bath Bomb with Surprise Bear Necklace Inside — Surprise your precious princess with this colorful bath bomb that has a cute bear necklace inside! It’s 8 oz so, expect that it’s a bit bigger than other bath bombs for kids.
  • Unicorn Bath Bombs for Girls with Jewelry Inside Plus Jewelry Box for Kids — If you think your daughter deserves to be rewarded with more than just a necklace, you might want to consider giving her this set of bath bombs that comes in a pretty jewelry box! These bath bombs have adorable pieces of jewelry inside that they will surely love.
  • Dino Egg Bath Bomb Gift Set with Dinosaur Inside — These Dino Egg Bath Bombs are so cute you won’t be able to resist them! This set comes with 9 organic bath bombs with different scents and colors that are safe for kids.
  • 6 Packs Natural Bubble Bath Bombs with Slime Toys Inside — Do your kids love playing with slime? This set of bath bombs is not just satisfying during bath time, but it gives kids something nice to play with after their bath as well!
  • JOYIN Bath Bombs for Kids with Animal Eraser — If you want something more than just a toy for your kids, these bath bombs have animal erasers inside! Perfect for doing homework!
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Bath Bombs for Kids You Can Find on Etsy

Etsy is also a great place to shop. The site offers unique and high-quality items you would not easily find anywhere else. Just take a look at these wonderful bath bombs with toys inside I’ve found on Etsy!

  • Pokemon Bath Bombs 6 PK Toy Inside — These bath bombs do not only have Pokemon toys inside but they are designed to look like Pokemon balls too! If your kids are a total fan of the show, they will have fun catching all of these cute little monsters inside their bath bombs!
  • Kid-Friendly Monster Bombs — These bath bombs are made from high-quality essential and fragrance oils that come in kid-friendly scents. Each bomb also comes with cute mini-monsters that children will love to keep!
  • Dino Egg Toy Bath bomb- 11.5 oz XL — Your kids will surely jump with excitement when they see these giant dino egg toy bath bombs! These bath bombs weigh 11.5 oz, so expect that they are bigger than regular bath bombs for kids.
  • Kid-Friendly Tsum Tsum Bombs — If your kids love Tsum Tsum, these are the perfect gifts for them! These bath bombs are sold in sets of two, and each bomb is 4 oz.
  • FROZEN Princess Bath Bombs — Many kids still can’t get over with “Frozen,” and if your precious one belongs to that group, you might want to give her these adorable Frozen-themed bath bombs! A set of these includes two bath bombs, with Elsa and Anna inside.
  • MINEBOMS – Bath Bombs with Characters Inside — If your kids love Minecraft, they will have more fun with these Mineboms! Unlike the typical bath bombs, these bombs are in a cube shape which gives off Minecraft vibes.
  • 6 Bath Bombs with SPONGE and Friends Toys  — Who doesn’t love Spongebob? Even adults will love getting these bath bombs with Spongebob characters inside! This gift set comes with 6 bath bombs and one more bonus surprise in the box! Anyone who will receive this will surely be thrilled!
  • DC Justice League and Marvel Superhero – Surprise Inside Egg — Can’t decide between Justice League and Avengers? If your kids love both, these bath bombs got you covered! BloomHerbalBlends (the store) offers 12 superhero characters in total. You can choose which character you’ll want to be inside your bath bomb, or you can just also order the whole set to collect them all!
  • 8 Darth Bath Bombs with Toys Inside  — These bath bombs are certainly not only for the kids! Every Star Wars fan will beg to have one of these Darth Bombs! These bath bombs are not just designed and shaped like Darth Vader, but they have surprise Star Wars toys inside too!
  • PEPPA Bath Bombs — Are your kids obsessed with Peppa Pig? These bath bombs with Peppa Pig characters inside will make them super happy!
  • Gator Toy Bath Bomb — This bath bomb is just so unique anyone will have fun having a bath with it! It’s shaped like an alligator (a very cute one at that!) and even has an alligator toy inside! It’s 4.6″ long x 2.5″ wide x 1.35″ tall.
  • Troll Bombs – Bath Bombs — Love Trolls? These multi-colored bath bombs offer super cute and adorable 2″ Troll toys! The colors of each bath bomb match the Troll character inside it. Amazing, right?
  • QUESTION Mark Bath bombs with Characters Inside — Let your kids play with Super Mario in your own bathtub! These bath bombs are designed like the mystery blocks in the Super Mario game. But unlike in the game, these blocks don’t contain coins or super mushrooms because what you’ll find inside is… Super Mario himself!
  • Shark Bath Bomb (1) | Jaws Shark Attack — Even adults will love these shark bath bombs! You’ll have two options: (1) a shark bath bomb that shoots out green and blue bubbles and has a cute shark toy inside, or (2) a shark bath bomb that shoots red (blood) as it dissolves. Whichever you choose, both are just fantastic!
  • Potterhead Bath Bombs with Mini Figure toy inside  — This is a must-have for every Potterhead! You don’t get to choose which character you’ll get (the store offers 60 mini-HP characters!), but you’re the one to choose your Hogwarts house. What’s even more exciting is that ChinaBambi (the store) offers a gift bundle that comes with a bunch of other HP goodies!

Ready for your next bath playtime? 

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