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Choosing the Best Alcohol Markers

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Alcohol-based markers earned popularity among professional and recreational artists over the past few years. Whether you are new to the adult coloring trend or you’re planning on switching brands, here are some of the best alcohol markers you should not miss today. 

Because of their quick-drying feature and a wide range of available shades and colors, alcohol-based markers are in demand today. They are versatile, handy, less messy, and affordable too. 

However, choosing the best alcohol markers that will fit your artistic needs might be a little confusing, especially if you are just starting the hobby. Below, you can find some tips on how to choose the right alcohol markers that will work best for you, and of course, some highly recommended brands that you might want to consider using for your artworks. 

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What is an alcohol-based marker and how does it differ from water-based markers?

Markers can be alcohol-based or water-based. This means that the dyes are either suspended in alcohol or water. 

Water-based markers are often used for lettering. They have no odors and are good for coloring books as well. The ink does not bleed much, but it might damage the paper if you press down too hard while coloring. 

An alcohol-based marker is sometimes also called a permanent marker. Artists and hobbyists prefer to use these markers because they are more versatile. They also dry faster than water-based markers and are available in more colors. Plus, they have transparency that allows overlaying of colors to create more tints and shades. 

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Which marker tip should I use?

Alcohol markers have several kinds of tip shapes to cater to different coloring needs. These tip shapes include brush tips, chisel tips, fine tips, and bullet tips. 

One of the most common alcohol marker nibs is the chisel tip. It has edges that are useful for different purposes. The pointed edge can be used for thin strokes, while the flat side is for laying down colors. 

Second to the most popular marker tip is the bullet tip. It can be useful in making fine details (but not super fine ones) and filling large areas too. 

Fine tip alcohol marker works best for making patterns and adding super fine details to your artwork. 

Alcohol markers with brush tips are also known as brush pens. This style is useful in creating thin strokes but, at the same time, the brush can be flattened and used for coloring large areas as well. Brush tip alcohol marker is in high demand because they function like a paintbrush. It’s a versatile art tool, but it’s really great to use them for calligraphy and smooth color blending.

Some alcohol-based markers are double-ended too. They are more convenient to use as they will allow you to make the most out of both worlds. Most double-ended markers come with a brush tip and chisel tip, but some have a chisel tip and bullet tip. 

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Which alcohol marker is best for me?

Each marker tip can make a lot of different strokes. Aside from personal preferences, remember that in choosing the best alcohol markers, you also have to consider the type of artwork you will be creating. 

And of course, what’s even better about using alcohol-based markers is that you can mix and match as much as you need. You can use them all together to create all of your artwork, regardless of brand or tips. 

Below are some of the best alcohol markers you can buy to make your artistic experience more fun and colorful and your next work of art fabulous. 

Must-Try Double Tip Alcohol Markers

Most alcohol markers come with double tips. They are convenient, useful, and they make the coloring experience more affordable. Make sure to not miss out on these deals!

Best Tone Markers

A lot of markers mentioned above already come in hundreds of shades. But if you love creating real-life inspired artworks, you will certainly need a diverse collection of tone markers. Here are some of the best ones you can buy today.

While you are picking out the alcohol markers you want to try, be sure to find some free printables that you can color to perfection. 

Found the best alcohol markers for your next art project?

Let us know which alcohol marker you think is the best for you. Do not hesitate to comment below if we missed your favorite alcohol marker, we would love to add it to our list. 

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