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Cute and Fun DIY Gifts for a Baby Shower

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Looking for a baby shower gift when the registry has been cleaned out can be a little stressful. But fret not. Whether it’s your first time attending a baby shower, or you’re already a mom who’s running out of ideas for a unique gift, these easy DIY gifts for a baby shower will solve your dilemma.

Baby clothes, diapers, and baby products make great baby shower gifts, but instead of just putting them on a gift bag, why not make it more special by adding a personal touch? These DIY gifts for a baby shower will make the new mom in your life go “awww” for sure. 

If you want your gift to be more original, personal, adorable, and of course useful, there’s no better way but to personalize them. If you’re worried that your lack of crafting skills will not be enough, these DIY baby shower gift ideas are simple, easy, and will only require you a little time and supplies. 

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Why make DIY gifts for a baby shower?

Showering the mom-to-be with gifts that she and her future baby will need is the best way to show your love and support for them.

But of course, this does not mean that you have to spend a lot for your gifts to be special and unique. A little creativity and effort can make your gift stand out even if you’re on a budget.

These DIY gifts for a baby shower are not only fun and cute, but they are affordable and easy to make too. With these amazing handmade gift ideas, your gift will not only be uniquely adorable, but they will surely be memorable too.

Plus, whether you want a gender-specific or neutral gift, I’ve got you covered. The list below is divided into three categories: gender-neutral baby shower gifts, gifts for baby girls, and of course, for baby boys. Make sure to check them all out!

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Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

Gender-neutral baby showers are getting extremely popular. Some moms-to-be want the element of surprise, while some just want to avoid the traditional gender coding. Whether it’s you or the mom-to-be who prefers a gender-neutral gift, this list of handmade gifts below is a great place to start. 

All-in-One Diaper Wreath

This all-in-one diaper wreath is composed of small baby toys, diapers, onesies, baby shoes, mittens, hats, pacis, and other baby products. You can use other shapes of wire wreaths such as hearts or stars for a cuter result. The mom-to-be can hang it in the room until the baby arrives and then the baby essentials can be put to use. 

Washcloth Teddy Bears 

A super simple but fun and cute handmade gift! All you need to make these washcloth teddy bears are ribbons, washcloths, and rubber bands. 

Diaper Babies 

Another way to take diapers to another level! These diaper babies are so cute and they are just made up of diapers, baby socks, baby washcloths, and rubber bands. You can put them in a basket and stack them with other baby products too! 

Swaddling Blanket Elephants 

Gifting a plain swaddling blanket can be boring, but not when you turn them into a cute elephant and put them in a basket or box. To make one elephant, you’ll need two swaddling blankets, aluminum foil, and scrap ribbon and felt. You can also add more baby essentials to your basket for added decorations. 

Baby Sock Rose Bouquet 

Planning to give baby socks? Delight the mom-to-be with a baby sock rose bouquet! One rose only takes a few minutes to make, and materials such as baby socks, floral wire, artificial leaves, and florist tape. After making your baby sock roses, you can use a muslin square or brown kitchen paper to wrap your bouquet. 

Diaper Cake

If you haven’t had any children yet, you might not know, but babies can use about 2,700 diapers just in their first year. If you think you cannot make a diaper wreath, you can try this diaper cake instead. To make this DIY baby shower gift, you only need to prepare a cake stand, a bottle of baby wash, a couple of pins, ribbons, rubber bands, and of course diapers. Once you’ve made the base of the diaper cake, it’s easy to add decorations like plushies or baby toys as well. 

DIY Diaper Cake

Want to prepare a sweet treat for the baby? These “cupcakes” are not to be missed. You’ll only need to roll up a onesie and a sock together and put it in cupcake wrappers, and voila! You’ve got one sock-onesie-cupcake done! For a better presentation, place it in a cute cupcake box and add a ribbon on it too. 

Receiving Blanket Milkshakes and Ice Cream Sundae

Another sweet treat for upcoming babies and soon-to-be-moms, these ice cream sundaes and milkshakes are made up of receiving blankets! It’s effortless to make!

DIY Baby Gym

This baby gym is easier to make than you think! It needs plenty of materials, but the result will be worth it and appreciated by mom-to-be.

Changing Pad and Diaper Caddy 

If you can sew, this is one of the best DIY baby shower gifts you can make. Soon-to-be-moms can use it to change a baby’s diaper when on a trip or just outside. It has pockets for diapers and wipes too. 

DIY Baby Sleeping Door Hanger Sign

A must-have baby essential that we tend to forget! This super adorable hanger sign will make sure that everybody’s aware when the baby is sleeping and needs to be quiet. 

Mommy Survival Kit

Of course, you should also not forget to prepare a gift for the hard-working soon-to-be-mom. A survival kit in a jar that has every little thing she needs will warm her heart. You can use a mason jar and put mom essentials such as wet wipes, lip gloss, chocolate, healthy snack bars, hand sanitizer, and brightening under eye cream

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DIY Baby Gifts for Girls

If you’re sure about the gender and you want to spoil the incoming little princess with everything pink, here are some DIY gifts for a baby girl that you can try to make today!

Baby Sushi Socks

If it happens that the mom-to-be is a sushi lover, she will not surely be able to resist this baby sushi socks platter! The platter consists of a fish toy, baby socks, hair bows, washcloths, clothes and comes with a pair of chopsticks too!

DIY Bow Wreath

Every mother loves to accessorize their little girls. This DIY bow wreath will not only make a colorful addition to the room but will also be a sweet way to help soon-to-be-mom to stack up on hair accessories for her princess. All you need is a set of colorful bow clips and floral craft rings or wire wreath frames. You don’t even have to use hot glue! Just clip the bows into the frame, and you’re all done!

Wooden Teething Ring with Fabric Bunny Ears

Two of these teething rings will be a great baby shower gift along with other baby essentials. It has three textures for the baby to experience. The bunny ears are easy to attach and remove for cleaning too.

Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake

This diaper cake is on a new level! It’s beautiful and its choo choo train design is fantastic! Aside from diapers, you will also need a piece of cardboard, a baby bath towel, a bib, a pair of baby socks, paper tape, ribbon, cloth flowers, wet wipes, and receiving blankets.

DIY Baby Gifts for Boys

It’s a baby boy on the way? These DIY baby gift ideas for baby boys will help you come up with the most unique and useful gift! 

Faux Vest Onesie

If you are having fun sewing, you’ll love to make this handsome faux vest onesie! The idea is to attach the vest to the onesie and add interchangeable bow ties. You might not believe it, but it only needs five materials to make: a onesie, vest fabric, three buttons, a snap, and bowties

Tie Onesie

Apart from the vest onesie, this tie onesie is also a must-try DIY baby shower gift idea. To make this tie onesie, you’ll have to prepare a onesie, any fabric for the tie, a very small amount of batting, and an iron-on adhesive

Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are popular right now so, if you want to make sure that your baby shower gift will be extra unique, you might want to give this hot air balloon diaper cake idea a try.

Airplane Diaper Cake

Another unique creation you must not miss! This airplane diaper cake will amaze everyone at the baby shower event for sure! 

Found the best baby shower gifts?

Let us know your thoughts! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you think we missed a wonderful DIY gift idea.

If you want to save more money in making the above-mentioned DIY baby shower gifts, you should try to browse these amazing Dollar Tree baby supplies that you can order online or buy at the nearest store near you. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for more baby shower gifts that don’t need some DIY-ing, here are some of the top must-haves for new moms you can check out. 

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