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Frugal Father’s Day Ideas

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Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate dad and all he represents. Keep in mind that you do not need to spend a fortune on a present for dad, however, you can give him a rockin’ gift without the expensive price tag. Check out some of these frugal Father’s Day ideas. All of these ideas utilize your local dollar store.


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Grilling Basket.  Put together a grilling basket for dad. Grab a basket from the dollar section that is fairly big in size and add some of his favorite grilling tools. Look for items like a grilling spatula, tongs, hot pads, and maybe even a few different BBQ sauces. My local store actually has specialty sauces like Budweiser for just $1. It’s worth a look!

Picture Frames. One of the easiest things you can do for dad that carries the most memory would be to grab several picture frames from the dollar store. Highlight memories that you have cherished of your dad over the years. You can make a nice card or letter to go with it and explain exactly what you love in particular about these photos.

Spa Gift Basket.  Who says dads don’t love their bathroom time just as much as girls? Don’t worry, you can make this spa gift basket as manly as you’d like. Feel free to add razors, shaving cream, hand towelscandles, and anything else “manly” you can think of from the dollar store.

Car Emergency Kit.  The great thing about the dollar store is that there are so many different gadgets and products you can use to make the ultimate car emergency kit for dad. Add items like flashlights, candles, canned goods, can openers, pen & paper, disposable cameras, and anything else you can think of. Read my article about creating a disaster kit for more ideas.

You can also stock up on dad’s favorite sweets, find beer steins for just $1, and try the food aisle for unique spices and sauces. I guarantee that you can find something unique that will be a useful gift for just a few dollars. When it comes to putting together the ultimate frugal Father’s Day gift ideas for dad, keep these awesome gift ideas in mind.

More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Set up a man cave for dad using items you already have.
2. Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and leave positive messages for dad.
3. Design a Father’s Day t-shirt just for dad.
4. Design a coffee mug for dad.
5. Frame his favorite pictures.
6. Purchase dad’s favorite BBQ sauce.
7. Create a cheese and sausage tray for dad.
8. Make dad’s favorite cookies or bake his favorite pie.
9. Spend the day cleaning the basement.
10. Put together a CD of songs he loves.
11. Take dad to the park for a cookout.
12. Put a basket of dad’s favorite candies together.
13. Let dad watch his favorite sports teams without interruption.
14. Create a portrait of dad, frame it, and gift it.
15. Create a homemade book featuring dad and everything you love about him.
16. Fill a container with little notes telling dad what you love about him.
17. Set up a photo booth at home and take goofy photos with dad, then create a scrapbook out of the masterpieces you’ve created.
18. Set up an ice cream bar for dad featuring homemade ice cream.
19. Make dad his favorite breakfast.
20. Serve dad his favorite lunch or dinner right at home!

What are you gifting for Father’s Day this year?