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Best Dollar Tree Makeup Beauty Buys

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Dollar Tree is not only a home for party decors, DIY craft supplies, kitchenware, home decors, and cleaning materials — they also offer amazing beauty buys only for $1! If you are not fond of spending hundreds of dollars to feel beautiful, this Dollar Tree Makeup Beauty Buys guide is all you need for your next Dollar Tree shopping excursion! If you love shopping at Dollar Tree, here are more shopping guides that you can check out!

The Dollar Tree makeup collection is complete with everything a person needs to feel confident and extra beautiful. These cosmetic products can be so expensive if you’ll get all of them in the drugstore or makeup stores. That’s why shopping at Dollar Tree for beauty necessities from time to time is a must! 

You’ll be shocked and delighted once you’ve seen all the hidden gems in the Dollar Tree makeup aisle. So without further ado, let’s start shopping!

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Must-try Branded Dollar Tree Makeup Finds

You might fall in love with Dollar Tree makeup! The selection is constantly changing, and name brands are readily available, so I’ve listed some of them here! Check this out!


e.l.f. is known for providing affordable yet effective makeup and skin-care products, and guess what? You can find this brand on Dollar Tree! Some of e.l.f.’s bestsellers at Dollar Tree are Shape and Stay Brow Wax Pencils, Mauve Luxe Lip Liner Pencils, Black Eyeliner Pencils, Flirtatious Red Lipstick, Sociable Red Lipstick, and Classy Red Lipstick.

Wet n’ Wild

Wet n’ Wild is another great but low-cost makeup brand you can find at Dollar Tree. When you shop at Dollar Tree or make it a point to look for Wet n’ Wild’s all-time favorite items such as Silk finish Dark Wine Lipstick, Breeze Lipstick, Pink Ice Lipstick, Coloricon Dark Brown Brow & Eye Liner Pencils, Megawear Very Black Mascara, and Shutter Shock False Eyelashes

L.A. Colors

L.A. Colors is also pretty famous for its budget-friendly beauty products. There are plenty of L.A. Colors products available at Dollar Tree store and If you shop online, you will be able to find several eyeshadow palettes, colored nail tips, nail polish, lip gloss, pressed powders, fake eyelashes, bronzers, blushes, and a lot more!

Other Beauty Finds at Dollar Tree

Aside from these affordable makeup choices, there’s a lot more beauty finds you can discover at Dollar Tree. From dental products to hair, nail, and facial care products, there are even skincare and body care products to try!

  • Dental and Oral Care Products — Yes, you have to take good care of your beautiful smile. But who says it has to cost you hundreds of dollars? Dollar Tree offers a lot of oral and dental care products. You might not know, but some of your favorite brands are present at Dollar Tree too. If you are shopping at Dollar Tree, make sure to get some affordable toothbrushes, dental picks, dental flosses, tubes of toothpaste, and mouthwashes.
  • Bath and Body Care Products — Dollar Tree also has several effective bath and body care products that will not just help you save a lot of money but will keep your skin healthy and smooth too. To make the most out of your Dollar Tree shopping, make it a point to include some liquid hand soap, Epsom salt, body wash, bubble bath, bath bombs, bar soap, and bath brushes in your cart.
  • Hair Care — You don’t have to spend so much to perfectly style and take care of your hair. Dollar Tree also offers hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, hair colors, hairbrushes, and hair accessories. 
  • Nail Care — Dollar Tree is also known for having a wonderful collection of nail polishes and nail tools. So if you want to make your nails pretty without going over the budget, you can check out Dollar Tree’s nail art lacquers, artificial nails, nail polishes, manicure sets, pedicure paddles, and nail polish holders. 
  • Lotions & Moisturizers — Lotions and moisturizers are also essential to keep our skin healthy and glowing. Dollar Tree has some branded lotions and creams you might want to try. This includes Dove Beauty Cream, Dove Men Care Moisturizers, Spa Naturals Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream, Bolero Beverly Hills Facial Gel, and April Bath & Shower Hand Cream Therapy Sets, and Scented Body Lotion.
  • Face Cleaners, Masks, and Scrubs — Skincare is not just about expensive facial creams. Scrubs, cleaners, and masks can be quite expensive if you will all buy them at the drugstore. At Dollar Tree, you can find affordable cleansing facial scrubbers, exfoliating facial loofahs, clay masks, facial wipes, and makeup removers. 
  • Cosmetic Brushes & Tools — Of course, your beauty routine will not be complete without the right set of cosmetic brushes and tools. Luckily, all of them are at Dollar Tree as well! Whether you want to shop online or at your local Dollar Tree, you will be able to find awesome items in the store such as assorted makeup brushes, hand mirrors, makeup vanishing towels, eyebrow razors, eye massagers, eyeshadow applicators, cosmetic sponges, silicone makeup blenders and a lot more!
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