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Best July 4th Dollar Tree Patriotic Party Supplies

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Let’s get excited for this year’s Independence Day! To help you feel extra-patriotic on this special day, I’ve listed some of the newest and coolest July 4th Dollar Tree patriotic party decorations you shouldn’t miss! If you love shopping at Dollar Tree, you’ll also want to check out these shopping guides!

There are a lot of July 4th Dollar Tree patriotic party supplies you can order online if you are unable to shop in-store. You can find some of them below so make sure to check them out!

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July 4th Dollar Tree Shopping List

It’s the season of stars and stripes again! Do not let the year’s best holiday go by without filling your home with red, white, and blue party decors to express your patriotism.

Here are some of the best July 4th Dollar Tree finds to help you commemorate Independence Day!

Dollar Flags

Patriotic American flags are a must every July 4th! Fortunately, you can find several kinds of dollar flags at Dollar Tree. There are American hanging flag banners, miniature American flags, glow sticks with plastic flags, patriotic American flags for cars, and American flag banners. These flags are perfect for decorations and also for showing some American pride.

Hanging Wall Decors

Feel the patriotic vibes in every corner of your house! Put up some patriotic sentiment vertical hanging decor signs at your door or entryway. Plus, decorate your walls with sectioned patriotic hanging wall decors and Americana wall signs

Banners and Garlands

Banners and garlands are easy party decorations, and Dollar Tree has plenty of them. You can get the classic and simple hanging red and white pom-pom garlands. But if you want a more bizarre patriotic look, you can choose from paper patriotic flag banners and buntings, sparkly patriotic garlandassorted patriotic garland, or patriotic flag pennant banners

Hanging Decors for Ceilings

Fill your house with stars and stripes for Independence Day! Decorate your ceiling with patriotic hanging stars, LED paper lanterns, or pickup truck hanging signs

Express your patriotism without breaking the bank! Here are some of the best July 4th Dollar Tree party supplies you can find at your local Dollar Tree store and online!


Wands are fun patriotic toys and great party favors! Look for patriotic wands with foam shapes and tassels or patriotic glow wands for a more festive and exciting July 4th celebration!


Make your party stand out by using patriotic accents. Look for patriotic tinsel wreaths and other tinsel wall decorations at Dollar Tree. 


Bows are versatile. You can attach them to your clothes, gift bags or use them as decorations on doors, windows, chairs (or anywhere!). There are plenty of adorable patriotic bows at Dollar Tree. Some are made of burlap and polyester, and some are glittery

Garden Stakes and Outdoor Decorations

Don’t forget to add patriotic vibes to your front yard and garden! Shop for July 4th-inspired garden pinwheels, star and pickup truck garden stakes, and other patriotic outdoor decorations


Pinwheels can be a cute decoration to your garden or a great toy for the kids. There are patriotic flower-shaped sparkly foil pinwheels and much simpler patriotic pride pinwheels you can get at Dollar Tree. 


A party is not a party without games! To make the most out of your July 4th celebration, prepare a patriotic beach ball for teens and adults, and patriotic color-your-own-decor kits or DIY patriotic wind chime kits for the kids.


Balloons make every party more fun! For July 4th, you can prepare a few patriotic latex balloons or get a set of blue, white, and red star foil balloons. 

Fashionable Patriotic Props

If the whole family loves to dress up, Dollar Tree also has a wide collection of fashionable patriotic props you can choose from!

Kids would love surely to have patriotic fairy wings, mini-hats, necklaces, sunglasses, and headband boppers. Adults, on the other hand, can get patriotic fashion headwraps, scrunchies, flower leis, and foldable fans

Gift Bags

If you are having a gift exchange this 4th of July, only use white, blue, and red paper gift bags so won’t go out of the theme. 

July 4th Table Decorations

Feel patriotic at lunch or dinner too! Prepare the right centerpieces, dinnerware, drinkware, table covers, etc! 

Dollar Tree July 4th Tableware

Table Centerpieces

Your patriotic table will not be complete without some July 4th-themed centerpieces. At Dollar Tree, you can find patriotic balloon weights, red/white/blue assorted floral bushes, patriotic rose or carnation bushes, and glitter bouquets.


Patriotic foods are a must-have during Independence Day, but you can level up your table setting even more with some patriotic dinnerware. You can use blue, white, and red plastic utensils, plus patriotic oval, square, and star-shaped paper plates.

If you’re having a barbeque party, you can also get some patriotic flower-shaped veggie and dip trays and patriotic paper hot dog holders at Dollar Tree. 


To match your table settings and decorations, you should also make it a point to pick some patriotic drinkware. If you’re having a backyard party with a few close family and friends, it’s best to have a set of these blue, white, and red plastic water dispensers, patriotic printed tumblers, and mini-star cups. Add patriotic paper straws, or get patriotic water bottles with straws for the kids. 

Table Napkins

Make sure your napkins match the Independence Day theme too! You can find blue, white, and red lunch napkins and patriotic paper lunch napkins at Dollar Tree as well. 

Table Covers

Of course, you should get festive with your table covers too! Search for red, blue, and white plastic table covers or a beautifully designed patriotic table cover

Kitchen Towels

If you think there’s still something missing, you might want to get a set of patriotic kitchen towels too!

Storage Containers

Planning to have a barbeque party? Store your cold drinks and snacks in patriotic printed tin buckets, plastic tubs, or inflatable coolers

Done with Your July 4th Dollar Tree Shopping List?

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