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Organizing with Dollar Tree 101: Dollar Tree Organization Hacks to Try!

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Got a messy office table? Bathroom? Fridge? Kitchen? or Closet? Don’t get overwhelmed! Organizing with Dollar Tree is easier than you think! 

Dollar Tree has almost everything we need. From arts and crafts supplies to party decors, to kitchen tools, and so much more. Dollar Tree really makes it possible for us to shop and save at the same time!

However, did you know that our favorite thrift store also has a special section for our space cleaning and organization needs?

Here I’ll be sharing some of the best Dollar Tree storage and organization solutions, hacks, and ideas to help you organize your home with ease and without breaking the bank! 

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Is it easy organizing with Dollar Tree?

YES! Not just easy, but economical too! Dollar Tree has a lot of amazing space-saving and frugal storage supplies you can use to organize and beautify not just your room but all parts of your house. 

Whether you’re looking for smart ways to save space in your bathroom, kitchen, closet, bedroom, makeup drawer, office table, etc. Dollar Tree has you covered!

Organizing with Dollar Tree is quick, fun, and easy. Some of these organizing ideas involve DIY-ing, but they are so simple, even the kids will enjoy making them.

How to Organize Your Kitchen With Dollar Tree:

A clean and organized kitchen certainly makes a difference. It does not only make our cooking experience easier and less time-consuming but it provides safer meal preparation too. 

Before you proceed in organizing things in your kitchen, you can first do some cleaning and decluttering. Ensure to check the cabinets and the shelves for the items you don’t need anymore.

You can also check out Dollar Tree’s cleaning supplies to find affordable multi-purpose cleaning formulas, mops, brooms, dusters, buckets, sponges, and scrubbers

Here are some genius ideas to help you organize your kitchen with Dollar Tree:

cleaning materials at Dollar Tree

Use rectangular wire baskets or metal file holders to store your potatoes, onions, garlic, and other vegetables in your pantry. Aside from effectively separating the vegetables from one another, this will also allow air circulation. 

Storing your muffin tins in a rattan basket or woven-look plastic storage basket from Dollar Tree will keep them more organized and accessible. 

The best and easiest way to store your leftover cupcake liners is to stack them in a mason jar. It’s a practical storage solution that can add a little accent to your kitchen counter or cabinet too. 

Dollar Tree has almost everything we need. From arts and crafts supplies to party decors, to kitchen tools, and so much more. Dollar Tree really makes it possible for us to shop and save at the same time!

spice jars at Dollar Tree

Did you know Tupperware tops fit perfectly in the cooling racks’ slots? This means that you can also use cookie cooling racks to properly arrange and store your Tupperware tops to make sure they don’t go missing or misplaced again.

Tired of misplacing and mixing up your utensils and baking supplies in the drawer? Create these easy and colorful DIY jar organizers! All you need to make these beautiful and useful jars are some (depends on how many you need) glass canning jars with lids, paints, markers, and a paintbrush.

You can use the space under your kitchen sink to store your cleaning materials. But remember to keep them organized by using storage bins from Dollar Tree. They come in different sizes so you can choose which are the best ones that will fit your space. 

Adding easy wall storage is the best way to extend space in your pantry. All you need to shop in Dollar Tree to make this kitchen storage hack are storage baskets and adhesive hooks

Sometimes searching for the perfect snack in the fridge can be stressful. Make your fridge more organized and never misplace any food again by putting them in baskets and labeling them according to each food type. 

You can pin your sandwich bags on your cabinet or other areas of the kitchen using thumbtacks. You will be able to save space, and at the same time, it will also be especially convenient for you during hectic mornings.

How to Save Space in the Bathroom with Dollar Tree:

Never stress yourself out with cleaning and organizing your bathroom again. Here are some organizing with Dollar Tree hacks to keep your bathroom neat and tidy.

Bath towels can take up so much space wherever you put them. Make use of the space behind your bathroom doors and attach over-the-door hooks, and your problem is solved!

Store your toiletries in the bathroom the elegant way. All you need to get from Dollar Tree to make this fancy DIY bathroom tower are dinner plates, salad bowls, glass taper candle holders, and strong glue

Hairstyling tools take up too much space in the bathroom cabinet. You can avoid this by attaching a sturdy wire basket to your bathroom wall. Since it’s a wire basket, you can also save time as you don’t need to wait for your tools to fully cool down before storing them.

Got a little kid in the house? Do not stress yourself out anymore with their bathroom toys. You can keep them organized in the bathroom by attaching colorful storage baskets to your shower rods. 

Never lose a hair tie again. Keep them in one place by using a carabiner instead.

Attaching self-adhesive hooks and suction cup hooks in your bathroom cabinet and walls will be great to hold up your bath sponges, cleaning brushes, and hairstyling tools as well. 

bathroom hooks for organizing with Dollar Tree

Organizing Closet and Laundry Room with DT

Want to organize your laundry room and closet but don’t know where to start? Check out these genius storage solutions with Dollar Tree!

Instead of simply stacking up your clothes in your closet, why don’t you put them in large baskets first so you can categorize and label them? You can also pull these baskets out of your closet to easily find what you’re looking for.

Get your linen organized in the closet by using caddies. Dollar Tree has golden round and rectangular iron caddies for you to choose from. 

Don’t limit your wardrobe just because you have a small closet. You can store plenty of your tank tops and scarfs in just one hanger! Attach shower curtain rings on a single hanger, and you’ll be amazed it can carry almost all of your tank tops and scarfs!

  • Efficiently Separating Light and Dark Clothes – Dollar Tree

Loading your laundry does not have to be a tedious task. Make it a point to have two laundry baskets (one for light clothes and the other one for the dark). This way, you wouldn’t need to spend time sorting out your laundry on your wash day. 

organizing with dollar tree featured image showing woman organizing in bins

Room Organization Ideas

Need to tidy up your craft station, office table, accessories, makeup, and just literally your entire room? Try some of these DIY ideas to make your room well-organized and neat.

Love crafting and got a lot of ribbons to organize? Get a small basket and a dowel rod from Dollar Tree to make this simple but amazing ribbon dispenser. Arrange the ribbon spools in the basket, place the rod in the middle, find an exit hole for each ribbon end and you’re good to go! You now have instant ribbon storage and dispenser.

  • Hanging accessory organizer – Live A Little Wilder

Most of our accessories tend to be forgotten. Relatable, right? Start storing your accessories where you can see them so you won’t forget to wear them. You can make this easy hanging organizer for your accessories by using clothespins, hanging wood frames, and wire.

  • Plastic drawers

Dollar Tree has a plastic two-tier drawer organizer you can use to store your small study and craft supplies. It measures 4x5x3.5-in and comes in assorted colors.

Messed up your jewelry drawer again? Spend less time finding the perfect pair of earrings and necklace by arranging your jewelry in ice cube trays. Put your jewelry one by one in each cube, and you’re done! You can also use these trays to store other stuff such as sewing materials.

Want to display and store your jewelry outside of the drawer? You can make an elegant tiered jewelry tray using Dollar Tree’s porcelain pillar candle holders, charger plates, and glue

Want a more creative storage jar for your makeup? Creating a posh storage jar is easier with Dollar Tree. All you need to grab in the store are animal plastic toys, jars, gold paint, and hot glue

Don’t let your necklaces get tangled again. Hang your necklaces just behind your door using an over-the-door metal rack

As we get older, we can’t escape the bunch of important paperwork we need to keep and take good care of. From medical records to house and car documents up to other personal files, we have to make sure we don’t misplace any of them. The best way to do this is to get ring binders for each type of document, add labels to them, and place them on a wire rack for a neat look. 

Doing crafts is super fun, but it involves using a lot of supplies we often waste. To keep them organized, make sure to store them in plastic storage bins with lids

storage bins for crafts at Dollar Tree

Had fun organizing with Dollar Tree?

Share your organizing with Dollar Tree experience with us and let us know if we miss any great storage and organizing ideas. We would love to add them to this list! 

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