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The Best 3DS Games and Accessories

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The Nintendo 3DS is one of the best handheld consoles of all time. It’s not surprising that many still love to play this fun and exciting gaming console! So if you’re searching for the best 3DS games, accessories, and consoles out in the market, you are at the right place!

The Switch may be the latest console from Nintendo, but the 3DS is still highly sought after by gamers of all generations. With its unique dual-screen design and a huge library of exciting and classic games, Nintendo 3DS is certainly a must-have for every game enthusiast.

Whether you’re itching to play a new game, looking for more accessories, or want to get a new 3DS console, I’ve got you covered! Nintendo might have discontinued the production of this amazing handheld, but we won’t let that stop the fun! Scroll down below to find the best sales and deals you can score today!

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What Games Can I Play with System? 

Aside from the incredible list of its exclusive titles, what makes Nintendo 3DS even more appealing for every gamer is the fact that it has access to other classic Nintendo console games. 

Nintendo 3DS offers access to games from up to six different generations of Nintendo consoles. All 3DS games (via cartridge or download), DS cartridges, and some Game Boy, NES, and Game Boy Color titles (via download) are playable on the standard Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, and 3DS XL.

Plus, if you have the New Nintendo 3DS XL, New 3DS, and New 2DS XL, you can also play Select Super Nintendo games (via download only) and New 3DS games (via cartridge or download). 

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Is a Nintendo 3DS still worth buying today?

Absolutely! Apart from a wide variety of fun and classic games to choose from, the Nintendo 3DS is also one of the best value and best compact gaming companions.

And although there are newer consoles today, some of the most awesome 3DS games are still best played on the original handheld console since they were designed with 3DS’s unique dual-screen feature in mind. Some of these must-play classics include The World Ends With You, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Star Fox 64. 

So if you don’t have a Nintendo 3DS yet, or you just want to give yourself a new one, I also listed some highly recommended consoles below. Make sure to check them out!

The Best 3DS Games To Play Today!

Ready to play? Here are some of the best 3DS games you won’t want to miss out on! 

The Best Nintendo 3DS Deals

Want a new Nintendo 3DS? Check out these affordable deals I've found on Amazon!

The Best Accessories for Nintendo 3DS

Looking for accessories and essentials for your Nintendo 3DS? I've got you covered! Check out the list below!

Found The Must-Haves You’ve Been Looking For?

Which of these 3DS games, 3DS consoles, and accessories did you like the most? Did we miss anything? Share with us what you think in the comment section below!

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