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Will Best Buy Price Match Amazon? — Tips to Shop and Save at the Same Time!

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Will Best Buy price match Amazon? YES! Therefore, make sure to check out the Best Buy Price Match Policy FAQs and tips below to get the best deals and save a ton on your next electronic purchase at your local Best Buy store!

Best Buy indeed lives up to its name — offering some of the latest gadgets and tech at competitive prices. But you might still be unaware that you can even save more by knowing how to request a price match! 

Best Buy’s generous Price Match Policy is easy to understand, and in this guide, I’m going to share with you all the things you need to know to get the most out of it to help you shop wisely and save money at the same time! 

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What is Price Matching?

Price matching is a kind of retail store policy that allows consumers to request a price adjustment for an item that is offered at a lower price by a competitor. Many retail stores use and implement price matching to entice and develop loyal customers. 

To put it simply, let’s say you are currently in Store A, but the item you want to buy is offered at a lower price in Store B. If Store A has a price matching policy, all you have to do is to show them proof and they will sell the item to you at the same price as advertised in Store B.

If you’re a loyal shopper and your favorite store offers a price matching policy along with a rewards program, you are certainly in for a lot of savings!  Luckily, you can count on Best Buy for that!

Price Matching

How Does Best Buy Price Match Policy Work?

Retail outlets have different price match policies. As for Best Buy, you can price match items both in-store or online at a pre-tax price. 

What makes this store stand out from other competitors is that they allow customers to request a price match before and after they make a purchase. Best Buy provides their customers 15 days (the return and exchange period) after product purchase to price match. 

Request a price match if you find a lower price of the same product you purchased (same brand, model number, and color), whether it’s on a local competitor’s store or online (even at You’ll most likely get qualified, just make sure that you have kept your receipt, and you get a copy or link or take a screenshot to prove your claim.

Will Best Buy Price Match Amazon? 

YES! And not just! Best Buy also price match products from other major online retailers like,,,, and 

If you are shopping at your local Best Buy store, just provide a link or screenshot of the item you want to buy (or you bought) that is at a lower price in any of the abovementioned online shopping sites, and show it to a Best Buy employee. Once they have verified the price and the product, they will gladly give you a price match. 

If you are shopping online at, remember to use their chat function or call them directly at 1-888-237-8289 (1-888-BEST BUY). Never email them because they do not accept email queries for price matches. 

Other Best Buy Price Match Guarantees FAQs

Still have some questions about Best Buy’s Price Match Policy? Here are more FAQs to help you completely understand how it works. 

What products do qualify for Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee?

Best Buy Price Match Guarantee covers all new and immediately available products from certain online retailers such as Amazon, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, Tiger Direct, and all local retail competitors (as well as their online prices).

Before you ask for a price match, make sure that the item has the same brand, model number, and color as the item you’ve purchased or will be purchasing.

Can I buy several items and request a price match for all of them?

As of now, NO. Best Buy only allows only a single item to price match per customer. 

How does Best Buy Price Match Policy work for items scheduled for delivery?

If you bought an item at and they happened to lower its price before the item was delivered to you, you can get a 100% refund of the difference in the price (including tax). 

If your item is offered at a lower price at the time of pick up, they will also charge the lower price. Best Buy has a “15-Day Price Protection” policy as well, so you can request a price match up to 15 days after your purchase. 

Does Best Buy Express Kiosks price match before purchase?

No. But other than that, all other Best Buy Price Match Guarantee terms and conditions apply for purchases made in Best Buy Express Kiosks.

Which stores does Best Buy consider as “local retail competitors”? 

Best Buy considers a store as a local retail competitor if it’s within a 25-mile radius of your local Best Buy store and it’s authorized to sell brand new factory-sealed products with warranties. 

Does Best Buy Price Match Policy cover purchases made from stores within Best Buy stores? 

Yes. Items purchased from Best Buy Mobile, Magnolia Home Theater, Magnolia Design Center, and Pacific Kitchen and Home are covered by Best Buy Price Match Guarantee, but terms and conditions may vary. 

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What Items are NOT Covered by Best Buy Price Match Policy?

Best Buy Price Match Policy does not cover:

  • Open box, used, refurbished, pre-owned, free, clearance items and items included in bundle offers
  • Items that are advertised with limited quantities or out of stock by competitors
  • Items from online retailers which are not mentioned above
  • Products bought from Best Buy Marketplace store, Best Buy Business, and Best Buy Education
  • Items on sale during Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend
  • Competitors’ service prices; such as computer services, installation, and delivery
  • Competitor offers such as special, daily, or hourly sales; pre-order, trade-in, liquidation, and rent-to-own offers and contract cell phones
  • Financing offers either made by competitors or Best Buy itself which includes but not limited to: credit card offers, coupon offers, mail-in offers, bundle offers, gift card offers, pricing errors, Point of Sale Activation Cards, and video game discounts
  • Voice only deals
  • Products bought or shipped by third-party marketplace like Amazon, eBay, and Google
  • Discounted items by employees
  • Pricing only limited to My Best Buy members and other special customers with paid loyalty programs, government exchange store offers

Other Best Buy Shopping Tips to Take Note of

Other than Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee there are more other ways you can save BIG when you shop at Best Buy! Make sure to take note of these tips!

  • Free shipping at $35

Best Buy offers free shipping for shoppers who spend $35 or more.

  • Best Buy employees can do the price match for you

 If you do not have time to compare and research prices, you can ask the Best Buy employees at your local Best Buy store to check them out for you. 

  • Best Buy buys outdated electronics too

Have an old MP3 player? Best Buy might give you some discount or other promotions in exchange for it.

  • Be a My Best Buy member

Being on the loyalty program will allow you to have access to exclusive deals and even earn while you spend.

  • Consider open-box deals

Although the price match does not cover open-box deals, they are cheaper than the brand new ones. Plus, open-box deals are under full warranty too and have a rating so you can decide if they are worth buying.

  • Holiday Shopping

Nothing can beat the discounts and promotions during big holidays. If there’s a holiday around the corner, better wait for it before you go shopping!

  • Follow Best Buy on Social Media

Simply following the store on their Social Media accounts is the best way not to miss any of their promotions and latest deals!

Best Amazon Products You can Price Match at Best Buy

Got your shopping list done? If not, here are some Amazon products you can price match at Best Buy so you can save more money!

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