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The Best Seafood to Order Online

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In search of the best seafood to order online? Whether it’s for a date night, family celebration, or as a special gift, you’ll never go wrong with premium live and fresh Maine lobsters. 

Maine Lobster, also famously known as the New England Lobster and American Lobster, is a large crustacean with succulent, and delectably tender sweet meat. Due to these qualities, Maine lobsters are the most sought-after lobsters all over the world. 

How could Maine lobster not be the best seafood to order online? Lucky you, I know a trusted seafood company that offers and delivers high-quality live Maine lobsters anywhere in the continental USA at a fair price.

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What is the best seafood to order online?

There are two main types of commercially available lobsters, cold water and warm water lobsters. Warm water lobsters have less edible meat with a fishier taste and softer texture. They are caught off on the coasts of the Caribbean, Mediterranian, Florida, California, and Asia.

On the other hand, cold water lobsters have firmer, sweeter, flavorful, and whiter meat. They can be found and caught off on the coast of South Africa, New Zealand, and of course, Maine. 

If you are aiming for a one-of-a-kind seafood experience, Maine lobster is certainly the best seafood to order online. They are a bit pricey, but nothing can compare to the exquisite and heavenly taste they offer.

Where to buy the best seafood online?

LobsterAnywhere offers live Maine Lobsters and other premium-quality seafood to first-class restaurants, large institutions, and hotels across the United States. The seafood company is known for providing the best quality seafood to order online for over 20 years now. 

LobsterAnywhere offers live and fresh Grade A hard-shell Maine lobsters at a very competitive price. Apart from lobsters, they are also known for their top-notch fresh shrimps, scallops, crab cakes, as well as premium steaks, ribs, chowder, bisque, and soups. 

Unlike other seafood companies, LobsterAnywhere is a wholesaler and not a retailer. They have direct relationships with local Maine lobster fishermen and major air carriers that allow them to offer competitive market prices to customers.

If you’re worried about the shipping fee, LobsterAnywhere also offers several seafood packages with free shipping to about anywhere in the USA. Plus, they also have unique seafood gift certificates you can use to surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable seafood dining experience. 

LobsterAnywhere: The Best Seafood to Order Online

Why choose LobsterAnywhere?

Nowadays, there are lots of seafood companies that offer seafood to order online, but here are more reasons why you should choose LobsterAnywhere:

Safe Online Ordering

LobsterAnywhere implements various credit card fraud protection services to ensure that your online transaction is safe and secured.

Helpful Seafood Handling and Cooking Guide

Don’t know how to handle live lobster? Not sure about your recipe? All LobsterAnywhere’s seafood packages come with an easy-to-follow guide with recipes. With this, you’ll be able to learn how to handle, cook, and store fresh seafood at your own home. 


If you are looking for the best seafood to order online to use as a gift, LobsterAnywhere has seafood gift packages too. These special seafood packages come with a customized gift card where you can add a personal message, your company logo, or other preferred literature. 

On the other hand, the live lobster package is complete with steel shell crackers, step-by-step cooking instructions, gingham napkins, seafood forks, bibs, wet naps, placemats, and a personalized gift card as well. 

If you are not sure about the delivery date that will work for your recipient, you can choose to send a New England gift certificate instead. These gift certificates are available for any dollar amount or seafood gift package. 

 USDA/FDA and HACCP-Compliant

Aside from ensuring that all orders are delivered safe, secured, and fresh, LobsterAnywhere’s seafood products are also processed and packed in a USDA/FDA inspected and HACCP-compliant facility. 

Hard-shelled, Bigger, and Direct from the Source

When it comes to lobsters, the fresher, bigger, and harder-shelled they are — the better. Lobster is not an everyday dish, why would you settle for trade-in chicken lobsters for your special day? LobsterAnywhere delivers feisty and fresh lobsters from 1.25 lb lobsters to 3 lbs up to 6 lbs jumbo lobsters. If you want bigger than that, you can make a special request for a 10 lbs colossal lobster too!

Fast Delivery

LobsterAnywhere has three delivery options: priority overnight (you can get your order by 10:30 am the next day), overnight (by the end of the next day), and express service (2-day). You can also schedule an exact delivery day to receive your order to ensure that the seafood is still alive and kicking once it arrives at your front door.

Sand Dollars Rewards Points

Simply registering at LobsterAnywhere will allow you to get 15,000 Sand Dollar Reward Points! Plus, you’ll also be able to experience faster checkout and get access to their free newsletter.

Dependable Customer Service

You can get in touch with LobsterAnywhere right away through their website chat box, phone number at 978.225.8828, or by their contact form for any inquiries. 

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The Best Seafood to Order Online

LobsterAnywhere is not only a home of Grade A live lobsters. Lobster tails, lobster rolls, and lobster dinners are just three of their famous seafood you can order online today! 

Live Lobster

You can get a live and fresh lobster delivered right at your doorstep, wherever you are in the contiguous 48 U.S. states. These live Maine lobsters are wild-caught, full of meat, hard-shelled, and sustainably sourced. Its weight starts from 1.25 lbs to 5-6 lbs.

To guarantee live delivery, live lobsters are packed in rock seaweed or newspaper soaked in seawater. Then, placed in a styrofoam cooler equipped with ice-cold gel packs. You can schedule the delivery date or choose to get it delivered as early as tomorrow.

Lobster Rolls

The best reward you can give to yourself! These lobster rolls are the best if you are craving a wholesome summer sandwich! It comes in two sets and is available for free shipping too!

A single lobster roll kit comes with 2 lbs. of frozen premium lobster meat, eight Pepperidge Farms top sliced rolls, Maine Sea Salt Butter, New England salt water taffy (for fun), and a guide book for cooking and handling lobsters. The two lobster roll kit has double the amount of the items included in the single kit. 

Fresh Lobster Tail Meat

Want to skip the cracking, de-shelling, and cleaning? These fresh-frozen lobster tails meat are already out-of-the-shell and ready to cook! A single order of this seafood goodness comes with five shelled lobster tails (one tail weighs around 3-4 oz. each) per pound. 

Lobster Tails Special

Place your order today, and you can get this lobster tails special with free express delivery (Tuesday-Friday only!). These lobster tails weigh 6-7 oz. which are equal to 1.50 lbs of live lobster! LobsterAnywhere’s lobster tails come from cold-water hard-shell lobsters and are guaranteed tender, sweet, and delicious. 

lobster tail
Grill Ready Lobster Tails

Got an upcoming barbeque party? Don’t let it pass without serving these grill-ready lobster tails! Each lobster tail weighs 4 oz., is fresh frozen in the shell, and butterfly prepared. You can order starting from 8 up to 32 lobster tails and it includes free shipping too. 

Jumbo Lobster Tails

Want the real deal? One of these frozen cold-water jumbo lobster tails weighs 8-10 oz. which is about the size of a tail from 2+ lbs live lobster. These jumbo lobster tails are sold per piece, but it has quantity discounts. The more you buy, the more affordable each lobster tail will be. 

Lobster Meat

Want to enjoy the exquisite taste of lobster without effort and at the comforts of your home? This lobster meat is composed of huge chunks of meat from North Atlantic live lobster’s tail, knuckles, and claws. It’s ready to eat, fully cooked, has no preservatives or additives added, and is 100% fresh-frozen and dry vacuum pack sealed. 

lobster meat

Other Seafood to Order Online at LobsterAnywhere

Aside from premium-grade lobsters, you can also find other seafood from LobsterAnywhere. Here’s a few of them. 

Colossal Shrimp

You can’t easily find this jumbo shrimp in any grocery store or seafood restaurant. A pound of these colossal shrimp is composed of 8-12 counts of shrimp. They are also individually quick-frozen, cleaned, deveined, and shipped uncooked to maintain freshness.

Wild Caught Shrimp

Juicy and naturally sweet, these wild-caught shrimp from the western coast of Mexico are sized at 16-20 shrimp per pound. They are also delivered uncooked, hand peeled, deveined, and quick-frozen. 

Sea Scallops

These wild-caught sea scallops caught directly in New Bedford, Massachusetts are sized at 10-20 scallops per pound. They are dry-packed in 1 lb packages and are 100% natural.

colossal shrimp

Chowder, Bisque & Soups to try at LobsterAnywhere

Enjoy your lobster dinner to the fullest by pairing your lobster with a warm and delicious bowl of authentic New England clam chowder, soups, and lobster bisque. Check them out here.

Clam Chowder Special

A creamy concoction made with surf clams, clam broth, onions, potatoes, heavy cream, melted butter, and other spices. This Clam Chowder Special comes in four pouches which makes about eight cups of chowder. It has free two-day express shipping too. 

Lobster Bisque Special

Delicate and rich, this Lobster Bisque Special is made with Maine lobster meat, real butter, heavy cream, and fresh herbs. It also comes in four pouches and is available for free two-day express shipping.  

New England Soup Sampler

If you want to try both of LobsterAnywhere’s clam chowder and lobster bisque, this New England soup sampler is all you need. This package includes two pouches of New England Chowder and two pouches of Lobster Bisque. And it has free two-day express shipping too.

LobsterAnywhere clam chowder

Not to Miss Surf and Turf Deals!

Steaks pair incredibly well with lobsters, and LobsterAnywhere absolutely knows that. Here are some of the best surf and turf deals you shouldn’t miss at LobsterAnywhere! 

Filet Mignon

Whichever seafood you choose, it will perfectly go well with this lean and oh-so-tender filet mignon. It’s marbled from 100% Midwestern beef, weighs 8 oz. and is ideal for grilling.

New York Strip Steak

This New York Strip steak is an all-time favorite boneless steak that has a five-star steak house quality! High-caliber, USDA Prime, flavorful and tender, your surf and turf will be on a whole new level with this premium steak.

Poseidon’s Catch

A gourmet food like no other. This surf and turf package is indeed a catch of the God of the Sea. With this package, each person can enjoy a fresh-frozen 6-7 oz. Maine lobster tail, a Prime New York strip steak, and about four Wild American shrimp. 

surf and turf

Free-Shipping Lobster Specials

Eat fancy and save more with these free-shipping lobster specials from LobsterAnywhere! Since lobster is a perishable good, its shipping fee is not a joke. Luckily, LobsterAnywhere also offers free shipping to some of their seafood packages. Here are some of the best seafood to order online today that won’t cost you any shipping fee. 

Captain’s Tails and Turf

This Captain Tail’s and Turf does not only come with a premium filet mignon and Atlantic lobster tails but with a mini key lime pie too! It’s certainly a meal to try! 

Boston Lobster Bake

Treat your loved ones to an authentic Boston Lobster Dinner with this Boston Lobster Bake gift package! You can order this wonderful meal as a dinner for two or four. 

With this lobster gift package, each person can enjoy 1 1/4 Maine lobster and New England clam chowder with oyster crackers. The whole set also comes with a guide on how to prepare the lobster bake, plus, seafood forks and steel lobster crackers wrapped in fancy gingham napkins. 

Maine Fresh Catch Dinner

A heavenly seafood plate! This fantastic seafood dinner includes Colossal Shrimp, jumbo sea scallops, Maine lobster tails, and whoopie pies for dessert. 

Sweetheart Cove Lobster Dinner for Two

Impress your beloved with this extra-huge and romantic three-course meal where you can choose between 6-7 oz. or 16-20 oz. North Atlantic lobster tails. This dinner for two also comes with two New England clam chowders and heart-shaped chocolate truffles. 

Lazy Man Lobster Dinner

A fancy and effortless lobster dinner that doesn’t need cracking and cleaning. Lazy Man Lobster Dinner package includes one filet mignon, 1 lb. de-shelled fresh frozen lobster tail meat, and a Maine sea salt butter for each person. 

These are just some of the best deals you can get from LobsterAnywhere with free shipping. Click here for more amazing seafood deals free of shipping fees.

seafood to order online

Gift Certificates from Lobster Anywhere

Want to give the best seafood to order online as a gift but not sure which package to choose? Surprise them and let them decide their lobster dinner with the help of these gift certificates from LobsterAnywhere!

Seafood Gift Card

Perfect for any occasion, you can put any amount starting from $25 to this seafood gift card. These gift cards are mailed free to the shipping address you have provided upon check out. If you want, you can also include a personal message for your recipient with this gift card. 

Email Gift Card

Need a last-minute gift? This email gift card is the answer! Send your recipients a seafood gift card in an instant and let them enjoy their wonderful seafood dinner anytime they want!

LobsterAnywhere seafood gift certificate

How to Order Seafood Online At LobsterAnywhere?

Ordering at LobsterAnywhere is as easy as pie. 

First, add to your cart the seafood or gift packs you want to purchase.

Second, choose a delivery date from Tuesday to Saturday. You can choose to get it delivered as early as tomorrow or on a future date. 

Third, wait until it’s on your front door and get cracking! 

Want to know more about LobsterAnywhere? 

You can visit LobsterAnywhere at and connect with them through their chat box and contact form. You can also directly call them at 978.225.8828. 

Found the best seafood to order online?

Let us know if you’ve found the best seafood to order online in the comments below. 

Share with us your cracking and exquisite lobster experience with LobsterAnywhere. We would love to hear from you!

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