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Dollar Store Halloween Decor Ideas

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Make your home look fa-boo-lous and fang-tastic this All Hallows’ Eve without breaking the bank with the help of these spook-tacular dollar store Halloween decor ideas! As the scariest night of the year is nearing, you can find these haunting decorations filling the dollar stores like Dollar Tree

Buying decorations does not need to be the scariest part of Halloween. Whether you are aiming for an eerie-sistibly cute or wickedly scary theme this year, you can find some of the spookiest tricks below that will help you transform your home boo-tifully without going on a spending spree. 

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From frightful outdoor and indoor decorations to creepy DIY ideas, there’s a dollar store Halloween decor that will haunt you here! You can shop online and if something says out of stock, add your zip and check your local stores.

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When Does Dollar Tree Get Halloween Stuff?

Dollar Tree starts to fill their aisles with Halloween stuff as early as late summer. By now, all Dollar Tree stores across the 48 contiguous states are fully equipped with all the eerie-sistible dollar store Halloween decor you’ll need to make your entire house fang-tastic and creepy.

Plus, Dollar Tree’s special Halloween Shop is now up to introduce all of their Halloween treats too. Browsing the Dollar Tree Halloween Shop online, you’ll be able to find skeletons and bones, graveyard decorations, Halloween signs, candles and candleholders, and Halloween party supplies

Below, I’ve rounded up some of the most spookta-cular Halloween decor ideas using the spookiest Halloween items you can find at Dollar Tree. If I were you, I’d start hunting for dollar store Halloween decor today before it’s too late! 

Does Dollar Tree Have Halloween Decorations?

Of course! And you won’t be disappointed with this year’s treats! These dollar store Halloween decorations are not only available at the Dollar Tree store near you, but you can find them online as well. If you want to learn how to order online at Dollar Tree we have you covered.

Without further ado, here are some must-have Halloween items you wouldn’t want to miss at Dollar Tree this year.

What is a real Halloween without freaky skeletons of bats, spiders, birds, and rats displayed and scattered all around? But you know what’s even more delightful? Aside from these, Dollar Tree also has skeletons of mermaids and unicorns. Not to mention, glow-in-the-dark hanging skeleton, skeleton garlands, and even skeleton tongs and champagne flutes. 

Your Halloween will never be complete without these spooky plastic skulls that come in mini versions too. Or if you want to level up your decoration you can opt for some glittery LED skulls instead.

These creepy graveyard decorations are to die for! Make sure to add any of these polyfoam and iridescent tombstones to your cart. To complete your outdoor decorations, don’t forget the skull fences, Halloween yardsticks, and signs too.

The easiest way to decorate the house whatever the occasion is by adding some decorative signs. Dollar Tree has Halloween vintage hanging wall signs, stacked sentiment signs, and eerie-sistibly cute felt character wall decor too. 

Add eeriness to your spooky night by making use of Dollar Tree’s Halloween-themed candle holders and candles. Aside from the classic black and purple candle jars, you can also opt to get some black and orange LED tealight candles and adorable pumpkin candles. But of course, do not forget about the must-have pumpkin candleholder!

There are a lot more Dollar Tree Halloween decorations to choose from. Be sure to look for skulls and blood wall borders, glow-in-the-dark creepy tree murals, cute string lights, boo-tiful tabletop signs, tinsel witch hats, plastic coffin containers, squeaking black rats, and foam pumpkins will surely make your Halloween more festive. 

Dollar Tree Halloween Ideas

Want to get crafty? Here are some simple but creative Dollar Tree Halloween ideas you can pull together in an instant! These gourd-geous DIY decor ideas only need some Halloween craft supplies you can easily find at Dollar Tree too!

Jack-O-Lanterns do not always have to be made from pumpkins, especially if you want to hang them. This adorable Jack-O-Lantern garland is only made using orange balloons, black marker, green pipe cleaner, twine, and scissors. 

This festive and creepy Halloween wreath is a must-try! This skeleton hands Halloween wreath is simply made out of skeleton hands attached to a chalkboard circle using hot glue. 

If you are more into spiders, you can try making this DIY spider web wreath instead. This DIY project will only require you to prepare a floral wire, grapevine wreath, plastic spiders, spider web batting, and LED lights. 

All you need is three supplies to make these cute and simple mummy candle holders: mason jars, muslin fabric, and googly eyes!

You don’t always have to start from scratch when DIY-ing. Dress up your door with a smiling Jack Skellington with just the use of black construction paper, black electrical tape, and scissors. 

This glowing pumpkin totem will be a fang-tastic addition to your front step. You can reuse your child’s old jack-o-lantern buckets in making this DIY Halloween decor or just get a couple of them at your local Dollar Tree along with LED lights, and a witch hat. 

Nothing could be creepier than this googly eyes Halloween wreath. It’s made by adding googly eyes to white ping pong balls and then attaching them into a wreath form wrapped in white fabric. If you want to skip attaching googly eyes one by one on ping pong balls, there are plastic ping pong eyeballs available at Dollar Tree too. 

These Halloween ghost candles could not be simpler. Using scissors cut eyes and mouths in black vinyl to make ghost faces and attach them to your white candles, and done! 

Which dollar store Halloween decor idea will you try this year?

Let us know which dollar store Halloween decor you think is the spookiest!

Don’t hesitate to share with us your Halloween decorations and Dollar Tree Halloween shopping experience. We would love to hear from you! 

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