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Dollar Tree Dinosaur Party Supplies

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Searching for Dollar Tree dinosaur party supplies to throw a classic Jurassic party for your little dinosaur enthusiast? Here’s a list of everything you’ll need!

Throwing an impressive dino themed party for your precious little one does not have to break the bank. Dollar Tree offers a wide variety of party supplies with different themes including dinosaurs. 

With that said, I’ve already searched and compiled some of the best Dollar Tree dinosaur party supplies to help you save time and effort. If you’re shopping online at, you can simply click the links below to add these items to your shopping cart. 

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How do you make a dinosaur party?

Preparing for a dinosaur party has never been easier or more affordable, thanks to the amazing selection of Dollar Tree dinosaur party supplies. These items are not only adorable but are festive and fun as well.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a successful dinosaur party. A little creativity, effort, and a trip to the nearest Dollar Tree store near you or at will suffice. 

Check out the Dollar Tree dinosaur birthday supplies that I’ve gathered below!

How do you make a dinosaur goodie bag?

Making a dinosaur goodie bag for your party’s so simple, especially if you’re shopping at Dollar Tree. You can find a lot of dino toys and treats that you can use as party favors.

For the goodie bags, you can simply make use of these mini fabric tote bags in green, red, and blue colors.

Dollar Tree Dinosaur Decorations

To get started with your Dollar Tree dinosaur party, here are some fun and ready made dino themed decorations you should take note of.

Dinosaur Balloons Dollar Tree

Aside from brightly colored latex balloons, there are self inflatable dinosaur shaped balloons and Dinosaur Adventures Foil Balloons from Dollar Tree that you can use for your dino themed party.  

Metallic Palm Tree Balloon Weights/Centerpieces

These palm tree balloon weights are a must have decoration for your party as well!

Dinosaur Chair Decorations

Transform your party chairs into fun prehistoric seats with these colorful dino tails! The kids will 100% love these unique decorations.

“Dinomite!” Dinosaur Birthday Party Wall Murals

Don’t forget to decorate your walls with these cute wall murals too! Each mural measures 42×72 inches and features four different dinosaurs holding balloons. 

Dinosaur Themed Metallic Happy Birthday Swirl Decor

These dino themed swirl decors will make your venue more festive and colorful. 

Dinosaur-Themed Peel and Stick Wall Decorations

If you want to invite more adorable dinosaurs to your child’s party, these dinosaur themed easy-off removable stickers are the answer!

Fun Dino Shaped Mirrors

Did you know? There are also cute dino shaped mirrors at Dollar Tree! Each mirror measures 9×5.125-in and features white borders. 

Happy Birthday Non-Adhesive Dinosaur Caution Tape

You can make your celebration space even more special with this dinosaur caution tape. It measures 45-ft. long and says PAR-T-REX ZONE.

Hanging Paper Jointed Dinosaur Cutouts

These dinosaur cutouts are not only wearing party hats but they have movable joints and two strings for easy hanging as well. Each of these cutouts approximately measures 30×21.5 inches.

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Dinosaur Party Supplies Dollar Tree

From party plates to favors, and napkins, Dollar Tree offers all kinds of dinosaur themed party supplies. Although there are no cutleries and cups with the exact dino theme, there are alternatives you can try.

Dollar Tree Dinosaur Plates

These cute dinosaur round plates measure about 7 inches and are perfect for desserts and appetizers.

Dinosaur Party Lunch Napkins

These napkins are a perfect pair for dino plates mentioned above! Each of these lunch napkins measures about 6.5 inches.

Dollar Tree Dinosaur Toys

There are plenty of Dollar Tree dinosaur toys at Dollar Tree that you can use as a decoration and party favor. Some of these include Toy Box Glow-in-the-Dark Dinosaur Excavation Sets, foam dinosaurs, Make it Blocks Dino World Building Sets, plastic toy dinosaurs and figurines, and Silicone Neon Dino Keychains.

Bright Plastic Forks & Spoons

These vibrant plastic forks and spoons will match your dino themed birthday party! They come in red, pink, orange, blue, and green colors.

Colorful Plastic Tumblers with Built-In Straws

You can make use of these colorful party cups in your party too! Each cup has a built in straw and is assorted in blue, green, pink, orange, and red colors.

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Preparing an exceptional Jurassic party is a lot easier and more affordable, thanks to these Dollar Tree dinosaur party supplies. If you have comments or suggestions, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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