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Dollar Tree Mermaid Party Supplies

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On a budget? You can still make the most gorgeous under-the-sea party for your little one with the help of these Dollar Tree mermaid party supplies!

Thanks to Dollar Tree, we can still arrange an amazing party even if we’re on a tight budget. The store offers affordable but adorable and quality party supplies for all kinds of parties. 

From bridal and baby showers to weddings, simple solid color party themes, fun and creative birthday parties for the kids, Dollar Tree has got you covered.

So if your little one is a fan of mythical creatures such as mermaids, this guide is for you! Below are some of the best Dollar Tree mermaid party supplies that your little one and the guests will surely love!

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How to Organize a Dollar Tree Mermaid Party

Organizing a mermaid party could not be more affordable or easy, thanks to Dollar Tree. Aside from special mermaid party supplies, the store also offers other party decorations perfect for under the sea themed parties.

Dollar Tree stores and also have pink, light blue, and purple themed party supplies you can make use of. I’ll introduce some of them below to you so you know what to shop for on your Dollar Tree trip. 

On the other hand, if you are worried because you’re too busy or too far from your local Dollar Tree store, you can always order these items online. Ordering online is as easy but if you have questions or need a guide, you can check out this post

Mermaid Party Supplies at Dollar tree

These trendy mermaid themed party supplies will earn you a lot of praise. They’re not only colorful and kid friendly but they are durable enough for serving food as well.

Mermaid Party 9-in Round Plates

These stylish mermaid paper plates are perfect for serving meals. They measure 9 inches and are made of sturdy paper material.

Mermaid Party 7-in. Round Paper Plates

A bit smaller than the first paper plates, these plates measure 7 inches and are ideal for desserts, finger foods, and appetizers.

BPA Free Plastic Spoons

Dollar Tree also offers BPA-free plastic spoons that come in mermaid designs in blue and pink colors. There’s no doubt these spoons will be a hit, especially with the kids.

Mermaid Party Lunch Napkins

These 2 ply lunch napkins will be a perfect pair for the mermaid plates at dollar tree. 

Translucent Plastic Cups

Comes in three colors: green, light blue, and purple, these translucent plastic cups will also fit your mermaid-themed party. 

Dollar Tree Mermaid Decorations

Here are some ideas for mermaid birthday party decor that you can try. Aside from trendy mermaid decorations at Dollar Tree, there are also some unique ideas here you can try using other Dollar Tree party supplies.

Purple Balloon Weights

These purple balloon weights will also be a great addition to your decoration! They can be used to let the balloons stay in place or as centerpieces as well.

Hanging Pom Poms

To complete your mermaid party decor, you can also try hanging pom poms in light blue, pink, and purple colors to your ceiling or anywhere you like alternately. 

Whimsical Self-Inflatable Party Balloons

The party will not be complete without some Dollar Tree mermaid balloons. Aside from the mermaid tail design, these balloons are also easy to inflate.

Colorful Pearlescent Latex Balloons

These beautiful balloons will also be perfect for your little one’s mermaid party. They measure 9 inches each and come assorted in different pearlescent colors including purple, pink, yellow, orange, and green.

DIY Mermaid Tail Balloon Waterfall

One of the best Dollar Tree mermaid party ideas you should try is this DIY mermaid tail balloon waterfall. This Dollar Tree mermaid decor only requires some balloons, twine, adhesive strips, bobby pins, and a mermaid tail dress up costume that you can also find and buy at Dollar Tree.

Mermaid Party Favors at Dollar Tree

The kids will be ecstatic with these mermaid party favors! From fun toys to cute bags, facial masks, and snacks, there are lots of party favors for the guests here.

Jot Sequined Mermaid Tail-Shaped Pencil Bags

A back to school accessory that the kids will love, these mermaid tail shaped pencil bags come in teal and rose gold sequin embellishments.

b-pure Mermaid Masks

Fun party favors even for the kids at heart! These mermaid masks will leave your skin clean and clear.

Caucasian Mermaid Fashion Dolls

These mermaid dolls will be a wonderful party favor to keep the kids busy and entertained. They can play with them in the water as well.

Glowing Mermaid Wands for Kids

The kids will have a blast with these glowing mermaid wands! They come in three different colors: red, green, and blue.

Sassy & Chic Children’s Mermaid Tails

Another useful and cute party favor you can get from Dollar Tree! These mermaid tail bags feature a dark pink color and mermaid tails at the bottom.

Glowing Mermaid Bracelets

The little guests will squeal in delight with these glowing mermaid bracelets! They’re available in green, blue, and pink.

Yumy Yumy Mermaids Fruit Snack

Mermaid shaped snacks with fruit flavors, this sweet treat is certainly a must have at your precious one’s mermaid birthday party!

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Done with your Dollar Tree Mermaid Party Shopping List?

Hopefully, this shopping guide was able to help you in organizing your little one’s mermaid party. 

Let us know which Dollar Tree mermaid party supplies you like the most. We would love to hear from you! 

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