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Best Dollar Tree School Supplies

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Stock up on back to school items with these affordable Dollar Tree school supplies! Whatever grades your kids are in, you can find a wide variety of affordable school supplies for them at Dollar Tree.

You don’t have to break the bank shopping for school supplies. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, the Dollar Tree back to school aisle has everything you need.

From all kinds of notebooks, pencils, pens, binders, papers, classroom must-haves, and more, I’ll guide you through some of the best Dollar Tree school supplies that you can add to your shopping list. These school supplies are not only affordable but are colorful and kid friendly as well. 

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Are all items at Dollar Tree $1?

In case you missed it, Dollar Tree announced last year that they’re adding different price points to provide more quality products to their customers. Whether you’re shopping at the local Dollar Tree store near you or online, you’ll notice that some products are now priced at $1, $1.25, $1.50, $3, and $5. 

For more details about this announcement, you can check out this post. If you haven’t experienced ordering online at Dollar Tree yet, these Dollar Tree shopping guides are a must-read!

What products should you buy at the dollar store?

Dollar stores including Dollar Tree offer plenty of amazing products starting with party supplies, snacks, kitchen essentials, home decorations, cleaning materials, storage containers, and of course, including school supplies.

In fact, aside from school supplies for kids and teachers, you can also find campus must haves for college students at Dollar Tree. With these huge selections of products, browsing through the Dollar Tree aisles one by one can be time consuming. That’s why this post is here to help!

I’ll introduce some of the best Dollar Tree school supplies here that you can consider so you can finish your Dollar Tree shopping list faster and easier. Check them all out below!

Dollar Tree Notebooks

Dollar Tree offers all kinds of notebooks and notepads that are not only budget friendly but are colorful and stylish as well. Here are some of them:

Whimsical Spiral Bound Notebooks

These beautiful spiral bound notebooks are perfect for all kinds of purposes. You can use it to stay organized or express your creativity at the same time. 

Jot Inspirational Journals with Elastic Band Closure

You’ll fall in love with these journals at first sight! They not only have creative designs but they also come with motivational sayings and elastic bands.

Jot(TM) Spiral Bound Index Card Books with Plastic Pocket Covers

Perfect for studying and taking important notes, these spiral bound books feature wide rule index cards with a plastic pocket cover. These notebooks come with 60 pages each and are available in different colors.

Fun Tween Mythical Journals

Preparing school supplies for the tween in your life? They’ll surely love these adorable journals!

Fashionable Tri-Fold Notebooks

Your kids will not be able to resist these cute trifold notebooks! Each notebook has 60 pages and is ideal for keeping in book bags and purses.

Jot Classic Black & White Composition Notebooks

These simple composition notebooks are a must have for students, teachers, and even working adults. Each notebook contains 100 sewn pages and has spaces for personal information and schedule pages on the covers.

Jot Notebooks with PVC Covers

If you want a notebook with a minimalist design, these notebooks will make a great choice. These mini notebooks come with stylish PVC covers, 80 sheets, and a pen too. 

Jot Baby Animal Spiral Bound Notebooks

Animal lovers will surely love these notebooks! They have 70 pages each and come in different covers. 

Jot Coffee Shaped Magnetic Notepads

Even non coffee lovers will not be able to resist these coffee cup shaped notepads. 

You can find these notebooks and notepads at your local Dollar Tree store and For the full list of available items online, click here.

Dollar Tree Writing Supplies

Of course, Dollar Tree’s collection of writing supplies is also not to be missed! From cute and colorful pens and pencils to sharpeners and erasers, there’s something for the kids and adults here.

Colored Hourglass Pens

These creative hourglass pens are sure to be a hit with all ages. They are fun to use not only for writing but for timing yourself as well.

Plain Ballpoint and Gel Pens

There are different brands of ballpoint and gel pens available at Dollar Tree. Some of these brands include Jot, Inc., Promarx, and Cello

Cat Themed Pens

Shopping for school supplies for a cat lover? They’ll surely be ecstatic with these cat themed face pens and caticorn pom pom pens!

Inc. Fruit Scented Gel Pens

Enjoy writing even more with these fruit scented gel pens! These pens come with different scents of fruits including grapes, blueberry, and grapes.

Elegant and Fancy Pens

If you’re looking for stylish pens, you’ll also love the fact that Dollar Tree has jewel pens with faux diamonds and glitter, Elegant Pearl Pens, colorful novelty pens, and Faux Diamond Ballpoint Pens

Cute Pens for Kids

The kids also have plenty of adorable pens and pencils to choose from at Dollar Tree. From Jot Food Inspired Squishy Pens to colorful pom pom pens, Dr. Seuss Pencils, icon pens, Flower Novelty Pens, and more, the kids will have more fun writing with these irresistibly cute pens!

Sharpeners and Erasers

Lots of colorful sharpeners and erasers are also available at Dollar Tree. You can choose from Jot Electric Pencil Sharpeners, pencil top erasers, crayon sharpeners, Piranha Pencil Sharpeners, and creative erasers in different shapes. 

Wheeled Bin Pencil Holders

Even the adults will have fun using these trash and recycling bin pencil holders! They’re not only equipped with wheels but hinged lids as well!

Pencil Cases, Boxes, and Pouches

Aside from pens and pencils, do not forget to grab some pencil pouches, cases, and boxes at Dollar Tree too. These colorful boxes and pouches are perfect for storing and keeping your writing materials organized. Online and in store, you can find translucent plastic pencil boxes, Jot Iridescent Polyester Binder Pouches, tin pencil boxes, Jot Sea Creature Pencil Pouches, and simple rectangle pouches at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Writing Supplies

Dollar Tree School Supplies List

When it comes to school supplies, Dollar Tree has almost  everything you need. Here are more Dollar Tree school supplies that you might want to consider adding to your back to school shopping list:

Artist Line Spiral Bound Sketch Books

You’ll love to get these sketchbooks for the artists in your life! They measure 9 x 6 inches and have 30 pages each.

Inc. Glitter Markers

Add a little sparkle to your art projects with these glitter markers! They’re available in red, navy blue, green, blue, and gold colors.

Printed 3-Ring Notebook Binders

These three ring notebook binders come with adorable prints and can be used for spiral notebooks and loose leaf paper with three hole punch.

Index Cards

Dollar Tree has white and colored index cards available too.

Tree House Kids Colors 3-in-1 Activity Pads

This 90 sheet activity pad includes different kinds of papers including scribble papers, construction papers, and tracing papers. You’ll find this useful for all kinds of art projects!

Permanent Markers

Several brands of markers are available at Dollar Tree including Sharpie and Jot. They also come in different colors and tips.


Kids’ school supplies will not be complete without some crayons. Thanks to Dollar Tree, you can shop for these coloring materials at a much cheaper price. Aside from the usual crayons, you can also find Giant Multicolor Crayons, Pearl Crayons, and Glitter Crayons at Dollar Tree. 

Dollar Tree Teacher Supplies

Teachers can also look forward to buying affordable school supplies at Dollar Tree. If you’re starting to set up your classroom, here are some Dollar Tree Teacher Supplies that you can take note of.

Prizes and Rewards

The best way to motivate your students to study is by giving them fun prizes and rewards. At Dollar Tree, you can shop for motivational stickers, Jot Round Decorative Magnets, Motivational Reward Cones, and 3D Desktop Rewards.

Storage Containers

Having a well organized classroom will be an advantage for you and the students as well. If you need some new storage containers, Dollar Tree won’t disappoint. From storage baskets to book bins, to plastic boxes, and trays, you can find all of them in different sizes at Dollar Tree.

Classroom Decorations

There are also a variety of classroom decorations you can buy at Dollar Tree. These include Solar System Kits, photo signs, Fun Dino, Whale, and Cloud-Shaped Mirrors, dry erase boards, Educational Classroom Borders, alphabet wall stickers, Street Sign Decor with Positive Messaging, and other educational posters. 

Binders and Accessories

Ring binders, book rings, dividers, clips, and pins, name it! You can find them at Dollar Tree.

Workbooks, Flash Cards, and Coloring Books

Dollar Tree has an amazing assortment of educational workbooks, flash cards, and coloring books for the kids! Whether you’re shopping online or in store, there are plenty of educational learning materials ideal for kindergarten to first grade and elementary kids at Dollar Tree.

Looking for more Dollar Tree shopping guides?

Hopefully, these Dollar Tree school supplies were able to help you complete your back to school shopping list. If you love shopping at Dollar Tree, you might also want to consider checking out these guides to get ready for your next Dollar Tree shopping trip. 

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