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Dollar Tree Return Policy

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Received a defective item from Dollar Tree? Learn about how the Dollar Tree Return Policy works here!

Shopping at Dollar Tree is always fun and exciting. From food to party supplies, toys, stationery, kitchenware, home decor, gifts, and more, the store offers a wide variety of products at a budget friendly price. 

However, it’s inevitable that at some point you will encounter damaged or defective products. With that in mind, this post will discuss everything you need to know about the Dollar Tree return policy and how it works! 

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Can you return at Dollar Tree?

Yes. You can return incomplete or damaged items you purchased at your local Dollar Tree store or online at

Dollar Tree considers all sales final both in store and online. They do not offer store credits and refunds, but they will gladly exchange any unopened items (except for seasonal items) as long as you have the original receipt. 

If you ordered online and the items did not  meet your expectations, you can address your concerns through the Dollar Tree. The corporate number is 1-877-530-TREE (8733) or you can reach out to Dollar Tree customer service through this link

Does Dollar Tree accept returns without a receipt?

Unfortunately, no. Dollar Tree offers a wide range of household merchandise so the staff will not be able to tell if you’ve really bought the items from them without the original receipt. 

Make it a point to keep your receipt until you have properly checked the items you have purchased. This tip applies to items bought online as well. 

As long as you have proof of purchase, your receipt, Dollar Tree will let you exchange unopened/unused non-seasonal items. But of course, they have to have to be the same price.

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How does the Dollar Tree Return Policy work?

The Dollar Tree return policy is simple. All Dollar Tree products are non refundable but non seasonal items are exchangeable. To continue providing budget friendly products, Dollar Tree does not offer refunds, they consider all sales final, and they limit quantities. 

In short, they accept returns but they do not offer refunds or store credits. Instead, you can exchange/swap out items with items of the same value as long as they’re new, unused, unopened, non-seasonal, and of course, you have to have the original receipt. 

You can simply return the items to the nearest local Dollar Tree store and ask the cashier to process your request. If you purchased the items online at  and realized that you’re not happy with the items, the first thing that you should do is to ensure that you have your receipt, then reach out to the Dollar Tree customer service. 

They do not have what we would consider an exceptional return policy but that is largely due to the nature of the store. To keep prices low they can’t issue refunds. If you get a defective item or want to swap something out for another equally priced item, you shouldn’t have trouble as long as you have your receipt.

How long do I have to return items to Dollar Tree? did not specify the time limit for returns and exchanges. It’s safe to say that if you’re planning to return the items immediately and you have the receipt, you’ll have a good chance of successfully exchanging your items without any issues.

The Dollar Tree headquarters is located at 500 Volvo Pkwy Chesapeake, Virginia. For more information, you can also check out the Dollar Tree Return Policy FAQ or Dollar Tree Customer Help Center.

You can reach out to Dollar Tree customer service by calling the Dollar Tree corporate number at 1-877-530-8733 or sending your inquiries and messages through this link. Dollar Tree customer service is available 24/7 to answer your inquiries.


Dollar Tree is one of the best stores to shop for everyday needs and is a great place to stock up on home supplies. Hopefully, this guide was able to help you understand the Dollar Tree return policy.

When you shop at Dollar Tree, whether online or in store, always remember to keep your receipt so you will be able to request returns and will not have any issue in receiving an exchange. 

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