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What to Buy at Dollar Tree

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Shopping has never been more fun and exciting thanks to Dollar Tree. The store offers everything we need for just a dollar each and who are we to complain? But the question right now is, what to buy at Dollar Tree? Check out more of our Dollar Tree shopping guides here!

Dollar Tree has always been our favorite go-to shop for essentials and sometimes for just random stuff. But of course, I understand if you are starting to get bored and you just want to see (or buy) something new right now. 

Hence, I’ve rounded up some of the newest things you should check out at your local Dollar Tree store, or (if you are having a hard time going out because of the pandemic restrictions) you can also check this stuff at and just order them online! 

This post contains links for items to purchase. I make a commission on any sales.

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What to Buy at Dollar Tree

If you are still contemplating whether these $1 deals are worth it or not, you are seriously missing out. But if you have always been a fan of shopping at Dollar Tree, then you know how exciting it is to browse in the arts and crafts supplies section, check the new kitchen and dining wares, discover interesting toys and books etc. 

Dollar Tree just literally offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for everyone. Dollar Tree has so much affordable stuff to offer, sometimes we just don’t know where to start. 

But don’t fret! This post is here to help you figure out what to buy at Dollar Tree for your next budget-friendly shopping spree!

If you’re ready, let’s go shopping.

Arts and Crafts Supplies for $1

What to buy at Dollar Tree? Your creativity and imagination will burst with just one look at the expanded Crafter’s Square section at Dollar Tree! It’s filled with new stuff, and the best part is, it’s available online too! Here are some arts and crafts supplies you certainly wouldn’t want to miss!

  • Paint Supplies — If your kids need some paint supplies for their school projects or you want to do some DIY art, Dollar Tree is worth a try. They have a variety of paints, canvases, brushes, stencils, and other painting tools. The quality of these paint supplies isn’t bad for its price too!
  • Wood Crafts — Dollar Tree has some really nice wood crafts! They come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. Here, you’ll find some 3D animal wooden decor, woodcraft words, birdhouses, crates, chalkboards, wooden trays, and even woodshop build and play project kits!
  • Floral Crafts — Floral crafts supplies from Dollar Tree are no joke! If you love to DIY, you can make a centerpiece of your own with all of these affordable but artsy supplies. They have a wide collection of beautiful artificial flowers and bushes, creative wreath forms, floral foam, elegant vases, colorful embellishments, and a stunning assortment of gems!
  • Ribbon, Raffia, Cord & Mesh — Need to wrap some gifts or decorate your stuff? Dollar Tree has a wonderful collection of ribbons, raffia strings, and ropes!
  • Craft Containers — If you are a true crafter by heart, I bet you’ll need one of these craft containers to organize all of your crafting supplies. What’s great about these craft containers from Dollar Tree is that they come in creative shapes and designs too. Very artsy!
  • Stickers & Washi Tape — Dollar Tree’s collection of stickers and washi tape is not to miss! There are many available designs, and every single one of them is cute and artistic! Perfect for scrapbooks!
  • Tapes, Glues & Adhesives — Crafters can’t live without tapes, glues, and adhesives. If you’re planning to shop at Dollar Tree anyway, this is your chance to stock up!
  • Markers & Highlighters — These markers and highlighters are a must-have especially for teachers, students, and crafters. They come in different kinds and colors to cater to all kinds of writing and highlighting needs.
  • Art Paper & Paper Crafts — If you’re more of a paper crafter, this Dollar Tree collection is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Dollar Tree’s paper supplies include art papers, sketch pads, drawing papers, specialty papers, poster supplies, and a lot more. 

Kitchen and Dinnerware at Dollar Tree

Whether you need kitchen and dinnerware for personal or business purposes, you can never go wrong with Dollar Tree. The store has a lot of quality and affordable kitchen essentials — it’s totally your loss if you ignore them. So, make sure to check out these items! Buying these items at dollar tree is cheap and easy, check out what to buy at dollar tree in the kitchen section below:

  • Dinnerware — Dollar Tree’s dinnerware collection is superb! Here, you’ll find elegant dinner plates, charger plates, dinner bowls, soup mugs, coffee mugs, flatware, steak knives, and even children’s dinnerware! Everything you need is 100% available at Dollar Tree!
  • Glasses and Drinkware — This gorgeous glassware collection from Dollar Tree is every mom and housewife’s heaven! This collection is complete with coolers, tumblers, wine glasses, champagne flutes, barware glasses, cocktail glasses, beer mugs, pilsners, travel mugs, water bottles, and plastic drinkware. Whatever you need in the house is here.
  • Food Storage — Having leftover food is inevitable. Thankfully, there are affordable food containers at Dollar Tree! The store offers a variety of food storage such as food savers, storage containers, food carriers, food storage bags, glass containers, canisters, and even plastic wraps and foils. 
  • Cookware & Bakeware — If you are really into cooking and baking, you would love all the cookware and bakeware supplies you can find at Dollar Tree. From baking pans to mixing and prep bowls to decorating tools, all of them are here.
  • BBQ Tools & Picnic Supplies — If your family loves barbeque, it’s time to complete your barbeque supplies without ruining your budget. Dollar Tree’s BBQ and picnic supplies have got your back. They have BBQ and outdoor picnic supplies, grilling tools, and food tents!
  • Kitchen Tools & Gadgets — Complete kitchen tools make cooking easier. And Dollar Tree is willing to help you do just that. The store has all the kitchen tools and gadgets you can think of. From colanders to cutting boards to measuring cups to spatulas to tongs to knives to graters and a lot more!
  • Kitchen & Table Linens — Upgrade your kitchen and make it more stylish with new sets of kitchen and table linens. Dollar Tree offers an amazing collection of table linens. Whether you need oven mitts, pot holders, placemats, kitchen towels, coasters, dishcloths, tablecloths, or dish drying mats, Dollar Tree has plenty of options. 
  • Catering Supplies & Serveware — Have an upcoming big event? Save a lot of money by shopping at Dollar Tree. The store has plenty of catering supplies to offer such as catering bowls, platters, trays, drinkware, serving utensils, tableware, foil pans, pitchers, and travel and takeout containers.

Home Décor

Give your house a homey feeling by decorating it with beautiful home decorations without going over the budget. Dollar Tree has different kinds of home decors that are $1 each. If you are looking for cheap home decor here’s what to buy at dollar tree!

  • Decorative Accents — Who says you can’t accessorize your home effortlessly while on a budget? These decorative accents from Dollar Tree are not only artsy, but they cost just a dollar! Plus, you’ll have a variety of choices. They have a cute ceramic fruits display, tabletop plaques, LED string lights, hanging shadow boxes, and a lot more.
  • Picture Frames — Dollar Tree has a collection of classic and modern picture frames you can use to display your most memorable pictures without spending too much. These frames come in different sizes and styles too.
  • Candles — Your house will surely feel a lot warmer and cozier with candles. Dollar Tree has a collection of scented and unscented candles that come in different styles and forms. There are flameless LED candles, jar candles, tealights, votive candles, religious candles, taper candles, potpourri, incense, and wax melts.
  • Candle Holders — Of course, candles should come with elegant and classy candle holders. And Dollar Tree has some of these too. They’ve got geometric cement candleholders, stoneware pillar candle holders, plated cut glass candle holders, round glass candle holders, and a lot more!

Office and School Supplies

Office and school supplies are essential for the whole family. And we all know Dollar Tree has them all. But just in case, here are some real office and school supply treasures you might never have noticed at Dollar Tree before. These are the best options for what to buy at dollar tree in the office and school supplies section!

  • Jot Sport Zipper Binder Pouch — Kids will surely love this Jot Sport Zipper Binder Pouch. It’s made from polyester and useful for storing pens, markers, erasers, and other writing materials.
  • Novelty Pencil Sharpeners — These pencil sharpeners are just too cute to resist! Your kids will have more fun studying if they have one of these.
  • Jot Inspirational Sticky Notes — These inspirational sticky notes are a real treasure! Crafters and writers will surely be glad to have these. It comes with different designs and motivational phrases that can cheer anyone up.
  • Silver Iridescent Lined Notebooks — These Silver Iridescent Lined Notebooks are perfect for teens. Aside from being vibrantly beautiful, it also has motivational phrases on the front cover. This is perfect to inspire teens with their studies.
  • Jot Notebooks with PVC Covers — These sturdy and handy notebooks are ideal wherever you go. You can use this as a diary, a school notebook, or a sketch notebook.
  • Jot Designer Corrugated Cardboard File Holders — These file holders will not just help you keep your files organized, but they can add style to your room or office table too. These folders are ideal for students, accountants, receptionists, and lawyers.
  • Jot Polypropylene Button Envelopes — Where did Dollar Tree get all of this cute stuff? These button envelopes are not just handy and great for organizing files, but they are stylish too!
  • Jot Magnetic Dry Erase Planners with Markers — Plan out your week nicely with the help of these lovely dry-erase planners. Since it’s magnetic, you can put it in different parts of your house (your fridge, for example).
  • Teaching Tree Dimensional Wall Borders — Teachers and students will love these adorable wall borders. These borders are perfect for designing bulletin boards, chalkboards, and pegboards.
  • E-Circuit Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloths — Cleaning your phone screens doesn’t have to be boring! These microfiber cloths are super cute and fun to use. It comes in three adorable animal designs, you’ll just want to keep them in your pockets all the time!

Health & Beauty Supplies

I understand that you’re a little hesitant to trust Dollar Tree when it comes to health and beauty supplies. However, there are just some deals that you should certainly give a try. Here are the things you should consider when deciding what to buy at dollar tree in the health and beauty supplies section:

  • Toothbrushes — Dollar Tree got plenty of choices when it comes to toothbrushes. You can even find some branded and kid’s toothbrushes here. 
  • Toothpaste — Dollar Tree offers several brands of toothpaste as well. Here you can find affordable toothpaste such as Pepsodent, Colgate, Crest, Aim, and Ultimate White.
  • Dental Floss — Why spend several bucks for dental floss when you can buy them for $1 at  Dollar Tree? Here, you’ll find Close Up Precision Floss, Charcoal Infused Dental Floss, Waxed Mint-Flavored Dental Floss, Plackers Twinline Dental Flossers, and a lot more. 
  • Cotton Balls & Swabs — Cotton balls and swabs can be pricey if you’ll stock up for the whole family. Whether it’s for hygiene or makeup application, it’s always important that you have a good stock of cotton balls and swabs. And you’ll find plenty of them at Dollar Tree, available for just a dollar. 
  • Body Wash, Scrubs & Salts — Get yourself and the whole family squeaky clean without spending too much. Dollar Tree offers affordable bath and spa essentials such as Epsom Salt, Charcoal Soap & Sponge,  Bathtub Finger Paint Soap, Color Twist Bath Bombs, Oil of Life Moisturizing Body Wash, and a lot more.
  • Hair Accessories — Dollar Tree has a superb collection of hair styling tools and accessories. Whether you want to tie your hair or push it back, you can surely find something at Dollar Tree. Here, you’ll be able to find Fashion Headwraps, Athletic Wide Headband, Scrunchies, Silky Tie Dye Hair Accessories, Hair Bonnets, Bandanna Headbands, Metallic Hairbrushes, and a lot more kinds of hair accessories.
  • Totes and Bags — Looking for durable but affordable totes and bags for grocery shopping or daily use? Dollar Tree surely has something in store for you. The store offers Drawstring Backpacks, Clear Plastic Bags, Cosmetic Pouches, Plastic Tote Bags, and even tote bags with inspirational messages. Fashionable but affordable!
  • Men’s Socks — Of course, we should buy something for the important men in our life too. They will 100% appreciate it if you will get him some Patterned Dress Socks, Crew Socks, Fashion Dress Socks, Ankle Socks, or whatever kind of sock it is that you think they need. 
  • Eye Makeup — Dollar Tree offers quite a lot of cosmetics, but you will never go wrong with their set of eye makeups. From eye pads to fake eyelashes to eyeliners to eyeshadow palettes, all products are affordable and amazing. 
  • Cosmetic Brushes & Tools — Of course, to make your beauty transformation possible you will need some brushes and tools too. Completing this set of makeup tools can cost you quite a fortune but not if you shop at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree has Shadow Switching Sponges, Contour Brushes, Concealer Brushes, Hand Mirror & Compact Sets, Eyebrow Razors, Mini Tweezers, and a lot more beauty essentials just for you.

Cleaning & Storage

If you are looking for the sign to proceed with your decluttering and general cleaning session, this is it. Whether you are looking for cleaning supplies or storage solutions, you can find them all at Dollar Tree. Here’s what to buy at dollar tree in the cleaning and storage category:

  • All-Purpose Cleaners — Before you start your cleaning and home beautification, it’s important to choose an effective and affordable all-purpose cleaner. Some of the most trusted all-purpose cleaners from Dollar Tree are LA’s All-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner, The Home Store Bleach, Concentrated Clorox, The Home Store Lemon Furniture Polish, and Goo Gone Goo & Adhesive Remover.
  • Kitchen Cleaners — Let’s start with scrubbing the kitchen! To remove grease and grime effortlessly (and affordably), here are some kitchen cleaning products you can check out at Dollar Tree: Ajax Super Degreaser Lemon Scented Dish Soap, Palmolive Essential Clean Apple Pear Scented Dish Soap, Essentials Black Plastic Dish Drainers, and LA’s Island Fresh Dish Detergent. 
  • Bathroom Cleaners — Moving onto the bathroom, look for these bathroom cleaning products from Dollar Tree if you want to turn your bathroom sparkling clean. Take note of Lime-A-Way Thick Gel Formula Toilet Bowl Cleaners, The Home Store Charcoal Moisture Eliminators, and LA’s Rust Lime and Calcium All-Purpose Cleaner. 
  • Scrubbers, Sponges & Cloths — Tough messes are inevitable and annoying, you will need some trusted partners to eliminate them. Scrubbers, sponges, and cloths from Dollar Tree are dependable and a must-have! Some customer favorites include Scrub Buddies Quick Eraser Sponges, Clean Life Cleaning Cloths, No-Scratch Estracell Scrub Sponges, Scrub Buddies Microfiber Chenille Dusters, and Cooking Concepts Clear Sponge Holders.
  • Mops, Brooms & Dusters — Looking for $1 mops, brooms, and dusters? All of them are just $1 at Dollar Tree!
  • Storage & Organization — Got a lot of clothes, books, and toys that you need to organize? Dollar Tree has enough containers, baskets, plastic bins, storage bags, drawer organizers, decorative cube storage, wastebaskets, storage hooks, racks, and shelves to help you tidy them up. 
  • Air Fresheners & Deodorizers — After cleaning every nook and cranny of your home, it’s time to eliminate the odors and freshen up the scent of the rooms. For only $1, these products will help you do just that: Sure Scents Lavender Air Fresheners, Renuzit Air Fresheners, Arm & Hammer Household Odor Eliminator, Glade Lemon Fresh Air Fresheners, and Cool Scents Air Fresheners.
  • Detergent — Stock up laundry detergents to make sure that your clothes always smell fresh and clean. At Dollar Tree, you can find laundry detergents such as Fresh ‘N Clean Laundry Detergent Powder, LA’s Stain Lifter Liquid Laundry Detergent, and Gain Original Laundry Detergent.
  • Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets — If you want to stock up plenty of fabric softeners and dryer sheets without ruining your budget, Dollar Tree is all you need. Some of the fabric softener brands you can find at Dollar Tree are Downy, Bounce, LA’s Totally Awesome, Breezy, and Gain.
  • Stain Remover & Bleach — Got some stains to remove on your clothes? Dollar Tree also offers stain removers and bleach. At Dollar Tree, you can find Concentrated Clorox Disinfecting Bleach, The Home Store Bleach, LA’s Totally Awesome Power Oxygen Base Cleaner, and LA’s Totally Awesome Lemon Scent Bleach.
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Toys, Books, Puzzles & Games for Kids

Dollar Tree is not just filled with home essentials and hygiene products, they have something for the kids too. Check out this awesome list of toys, books, puzzles, and games you can find at your local Dollar Tree store and online! Find the best options for what to buy at dollar tree in the toys and games section below:

  • Stuffed Animals & Dolls — Kids and even kids at heart will never get enough of plush toys. At Dollar Tree, you can find plenty of stuffed animals and dolls that are not just cute but very budget-friendly too. Some of these all-time favorite plush toys you can find at Dollar Tree includes Plush Sitting Bears, Horse with Hairbrush Toys, Barbie Accessory Packs, Fuzzy Plush Hedgehogs, Barbie Accessory Pets, Colorful Plush Caterpillars, and so much more!
  • Building Blocks & Sets — If your children love building blocks, they will surely be on cloud nine if you will stock up on some building blocks and sets for them. Dollar Tree has different kinds of blocks and sets for kids. Some of these toys include Construction Sets, Base Plates, Building Block Tape, and Assorted Building Blocks.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Toys — Who doesn’t love glow-in-the-dark toys? Dollar Tree has some of the most fun and exciting glow-in-the-dark toys for kids. At Dollar Tree, you’ll find Play Glow Finger Flying Rockets, Rubber Glowing Bouncing Balls, Air Glow Unicorn Bracelet, and Wand Sets, Assorted Glow Stick, Glow-in-the-Dark Footballs, Glow Flying Discs, and other glow-in-the-dark toys.
  • Dress-Up & Pretend Play — If your kids love to dress up and pretend play, you can find amazing toy costumes for both girls and boys at Dollar Tree. Whether they want to become princesses, pirates, chefs, or cowboys, Dollar Tree got you covered. You can look forward to shopping for toys such as Soft Pastel Butterfly Wings, Doctor and Dentist Playsets, Utensil and Pot Toy Sets, Fun Feather Boas, Play Money Sets, and Kitchen Plastic Play Sets of Sliceable Food.  
  • Action Figures & Cars — Let your kids develop their imagination and have fun at the same time with the help of amazing action figures and cars. Dollar Tree has a superb collection of action figures and cars that your kids will certainly love! From Plastic Military Action Figurines to Yellow Construction Toys to Jumbo Plastic Dinosaurs to Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Collectible Figurines to Final Faction Alpha Team 1 Action Figures — everything a kid could ask for is at Dollar Tree.
  • Books — Teach your kids all the things they have to learn at an early age. The book section at Dollar Tree includes religious books, children’s books, puzzle books, and coloring books.
  • Games & Puzzles — Make learning more fun with puzzles and games. Dollar Tree has some of the most entertaining games and puzzles. Here, you can find 3-D Wooden Puzzles, Pass Play: The Game of Left Center Right, Licensed Character Shaped Puzzles, Disney Adult Puzzles, and many more!
  • Balls — Of course, this list of toys will never be complete without some balls. Let your kids play outside and get some exercise as they play with balls. Whether your kid is into football, baseball, or basketball, Dollar Tree has all of them for you. 
  • Bubbles — Bubbles are not just every kid’s favorite toy, it is also a must-have for parties. If you want to stock up some bubbles for your kid’s party, Dollar Tree will be a good choice. There are several kinds of bubble toys you can find at Dollar Tree. Some of these are Nickelodeon Themed Bubbles, Bubble Blowers,  Big-Bubble Wands with Trays, and Grab-a-Bubble Blowers and Tubes.
  • Kids Stickers — Do your kids love to collect stickers? Grant their utmost wish with these fantastic collections of stickers at Dollar Tree. Some of the most popular stickers you can find at Dollar Tree includes DC Comics Batman, Lisa Frank, Emoticon, Nickelodeon Rugrats, and Disney Descendants 3. 

Done with Your Dollar Tree Shopping List? 

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