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What to Buy at Dollar Tree

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Shopping has never been more fun and exciting thanks to Dollar Tree. The store offers everything we need for just a dollar each and who are we to complain? But the question right now is, what to buy at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has always been our favorite go-to shop for essentials and sometimes for just random stuff. But of course, I understand if you are starting to get bored and you just want to see (or buy) something new right now. 

Hence, I’ve rounded up some of the newest things you should check out at your local Dollar Tree store, or (if you are having a hard time going out because of the pandemic restrictions) you can also check this stuff at and just order them online! 

This post contains links for items to purchase. I make a commission on any sales.

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What to Buy at Dollar Tree

If you are still contemplating whether these $1 deals are worth it or not, you are seriously missing out. But if you have always been a fan of shopping at Dollar Tree, then you know how exciting it is to browse in the arts and crafts supplies section, check the new kitchen and dining wares, discover interesting toys and books etc. 

Dollar Tree just literally offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for everyone. Dollar Tree has so much affordable stuff to offer, sometimes we just don’t know where to start. 

But don’t fret! This post is here to help you figure out what to buy at Dollar Tree for your next budget-friendly shopping spree!

If you’re ready, let’s go shopping.

Arts and Crafts Supplies for $1

What to buy at Dollar Tree? Your creativity and imagination will burst with just one look at the expanded Crafter’s Square section at Dollar Tree! It’s filled with new stuff, and the best part is, it’s available online too! Here are some arts and crafts supplies you certainly wouldn’t want to miss!

Kitchen and Dinnerware at Dollar Tree

Whether you need kitchen and dinnerware for personal or business purposes, you can never go wrong with Dollar Tree. The store has a lot of quality and affordable kitchen essentials — it’s totally your loss if you ignore them. So, make sure to check out these items! Buying these items at dollar tree is cheap and easy, check out what to buy at dollar tree in the kitchen section below:

Home Décor

Give your house a homey feeling by decorating it with beautiful home decorations without going over the budget. Dollar Tree has different kinds of home decors that are $1 each. If you are looking for cheap home decor here’s what to buy at dollar tree!

Office and School Supplies

Office and school supplies are essential for the whole family. And we all know Dollar Tree has them all. But just in case, here are some real office and school supply treasures you might never have noticed at Dollar Tree before. These are the best options for what to buy at dollar tree in the office and school supplies section!

  • Jot Sport Zipper Binder Pouch — Kids will surely love this Jot Sport Zipper Binder Pouch. It’s made from polyester and useful for storing pens, markers, erasers, and other writing materials.
  • Novelty Pencil Sharpeners — These pencil sharpeners are just too cute to resist! Your kids will have more fun studying if they have one of these.
  • Jot Inspirational Sticky Notes — These inspirational sticky notes are a real treasure! Crafters and writers will surely be glad to have these. It comes with different designs and motivational phrases that can cheer anyone up.
  • Silver Iridescent Lined Notebooks — These Silver Iridescent Lined Notebooks are perfect for teens. Aside from being vibrantly beautiful, it also has motivational phrases on the front cover. This is perfect to inspire teens with their studies.
  • Jot Notebooks with PVC Covers — These sturdy and handy notebooks are ideal wherever you go. You can use this as a diary, a school notebook, or a sketch notebook.
  • Jot Designer Corrugated Cardboard File Holders — These file holders will not just help you keep your files organized, but they can add style to your room or office table too. These folders are ideal for students, accountants, receptionists, and lawyers.
  • Jot Polypropylene Button Envelopes — Where did Dollar Tree get all of this cute stuff? These button envelopes are not just handy and great for organizing files, but they are stylish too!
  • Jot Magnetic Dry Erase Planners with Markers — Plan out your week nicely with the help of these lovely dry-erase planners. Since it’s magnetic, you can put it in different parts of your house (your fridge, for example).
  • Teaching Tree Dimensional Wall Borders — Teachers and students will love these adorable wall borders. These borders are perfect for designing bulletin boards, chalkboards, and pegboards.
  • E-Circuit Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloths — Cleaning your phone screens doesn’t have to be boring! These microfiber cloths are super cute and fun to use. It comes in three adorable animal designs, you’ll just want to keep them in your pockets all the time!
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Health & Beauty Supplies

I understand that you’re a little hesitant to trust Dollar Tree when it comes to health and beauty supplies. However, there are just some deals that you should certainly give a try. Here are the things you should consider when deciding what to buy at dollar tree in the health and beauty supplies section:

Toys, Books, Puzzles & Games for Kids

Dollar Tree is not just filled with home essentials and hygiene products, they have something for the kids too. Check out this awesome list of toys, books, puzzles, and games you can find at your local Dollar Tree store and online! Find the best options for what to buy at dollar tree in the toys and games section below:

Cleaning & Storage

If you are looking for the sign to proceed with your decluttering and general cleaning session, this is it. Whether you are looking for cleaning supplies or storage solutions, you can find them all at Dollar Tree. Here’s what to buy at dollar tree in the cleaning and storage category:

Done with Your Dollar Tree Shopping List? 

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