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Patriotic Party Supplies

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Preparing for the 4th of July? What could be better than checking out new, affordable, and fun patriotic party supplies at the Dollar Tree this year? 

Aside from colorful and fun summer party must-haves, Dollar Tree is now also filled with tons of red, blue, and white patriotic party supplies. From festive utensils and accessories, to indoor and outdoor patriotic party decorations, you can find them all at Dollar Tree for a lower price!

These dollar store patriotic decorations and party supplies are not only affordable but creative and unique as well. Whether you plan to shop at your nearest Dollar Tree store or online at, this post is here to help you finalize your July 4th shopping list. 

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Why shop for patriotic party supply at Dollar Tree? 

You don’t need to go over budget to have an exceptional patriotic fun 4th of July party. Shopping at Dollar Tree for any occasion, whether in store and online, is one of the best ways to have an extra festive and memorable celebration while saving money at the same time. 

The patriotic party supplies available at Dollar Tree stores may vary in different locations. If you cannot find any of the items listed below at your local Dollar Tree store, you can always just order them online! 

Shopping online at is as easy as pie. If you haven’t experience it yet and you have some questions in mind, you can check out some of our useful Dollar Tree shopping guides here:

What are the best Patriotic Party Supplies at Dollar Tree?

You can go all out on this year’s 4th of July without breaking the bank. Apart from filling your house with Dollar Tree patriotic decors, you can also dress up and prepare for a fun 4th of July even if you’re on a budget!

If you want to dress up a little, Dollar Tree also offers some cute patriotic accessories for the whole family. There are adorable patriotic fairy wings for the little ones; headbands, baseball caps, and sunglasses for the teens; and fashionable scarves and bandannas for the adults. 

For the party favors, you can prepare these Dollar Tree patriotic color-your-own-decor kits and spinning wands for the kids; while these metallic patriotic necklaces, scrunchies, and foldable fans for the adults. 

You can put them in patriotic printed tote bags or if you want something minimal or simple, there are also blue, white, and red kraft bags in Dollar Tree. Attach them with some patriotic bows, and you’re good to go!

Easy Dollar Tree Patriotic Table Decorations

Aside from the red, blue, and white themed menu, everyone also looks forward to the patriotic table decoration. To start, you can get these patriotic tablecovers, paper napkins, and centerpieces.

If you want a more festive table setting, Dollar Tree also has patriotic plastic bowls and oval and square paper plates, aside from the typical red, blue, and white paper plates. You can also level up your hot dogs by using patriotic paper hot dog holders

For your beverages, you can also make use of Dollar Tree’s festive patriotic tumblers and reusable paper straws. For the kids, you can prepare these plastic patriotic water bottles that already come with straws. 
Plus, these Patriotic Kitchen Towels will be a great addition to your kitchen too!

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Patriotic Hanging Decorations

When it comes to patriotic hanging decorations, Dollar Tree also has plenty of options for you to choose from. Here are some of them.

Patriotic Glitter Truck Decor

Want to add a rustic look to your house? These adorable hanging truck decors are a must have!

Patriotic LED Paper Lanterns

These patriotic LED paper lanterns will light up your celebration. They are perfect for indoors or outdoors and are battery operated as well. 

American Hanging Flag Banners

What’s the 4th of July without the US flag? You can find these easy to hang flags at Dollar Tree for such a cheap price!

Patriotic Hanging Star Decorations

Cute and glittery, these hanging star decors are ideal if you want to show your love for stars and stripes.

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Dollar Tree Patriotic Decor

You’ll never have to worry about gearing up for July 4th again. This wide range of Dollar Tree patriotic decor is stylish, affordable, and durable. You’ll love to use them again in the years to come. 

Patriotic 3-D Glittered Decorations

You can use these sparkly 3-D decorations for your tabletop or hang them from the ceiling. They come in silver, red, and blue colors. 

Patriotic Wands with Foam Shapes and Tassels

You can use these wands as yard decorations and party favors as well. They come in three different shapes and designs: flag, star, and heart.

Patriotic Stars and Stripes Foil Balloons

Dollar Tree has simple white, red, and blue foil balloons. But if you want to celebrate more of your patriotic pride, you won’t go wrong with these patriotic stars and stripes foil balloons. 

Assorted Patriotic Garland

Express your patriotism with this assortment of 108-in. long festive garlands! They are so versatile and fun, you can practically use them anywhere.

Paper Patriotic Flag Banners & Buntings

You’ll love to add these flag banners and buntings to your yard decorations, gift baskets, party tables, and more! The flag banners come in 12-ft while the buntings are at 18-ft. 

Floral Garden 6-Stem Red/White/Blue Assorted Floral Bushes

Beautiful, patriotic, and versatile, these patriotic floral bushes are a great decoration on their own but also useful in making centerpieces, garlands, and wreaths too. 

Patriotic Outdoor Decorations

A set of this Dollar Tree patriotic outdoor decoration is complete with a spiral, windsock, and garden flag. They are best for decorating your walkway, porch, garden, and more.

11-in. Patriotic Tinsel Wreaths

Complete your July 4th decoration with a Dollar Tree patriotic wreath. These tinsel wreaths are ready to hang and measure about 11 inches in diameter. 

Patriotic Paper Party Garland

These garlands measure 9 feet and come in five different patriotic designs. 

Patriotic Star Garden Stakes

Line your sidewalks with these fun patriotic star garden stakes. They come in three designs and are cute and sturdy too. 

Floral Garden Patriotic Decorative Mesh Ribbon

Whether you are planning to decorate, do some craft, or wrap a gift, these patriotic mesh ribbons will come in handy. 

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Dollar Tree Patriotic Signs

These Dollar Tree patriotic signs are made to impress! You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time and effort to make beautiful patriotic signs, these affordable decorations from Dollar Tree are all you need.

Patriotic Wall Decor

The guests will be impressed with these festive and stylish wall decors. These patriotic wall decors from Dollar Tree come in statement designs and are perfect for decorating gifts as well. 

Sectioned Patriotic Hanging Wall Decor

Cute, attractive, and sparkly, hanging these wall decors will help you display your patriotism. 

Americana Wall Signs

You’ll love to have these wall signs! They’re perfect to express patriotism but are so creative and a beautiful addition to the wall as well.

Patriotic Sentiment Vertical Hanging Decor Signs

Perfect for the door and entryway, these sentiment hanging decors come with strings for easy hanging and are available in four different designs and sentiments. 

Patriotic Pickup Truck Hanging Signs

Give your guests a patriotic welcome with these adorable pickup truck signs! They come in two styles in red and blue colors. 

Done with Your 4th of July Shopping List?

These are just some of the best patriotic party supplies at Dollar Tree. For a wider selection of Dollar Tree’s July 4th seasonal items, you can check out this link

Hopefully, this shopping guide was able to help you decide and finalize your July 4th shopping list. If you have any suggestions, comment down below! We would love to hear from you!

If you need more Dollar Tree July 4th decor ideas, you can also check out this post.

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