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Gift Ideas For Cheese Lovers

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Shopping for gifts for someone who loves cheese? The following cheese lover gifts range from lavish to affordable so you can find something to suit your budget.

Aside from your cat, it is quite likely that someone you love or a friend might have a love for cheese. If so, this provides an opportunity for you to be adventurous with gift ideas for them.

Whether you are looking for a thoughtful, practical, or just a silly gift idea, this gift guide has got your back. These gifts might be cheesy (literally), but they are sure to please every cheese aficionado in your life. 

different types of cheese stacked together

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What to buy for someone who loves cheese?

You won’t have to get stuck thinking about the perfect gifts for the cheese lovers in your life. You might not have realized it yet, but you can actually find plenty of amazing cheese lover gifts online.

If you love shopping on Amazon, you are in the right place. I’ve compiled some of the best gifts you can find on Amazon that every cheese lover will be thrilled to receive. If you want some more personalized gift ideas, you can find more suggestions at the bottom of this post.

From cute charcuterie boards to cheese gift boxes, fun accessories, awesome cooking tools, and other cheese lover’s must haves, you’ll have plenty of gift options to choose from.

cheese lover gift basket

Gifts for Wine and Cheese Lovers

Gifts for Wine and Cheese Lovers

Almost all cheese lovers are also wine connoisseurs, if your receiver is one of them, you might want to consider these amazing gift ideas for them.

Cheese Lovers Gift Box

If you prefer surprising that cheese lover in your life with an extravagant gift box filled with cheesy goodness, here are some options for you. 

Unique Gifts for Cheese Lovers

Want to get the cheese lover in your life a unique gift? You can't go wrong with these assortments of cute, practical, thoughtful, and personalized gift options.

Best Cheese Gifts

Here are some cheese lover’s must haves that your giftee will absolutely be thankful for! From a fondue pot set to a charcuterie board, cheese spreader, and more, you'll find a gift that fits your budget here. 

Best Books on Cheese for Cheese Lovers

Books are always appreciated and they make a great gift for cheese lovers. Regardless of whether your receiver is a beginner or already a long time cheese connoisseur, there's a book perfect for him/her here.

More gift ideas for cheese lovers:

Not satisfied with the list of gift ideas mentioned above? If you want a more memorable gift for the cheese lover in your life, you might want to give these suggestions a try. 

Cheese Hampers

Cheese hampers will make an exciting change from the normal hamper. You can either buy these as already prepared hampers or make your own. For example, you could select a number of different cheeses, including the specials such as Stilton, together with the relevant wine or drink. 

Personalized Cheese Board

A cheese dish will make a nice gift, and so will a cheese board. These come in many different materials and styles, from glass and wood to bone china, and add something stylish to the home table. Similarly, a cheese board with a cutter would also be appreciated, with perhaps a marble base to match the kitchen unit tops.

Molded Cheese

If you want something a little more unusual, particularly for the younger cheese lover, a molded cheese gift in the shape of a Santa or Snowman is likely to bring a smile. These can also be personalized to include the child’s name.

Cheese Adventure

What better gift can you give the cheese lover than a unique cheese adventure? At the lowest cost end of the scale, you could arrange for a special visit to a local cheese-maker, perhaps a nearby farm, where the person can learn all about the processes that are involved in bringing the delightful flavors to their plate.

More extravagant adventures could be based around a longer trip. For example, a tour of the Dutch cheese and wine areas would be well received. Your receiver can learn all about the art of making famous cheeses such as Edam here.

Another option is to arrange a short cookery vacation, with an emphasis on the creation of unique cheese dishes. Any of these will make your cheese lover droll with delight.

Cheese of the Month Club

This is a very extravagant gift. Each month for a predetermined amount of time the gift recipient will receive a gift of cheese. The varieties usually change monthly. This is a tasty gift that will be greatly appreciated.

Whilst a gift of cheese may seem initially to be a boring present, this does not have to be the case. As has been shown from the above possibilities, there are numerous ways of making cheese into an exciting and unique gift.

Found the Best Cheese Lover Gifts?

Hopefully, this gift guide successfully helped you pick a gift or two for the cheese lover in your life. Don’t hesitate to share your gift shopping experience with us! We’d love to hear from you!

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