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Edible Gift Ideas For Foodies

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Foodies are people who thoroughly enjoy food and appreciate not only the flavor, but the process, time, and experience that go into preparing each meal. Perhaps you know a foodie or at least someone who aspires to be one, here are some awesome edible gifts for them. 

You can’t really go wrong with edible gifts. They make a great gift for all kinds of occasions and no one can say no to them. But of course, if you want to impress a food lover, you’ll have to take your edible gift ideas to the next level. 

Whether you are looking for inspiration for creative homemade gift ideas or unique edible gifts you can easily order online, this post has got you covered. I’ve compiled some of the most thoughtful and fun gift ideas to spoil the foodie in your life. So what are you waiting for? Bon Appétit!

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What to gift a person who loves food?

Foodies and food lovers live for food and nothing could be more thoughtful than gifting them what they love the most. 

It can be a little intimidating choosing edible gifts for foodies knowing that they have a lot of knowledge about food but that’s why this post is here to help.

Adding a personal touch or simply preparing or picking their favorite food of all will make each gift more meaningful. 

What are the most popular food gifts?

There are tons of popular food gifts that you can order online or whip up at home. Some of the most popular edible gifts you can order online include hot sauce sets, soup mixes, and more!

For homemade gifts, think about freshly baked bread, homemade cookies, pies, and fruits. These gifts may be simple at first glance but if you add some personal touch to them, they can be a heartwarming gift for the foodie in your life. 

I have included some tips below so you can easily transform your simple gift into more thoughtful ones. Make sure to give them a try!

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Homemade Food Gift Ideas

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” better than homemade gifts made with care and love. If you want to give the foodie in your life an extra thoughtful and personal gift, these creative homemade gift ideas are for you. 

Quick Bread

What makes a better cheap edible Christmas gift than a loaf of your recipient’s favorite quick-bread? Whether the foodie in your life prefers Harvest Loaf or Banana Bread or Gingerbread, you can easily whip them up with just a few cents and some time.

Herbs and Spices

According to the story of the Magi, spices were among the original Christmas gifts, and they are a wonderful way to show that you care for your loved ones. Online purveyors such as World Spice Merchants or Penzeys offer the option of decorative containers in which to put them, or you can find your own containers.

The great thing about spices is that you can introduce your friends to interesting spices that they may never have used before such as true cinnamon (as opposed to cassia, which is what we are used to using instead of true cinnamon in America) or grains of paradise. You can also find a lot of extremely fresh and high-quality products at a very modest cost online.


This is a favorite snack, and it makes for a wonderful and beloved Christmas gift. Make a batch of sugar or gingerbread cookies cut into familiar shapes and decorate festively. These cheap edible gifts are traditional, delicious, and will be fondly remembered.

Cookie Mix

Here is a creative variation on the cookie theme: make a cookie mix in a jar that your recipient can make themselves. Layer all the ingredients that you will be using into a Mason Jar then print a card with instructions on how to prepare the cookies. Lastly, top the jar with a decorative cocktail napkin or tissue and ribbon. For a few cents and a few minutes of time, you have just made a fun and memorable edible gift!

Vegetable Seeds

This is a wonderful gift because you are giving an activity for later in the year, and, potentially, a family activity. You will be remembered throughout the year as the cucumbers and corn begin to produce, and onward through the autumn as the winter squashes come into season. Present the seeds in an inexpensive basket or an organza gift bag with some ribbon.

Pie Kit

Pick out a fancy pie dish at the local discount store or thrift shop, then load it up with the pre-measured ingredients for a favorite pie. Again, you are not just giving a dessert, but you are giving a great family activity and a memento, in the form of the pie dish, by which to remember the occasion.

Bread and Oil

Bake some homemade bread if your kitchen talents run that way, or buy an artisan loaf from the bakery and pair it with a bottle of olive oil seasoned with your favorite flavors. Package the oil in a decorative bottle, and present the gift in a basket or an Italian style, wrapped in a stretch of plain paper and tied with twine.

Wheat Montana

Wheat Montana is a family-owned operation run by Montana wheat farmers. Their products are available across the nation. You can also find wheat, several other whole grains, and milled flours on their online store. Try one of their wheat products, like their bread machine mixes. Available in Cowboy White, Honey Wheat, and Sundried Tomato, all these mixes require butter and water to make a two-pound loaf of freshly baked bread. 

Apple Varieties

Many new apple varieties are now being offered by Wisconsin apple growers. Check out Kickapoo Orchard’s selection. They have your classic Red Delicious and Granny Smith, as well as over 40 more varieties, like the crispy Empire and the sweet Honeycrisp. Availability varies, but check their Variety List for apples that will be ready for a holiday shipment.


Make a big batch of fudge or hard candy. It will remind your loved ones of Christmases with Grandma, years ago. There is nothing quite like homemade candy. This is a fun way to make your own cheap, edible Christmas gifts.

Luxury Gifts for Foodies

Want to go the extra mile to spoil the food lover in your life? These gift ideas are a little more expensive but they are sure to impress your giftee!

Syrah – Maryhill Winery

Washington wineries are emerging as some of the most elite in the country. For the perfect accompaniment to your foodie’s favorite steak or pasta dish, try the award-winning Syrah from Maryhill Winery. 

Alaskan Native-Made Jams and Jellies

Give someone a taste of Alaska with one or a selection of Alaskan Native-Made Jams and Jellies. These wild berry preserves are available in 13 unique flavors, from lingonberry jam to salmonberry jelly. The jams and jellies come in several sizes and gift packs.

Moki’s Farm Kona Coffee

The coffee-loving foodie on your list would adore a gift from the highly-rated Hawaiian Kona producers, Moki’s Farm. They offer a medium and dark roast, either ground or in whole bean form. Their coffees are touted to be mild, but not overly so.

Best Food Gifts on Amazon

If you cannot find the time to make homemade gifts or you don’t have enough in the budget for a luxury gift, these awesome food gifts on Amazon are the best option for you! These gifts are not only budget friendly but they are sure to please the food lover in your life as well. 

Cheap edible gifts are a fun way to save money during the holiday season without giving up the gift-giving tradition. They are often just as well received as more expensive gifts, sometimes more so, because the giver puts so much of themselves into the gift.

Found the Best Edible Gifts for Foodies?

Hopefully, this gift guide successfully helped choose the best edible gifts for the foodie in your life. If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to comment down below! We’d love to hear from you!

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