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Gift Ideas For Travelers

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Need a hand in picking the best travel gifts for men? Regardless of whether he loves going solo, with his partner, or his family, there are a wide range of gift options for the adventurous traveler in your life here.

Whether pleasure or business, there are great travel products such as luggage, gift sets, travel gift cards, and personalized gifts for the travelers.

For people who travel a lot, some forms of travel can make for a great present. These gifts can be for families who love weekend getaways or for the seasoned business traveler who tends to travel abroad a lot. These travel gifts for men are great for Christmas, birthdays or any other reason to give a gift.

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What to get the man who travels?

If the person traveling is away from home a lot, a simple and inexpensive gift can be some kind of homemade treat such as cookies or fudge. This would especially be appreciated if traveling during the holiday season. 

Another inexpensive gift is to make a homemade coupon book filled with coupons of tasks that different members of the family can perform when the traveler comes home or while they are away and can’t tend to things for themselves! 

Family Vacation Gift Ideas

Although most hotels supply hair dryers, not all of them do. A travel hairdryer can be a gift idea too. More travel gift ideas for the whole family to consider are:

Traveling can also be about having fun. If vacationing with kids, time can go by quicker with some form of a travel game such as Auto Bingo or Yahtzee.

From practical, to relaxing and even for fun for the kids, there are numerous travel products available that work great for people who travel a lot. Keep these in mind when a gift-giving occasion arises, especially during the holiday season.

Small Travel Gifts: Must Have Travel Accessories

There’s one in every family. They’d rather take a trip to Paris than buy a new computer. They’ve missed weddings because they were backpacking in India at the time. 

Before you invite them to an event, you first have to find out if they are actually in the country at the moment. But now that you’ve finally figured out how poste restante works, what travel gifts for men should you get?

Quality luggage can be appreciated by people who travel. This includes a good duffel bag with several compartments.

A guidebook to the location being visited not only comes in handy for the traveler when arriving at the destination, but can also help to kill time on the journey there. Other practical gift ideas include:

Travel Gift Ideas for Him

These travel gifts for men may be simple but they will be really useful for him. He will surely appreciate receiving these gifts.


Maybe you thought everyday clothes were just fine for traveling. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Good travel clothes should be lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, sturdy, versatile, and quick drying. That’s a lot to ask of ordinary clothes. 


With travel becoming increasingly popular and affordable, there is tons of stuff out there to make life on the road easier. The savvy traveler doesn’t pack, but instead carries a backpack or suitcase well-stocked with just what he or she needs on their trip. 

Micro-Fiber Travel Towel

If your traveler is staying at hostels, they might even be expected to provide their own towels! In that case, it’s good to have a “sleep sheet” and towel stowed away. 

Not just any towel will do, however. Thanks to technology, the microfiber travel towel is now the best bet for travelers. It dries faster, absorbs more, and fights off bacteria much better than a normal towel. 

Just ask anyone who has traveled with a terrycloth towel and a microfiber towel which one they prefer! Plus, the microfiber towel packs a lot smaller, leaving lots of room for the souvenirs your traveler has promised to bring home to you!

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Gift Certificates

Fortunately, there are many clothing companies that specialize in travelers’ needs. Patagonia, REI, Magellan’s, Ex Officio are just a few. Unfortunately, these clothes are usually quite expensive. Why not get a gift certificate to one of these stores so your traveler can pick out an outfit perfect for their next getaway?

Sleep Sheet

A sleep sheet is also a basic necessity for the well-prepared traveler. These are essentially sleeping bags that are sheet-thin instead of blanket-thick. 

Some of them even double as sleeping bag liners. You can buy a cotton one quite cheaply (or even make one yourself by sewing up a sheet) but if your traveler is racking up those frequent flier miles, you might want to consider splurging for a more expensive silk one. 

The silk sleep sheet stuffs into an incredibly small space and is much lighter than the cotton one. Not only that, it is amazingly comfortable and can be very warm or cool in different temperatures.

This will be invaluable when your traveler has to take the overnight train from Budapest to Prague or gets stuck at Charles de Gaulle airport in the middle of the night.

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Books for Travel Lovers

Travel books can be great sources of escapism as well as information. First time travelers or not, these books will come in handy for every type of traveler.

Is your graduating teenager threatening to take off for Europe for the summer before college? Rough Guide’s First Time Europe and Lonely Planet’s Europe on a Shoestring are good options for under the tree.

Perhaps your colleague is planning a getaway to Tahiti. They would certainly appreciate a guidebook and phrasebook to help their pre-trip preparation. 

If your aunt is dreaming of starting a new life in Paris, she’ll love C’est La Vie by Suzy Gershman or Almost French by Sarah Turnbull. 

For someone interested in the history of a region they are about to explore, there is the Traveller’s History (with two “l”s-it’s the British spelling) series. Literary companions or anthologies have been compiled for many cities; one example is Imagined London by Anna Quindlen. Bill Bryson will make anyone laugh! There are tons of anthologies of travel tales, and there is a good mix of travel writing and travel-related fiction available for every destination. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try asking on sites such as Rick Steve’s or Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree. It’s probably not a coincidence that most travelers also love to read!

If you know someone going to a place you have already explored, a more personal option is to create your own “guidebook” full of individual and tailored advice.

Found the Best Travel Gifts for Men?

Hopefully, this gift guide successfully helped you to choose the best travel gifts for men. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any suggestions or travel stories! We’d love to hear from you!

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