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Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

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When it comes to making DIY projects, there’s no better option than Dollar Tree craft supplies. From paint to ribbons, beads, stickers, yarn, cutting tools, colored pencils, art papers, wood crafts, and more, you can find all kinds of arts and crafts materials at Dollar Tree.

Whether you are into textile, paper, decorative, fashion, or functional craft, you can find almost everything you need for your DIY projects at Dollar Tree. Not to mention, at a lower price. 

If you haven’t tried shopping for Dollar Tree craft supplies yet, this post will help you get started with your shopping list. You can also order these items online. Just click the link of the items you wish to purchase and add them to your shopping cart.

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What is Dollar Tree Crafters Square?

Crafter’s Square offers an expanded line of craft supplies at Dollar Tree. This Dollar Tree new craft aisle is available at and all physical Dollar Tree stores.

But of course, not all items available online are also available in stores and vice versa. If you haven’t experienced ordering online at Dollar Tree yet, reading these Dollar Tree shopping guides is a must.

Paint craft supplies on display in a Dollar Tree Store.

How do you make Dollar Tree decorations?

DIY-ing is now a lot easier and affordable, thanks to Dollar Tree craft corner. But before you get started with anything, deciding on your craft project comes first.

Planning and knowing your goal will make it easier for you to shop and will also prevent you from buying supplies that you will not really need. If you’re thinking of decorating your home for the season, you can get inspiration from our collection of Creative DIY Dollar Tree Projects By Season

Plus, if you’re searching for a gift for a fellow crafter, you might want to check out this fun roundup of 25 Best Gifts for a Crafter too. 

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Best Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

Let your creativity flow and DIY as much as you want with the help of these Dollar Tree craft supplies! Regardless of the craft project you have in mind, you can find plenty of useful items to help you here.

Paint Supplies

There are tons for paint supplies at Dollar Tree. Aside from the washable paints for kids and different sizes of blank canvases, you’ll also love the Canvas Paint Kits, acrylic paints, Preprinted Stretched Canvases at Dollar Tree. Plus, the paintbrushes, stencils, Pencil and Brush Organizers, plastic paint palettes, tie dye kits, and 3D Fabric Paints too.

Wood and Metal Crafts

When it comes to wood and metal crafts, the kids will surely enjoy Dollar Tree’s Woodshop Build and Play Model Kits. But of course, there are also wooden wall decors, farmhouse DIY signs, Galvanized Metal Table Decorations, wooden frames, LED 3D Wooden Word Signs, writing boards, wood box, and more for the adults.

Artificial Flowers, Bushes & Greenery

Beautifying your home is as easy as pie, thanks to the floral crafts supplies at Dollar Tree. Some of the faux plants and flowers that you can get at Dollar Tree’s Crafter’s Square include roses in different colors, Artificial Potted Succulents, twig garlands, and other colorful bushes and flowers. 

Wreath Forms

Making DIY wreaths of any shape is possible with Dollar Tree’s craft aisle. The aisle is complete with floral foams and metal wreath forms in cross, square, heart, infinity, star, shamrock, bunny shapes, and more. 

Foam wreath forms craft supplies at dollar tree store

Accent Gems, Rocks & Marbles

Make sure to not miss out on the gorgeous gems, rocks, and marbles at Dollar Tree. From shells to pebbles, pearls, and other colorful stones, you can use these beautiful rocks to accent your arrangements and fill your vase.

Vases & Containers

If you love plants, you’ll also find Dollar Tree’s collection of vases and planters one of the best. The store offers incredibly affordable and cute Ceramic Animal Planters, elegant glass vases, and colorful plastic vases. 

Ribbon, Raffia, Cord & Mesh

Decorative ropes, colorful ribbons, mesh, and twine are also available at Dollar Tree.

Jewels and Beads

If you’re into fashion crafts, you’ll love the fact that Dollar Tree also has a wide section for beads, jewels, and gems.

Stickers & Washi Tape

The stickers and washi tapes at Dollar Tree are not only for the kids but the adults as well! There are many cute designs but there are lots of gorgeous and functional ones too! 

assorted hanging craft supplies at dollar tree store

More Supplies to Get at Dollar Tree’s Crafter’s Square

Dollar Tree’s Crafter’s Square has more to offer! Make sure to add these items to your shopping cart as well.

Tapes, Glues, & Adhesives

Of course, do not forget to stock up on glues, tapes, and adhesives as well. Grab some Elmer’s School Glue, color glues for the kids, glue sticks, double sided tapes, and Mod Podge Matte Craft Adhesives

Markers & Highlighters

There’s no such thing as too many pens, markers, and highlighters, agree? Make the most out of your Dollar Tree shopping experience and stock up on these writing supplies!

Paper Crafts & Vinyl

The artist in you will be 100% delighted with the wide selection of vinyls and poster and paper supplies at Dollar Tree!

Craft Kits

Keep the kids busy and creative with the help of these craft kits. You can choose from Wooden Painting Sets, painting poster sets, Hidden Picture and Spot the Difference Sets, cross stitch kits, Woodshop Build and Play Project Kits, and more.

Yarn and Fabric Crafts

If you’re into fabric crafts, don’t miss this chance to stock up on yarns, embroidery threads, knitting needles, craft fabrics, and new crochet hooks too.

Skeins of yarn in blue and white in display boxes at dollar tree

Looking for more Dollar Tree shopping guides?

Hopefully, this post of Dollar Tree craft supplies was able to help you complete your shopping list. If you love shopping at Dollar Tree, you might also want to consider checking out these guides to get ready for your next Dollar Tree shopping trip. 

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